Should New York's potential new gun laws be a model for the nation?

YES! These common-sense regulations should be nation-wide.
NO! Different states have different concerns about gun safety.


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I agree pretty much with

I agree pretty much with Uncle Jimbo, however, we should a national framework for how to deal with weapons of war.  It is far too easy to get weapons that should not be in a civil society.

Uncle Jimbo
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With over 300 million people

With over 300 million people in the US - you are sure to find a nut case or two. The rest of us should not be held acountable because of their actions.  Put everybody back to work - bring our manufacturing base back and get middle class jobs back from Communist China, this is what we should be focusing on.  The more notoriety you give a nut case, just inspires the boarder line cases.  Get your kids off the violent video games, is a good start.  Go out - play ball, ride your bicycle, do something other then playing war games on the computer.

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