Will Obama allow the Bush tax cuts to remain for the rich?

YES! He'll cave to the GOP to avoid the “fiscal cliff.”
NO! He'll stand with the 60% that want the rich to pay more.


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I am sure President Obama

I am sure President Obama will stand his ground --Now is the time!!  He definately has a mandate.

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I watched a lengthy

I watched a lengthy discussion of the potential cuts to defense this morning on C-Span and it was the general consensus that this cut would do not harm to the DOD.  Of the $500B cut, a 10% cut to private defense contractors would save $300B alone, which would allow for waste cutting in that sector.  Many other areas that are no longer needed would make up the rest or exceed the savings.

Watching Senator Schumer now discussing Democratic strategy going forward.  He feels that now is the time, when they have a lame duck session and good leverage given the recent election, to go for the grand bargain.  Although I earlier heard some intelligent discussion regards SS, Medicare and Medicaid that these are not of immediate need of a fix, but should be extended out over time with 

some intelligent, well thought out reforms vs willy nilly quick fixes that could ultimately harm them.

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perfect...I'm going to pass

perfect...I'm going to pass this around, you covered it all. WE the people can take our country back, and get 'equal JUSTICE for ALL the people of the world....together. We are on the right side of history!! 

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www.whitehouse.gov    contact       call   e-mail often    202    456   1111   Lets not give up now   Push   Cajole  demand   untill it gets done     1  End  Bush cuts     2.  Pass  jobs bill    3   Eliminate corp  loopholes,  OIL - Agra business  subsides -   NO  Tax  cuts for jobs sent overseas   4.   Amend Citizens United     5   .  Medicare for ALL     6     Raise   SS  tax cap        7  . Immigration reform                   8   Reduce  the  power of   greedy DC lobbyists  who bribe  our Reps       9   Strengthen  Wall St reform    10  Tweak  Obama care as needed       Thats alot .. Do the best  you can    PLS  Stop  offering TO always   compromise up front     Its the  GOP 's  turn .  DEMAND  ACTION 

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Lets make sure Obama  does

Lets make sure Obama  does Stand  his ground   This  Election gave him the  mandate to say  ' Boehner  NO  more BS   End the Bush cuts  OR  WE end  all  the  Bush cuts.   Call their bluiff   Underneath it all  GOP is gutless  People have spoken  Stand  tough    NO Mr  Nice guy  THat  just  spells weakness to the  Bagger GOP  They do not respect sincere  ' negotiation  or  give and take  They demand and do not back down   Obama take a lesson from them  on  that 

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Obaba MUSt end Bush  tax 

Obaba MUSt end Bush  tax  cuts   Even if he has to call  Bagger  GOP 's  bluff  and END ALL BUSH CUTS .  Voters must push Obama to do that   go to  .  www.whitehouse.gov   call     202   456 1111    Obama  has the 'political capital ' to get  that done   NO more  Mr Nice guy  .Or caving . Boehner McConnell   has NO power to give orders anymore !  Take control Obama  Compromsie but do not give away the store .DO not   gut SS  We paid  dearly for those benfits  Millions like me  paid double SS taxes  .Bagger GO P  so much damage ..stalling,   blocking, filibustering, threatening  It must ST OP NOW .  Folks  Hound  your   REps    Tell them  to work for  we the people. for a change.   NOt wealthy lobbyist  Grover   Norquist   or  Karl  Rove  .

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Why oh why do we keep saying

Why oh why do we keep saying "This time I'm sure Lucy will keep the ball in place so I can give it a great big ...Ahhhggg!!"

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Why oh why do we keep saying

Why oh why do we keep saying "This time I'm sure Lucy will keep the ball in place so I can give it a great big ...Ahhhggg!!"

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hegesias, I wish I had

hegesias, I wish I had thought of that.  However, I sure hope you're wrong.  I think he'll do it this time.  He   has a lot of experience since he  last did that and he has more leverage now.  At least I think he does. 

Another thing, Reid and the Democratic Senators need to severly limit the filibuster rules.  If they don't they are fools.  They most likely won't

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 Every day now I say to

 Every day now I say to myself, "Please, Obama, don't give in.  Stand your ground." , but I don't think he will.

In exchange for Obama's

In exchange for Obama's preserving the tax cuts for the rich, the rePubes will allow the poor to live.  It was the best deal the President could get.  

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