Will the Right's employer coercion tactics help Romney win?

YES! Workers will vote for him to keep their jobs.
NO! Workers know Obama's policies will benefit them more.


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These  Co's are   blow hards

These  Co's are   blow hards and are bluffing.  GOP  uses Fear , innuendo  and smears to confuse/  misinform voters   Karl  Rove helped Bush  'win' ?   Kathleen Harris and   Gov  Jeb Bush / Fla court   handed Bush the  2000  election   Just think if Gore had been Pres how much different it would  have been.  NO ignoring  several strong CIA warnings about Bin  Laden  So  NO 9 / 11 attack.NO   3000 deaths .  NO Iraq war   Saving lives and trillions that would be put to use  to better  America..  education, road -bridge repair, enviorment , clean up  our  water and air  . Without OIL man Cheneys lack of  control or safe guards  on Big  OIL   NO BP OIL spill . accompanied by vast damage to border states , dumping tons of filthy  oil into our  oceans .

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Are the employeers going to

Are the employeers going to punish all their employees if President Obama wins?  An employeer has no way to know how their employees vote, and if I was being coerced into an action I know I would and have done the opposite just out of spite.  In this case the fact the it is the right and smart decision just makes it that much sweeter.

But how many of those employees fall into the undecided (ignorant) voter?  That is what worries me.

Look at the coal miners that had to attend a Romney rally or else.  The TV cameras got a photo of them "supporting" Romney, and Romney now says in speeches he has their support. 

Willie W
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I will vote the way I want.

I will vote the way I want. How is my employer going to know? Their threats are empty.

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Because of all this BS about

Because of all this BS about the Bend Over Party trying their hardest to win their loser to the White House I registered as a republican. Can't stand the BOP...but they are not surpressing their own voters.

I voted today for the first time in over 30 years in early voting. I was surprised more Democrats and Independents are not running for office. As a lifelong progressive...I voted for as many non-BOP candidates as possible...except for one in the state legislature who has and is helping those of us in Ham Radio. Couldn't think of anyone to write in for local and state offices...so that one person got my vote.

Long live Progressives and the future we want!

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