Will the media's decrease in exit polling increase election fraud?

YES! Exit polls are our only defense against this fraud.
NO! The media ignores exit polling discrepancies anyway.


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I believe other sources will

I believe other sources will be checking and info will be available on the web and not be submerged. Still it's time this whole election juggling act was stopped entirely, that includes allowing 3rd parties.  Those responsible need to go to their for-profit jails. Suppressing the peoples' voice..in my book...is not only a violation of civil and citizen rights, but attempts to subvert and undermine our system of government, our democracy, our way of life, and that equals treason!


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Your show today gave me more

Your show today gave me more insight in the mess we are in...also gave me hop. I was born in 1935,close to the 80 years cycle beginning.  No polling eliminates another control  looked for in othher countries when we were fair.


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Both parties are committing

Both parties are committing Election fraud daily by engaging in Propaganda.

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We now have our own online

We now have our own online independent "media" sources, and exit polling provides essential check-data.

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