Is it politically risky to use executive action on gun control?

YES! It makes Obama vulnerable to GOP attacks of acting like a king.
NO! Obama will only be enforcing laws already passed by Congress.


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Another bull's eye.  Mustn't

Another bull's eye.  Mustn't deprive a thriving cancer industry their meal ticket.  Everytime the Cancer Society has another "Relay For Life" parade around here, I just shake my head at those poor sheeple dancing around in silly costumes making damn fools of themselves.  But you know, ignorance is bliss...

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You've got that right honey.

You've got that right honey.  I've more than a hunch you or I would have more balls, up against those fascists, than Obama has shown these past four years.

No Fraud just couldn't forgive those of us who held our noses and voted for him.  It's too bad, because I'll miss his entries.  He has a beautiful heart, philosophy, perspective and worldview and in some ways, reminds me of myself at his age.  (I'm about 20 years his senior.)  S

Anyway back to Obama.  Sometimes I have trouble forgiving myself, voting for him a second time instead of Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party, who I much preferred.  But given the same election all over gain, I'd probably vote the same way.  Romney was a lot worse.  We'd all be in soup lines if R&R got in.  Early into Obama's first term, however, I had him sized up pretty well.  Much as I would have loved to be proven wrong, he's been every bit the we wimpy leader I feared we would have in him.  Under these circumstances, and given the stakes, it makes me crazy sometimes.  - Aliceinwonderland 

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RIGHT ON!!!!!  Wow, we're

RIGHT ON!!!!!  Wow, we're rockin'.  

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David J, you are spot-on.

David J, you are spot-on.

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It's all silliness. Every

It's all silliness. Every president uses his executive authority. The only difference, Obama uses it less than any recent GOP president.

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As Ossie Davis said, "Fear is

As Ossie Davis said, "Fear is worse than death, because it holds the mind hostage."

David J. Cyr
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The "progressive" liberals

The "progressive" liberals lifelong dedicate themselves to the (D)evil ensuring that no good ever comes from elections; they deploy their Art of the Possible to prevent every change needed; and they insist upon glacially slow incrementalism thereby making a sick society sustainably sick — their corporate party compliant complicity resulting in the creation of a permanently sociopathic society — then they complain about the product of their depravity, and worry about damaged individuals responding to it.

It's obvious that the surest way for Americans to MoveOn further into the far Right is to get more of the corporate party's Democrats elected.

Now the reactionary Democrats are eager to disarm the public, while they continue to militarize the police, they routinely launch predator drones to remote-control murder any "suspects" suspected of resisting invasions and occupations, and their "Justice Department" hounds peaceful internet freedom advocates literally to death... while providing banksters legal settlements to protect them from prosecution.

The Devolution of Liberalism:

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As usual "Neither of the

As usual "Neither of the above."

Of course it's risky; but that's what "The buck stops here" means, and what we people need, expect and respect from our Representatives (dare I say Leaders?). The President's speach today was as usual excellent. Now that President Obama is in his 2nd term, and the Opposition have shown they are without clothes, I hope we can move forward. However, it is going to require the limited-whiners of both camps shutting-the-hell-up, and responsible Patriots demanding responsible action Forward (neither excessively Left nor Right).

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Tough cookies if they attack

Tough cookies if they attack him for acting like a king!  Obama had better damn well start acting like a President FOR THE PEOPLE!  If he can't stand the heat then he can  leave office!

In other words, do what the People hired ya to do.  Any consequences to his position are his problem not mine - if you do what the People instruct you to do, you get my vote, if you don't you don't get my vote.  I am sick and tired of letting the country take it on the chin to protect the career of our President.  Tough cookies, if his "acting like a king" makes it uncomfortable for him at his next cocktail party in the Hamptons.

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He will only be a dictator to

He will only be a dictator to the Tea Party 25% that would critize him for curing cancer.

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