Did the failure of Boehner’s “Plan B" mark the end of his Speakership?

YES! He was essentially unelected as Speaker.
NO! Leadership rarely changes in Washington.


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I truly agree with 2950-10K

I truly agree with 2950-10K and Jcacourt  even though Boehner disgusts me I certainly don't want Cantor or Ryan (or for that matter of fact do not want some idiot T Party) being put in as speaker of the house!!

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Gee wouldn't that be nice!

Gee wouldn't that be nice!  But I won't hold my breath.  - Aliceinwonderland

John Defalque
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I'm sick of John Crybaby

I'm sick of John Crybaby Boner, the Orange Tan Man.I don't want to hear his whiney, crying voice anymore.We need a more sober minority whip.Retire and enjoy that Merlot.

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Cantor has been

Cantor has been leading,"obstructing," behind the scenes, with his merry little band of extremists all along. It matters little who is officially called the House Speaker. With Cantor it's all about the Koch, ALEC-fueled, Tea Party agenda.

Why would they get rid of

Why would they get rid of him? They just put him into the position. Who would we get - another "brilliant?" politician like Cantor or Ryan. No thanks. I'd rather have the older fellow in charge, even if they ALL are idiots.

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