Are you satisfied with the "fiscal cliff" deal?

YES! We got some tax increases & help for the unemployed.
NO! It's another giveaway to the rich on the backs of the 99%.


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Satisfied?!  We're screwed.  

Satisfied?!  We're screwed.  

Old Blue
I keep hearing that "taxes

I keep hearing that "taxes have gone up for the middle class", meaning that the payroll tax holiday was allowed to expire. It's unfortunate that people can't seem to grasp the qualitiative difference between FICA (the payroll "tax") and general income taxes. It's as simple as this: we agreed as a society almost 80 years ago to set up a system to keep the elderly from falling into abject poverrty when they become too old to work. The program has been hugely successful. Think of it as a savings account that belongs to the people, not the government. Now if people today have decided that they'd rather not bother, have bought off on the (false) premise that Social Security is unsustainable, and swallow the lie that FICA is just another "government tax", then I guess the program will wither and die. I never thought I'd end up entirely dependent on Social Security until the "banksters" deprived me of most of my little nest egg a few years ago. It could happen to you. I thank my lucky stars the program still exists. If those of you that are down on SS will do just a little research and apply a modicum of critical thinking, you'll realize that all of the disinformation being directed at this critical social imperative is coming from large corporate interests who do not want to pay their 6% of the FICA tax. Think!

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I'm unhappy with the

I'm unhappy with the giveaways to the movie industry and to NASCAR, for starters.

This "deal" was no deal for

This "deal" was no deal for most of the ordinary citizens. I'm glad they left some things off the table for now. The real fight begins with the debt ceiling and the kinds of cuts RepubliCONS will want the country to make (hopefully Democrats will have guts and fight for what is right for ordinary folks.)

Legislators need to understand Democrats kept the presidency, kept a larger majority in the Senate and ousted 8 House members. If they do this, they may accomplish something for those ordinary citizens whose votes decided to trust the Democratic party! 

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No, I'm not happy. I thought

No, I'm not happy. I thought 250K was fair...just 2% of the citizens make that and the 1% own 2/3 of the nations wealth. We need to continue to address the inequality here. Winning the election is just a start and is going to require alot of effort to educate folks of this major discrepancy. The Borrower is a Slave to the Lender. Who owns most of the Treasury Bonds? Not China. The 1% who pay 15% taxes on money earned does. The U.S. borrows by design, because we can't generate enough revenue. Why? Because these so-called lower taxes were supposed to create jobs, where the 8% unemployed can work and contribute in taxes paid. It is a start and only a start. Compromise is part of the equation and Obama has been re-elected to lead. The House must be held accountable for inconsistencies and a lack of duty to their office they pledged to serve. That is where the pressure must be applied and maintained until some consistency of government cooperation to govern for the good of the people is provided by those elected to congress. They should all be put on notice of either to govern for the good of "We The People" or HOUSE CLEANING IS NEEDED. They are all part of the 1%. So they govern for the benefit of themselves.  

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No of course I'm not

No of course I'm not satisfied, but that's what compromise means.

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Obama has always tended to 

Obama has always tended to  the middle   Obama has accomplished  much -  not ALL we wanted .But Thats life.  So  Lets  Keep  pushing  .

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Both sides are angry  

Both sides are angry   Neither  side  got  ALL   what they wanted  Some but not ALL .  ON  the positive side  SS & medicare are OK for now .  Middle class tax cuts stay.  Now we must ALL  push Obama to do more.   Medicare  for ALL  Saves billions.   SS tax cap must be raised   Big Pharma  must negotiate  on  RX  prices  for Part D   .Stop good jobs from going overseas     Fix our broken  trade  policies    Speak out  OFTEN    Do not give up  Likes  of   Koch Bros Dick  Armey, Trump  & Rove did not buy the 2012  election.    We must celebrate that  and  push harder  than ever !! 

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It is sad to say the least.

It is sad to say the least.  That most of us are getting screwed and that nearly 50% of the citizens voted for thre screwball Republicans yet they are not any more wealthy than most of us...When will this change?  Why can't the taxes be changed to support andbuild back the middle class?  It really shows Obama is more center than left and that our nation is no longer a representation of the many but a representation of the few...Nothin has changed over the 1000's of years...just the titles....This country is becoming a sham!  I am sorry I blame the idiots that voted these bozos into office.  They are the sheep of the rich.....BaaaaDown...


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Taxes were increased on the

Taxes were increased on the 99% by letting the Social Security tax waiver expire.  Also the higher $5 million opposed to $1 million inheritance tax give-away to the rich remains - Thank god!  What ever would have happened to Paris Hilton!?!? She desperately needs the money for more blow.  And how about Capital Gains Taxation?......

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