Can women serve as effectively as men in combat?

YES! Gender has nothing to do with being an effective soldier!
YES! Anyone capable of doing the job should be allowed to.


David J. Cyr
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First the "progressives"

First the "progressives" supported the Pentagon's Dream Act, for brown bodies to fill the body bags of the "dumb" wars that "progressive" (D) votes redeployed under the label of "necessary" wars.

Now the Democrats are recruiting Republican girls to be grunts, so the boys of nice white liberal parents won't be drafted into the ongoing resource wars and climate wars coming... wars their (D) votes made necessary that those deeply depraved Democrats don't want themselves at risk in.

The "Principles" of Liberal Voters:

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Perhaps.  But why would any

Perhaps.  But why would any sane person want to?  That's the part I can't understand.

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Yes and Yep a doodle!

Yes and Yep a doodle!

Where is the "no"?  

Where is the "no"?  

More lame options for the

More lame options for the poll, what about a No option so there are actually choices?

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