Will the filibuster reform package stop GOP obstructionism?

NO! Real filibuster reform was not passed so nothing will change.
NO! Being voted out of office is the only thing that will stop them.


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Friend bobcat speaks my mind

Friend bobcat speaks my mind in this matter.

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Had I been Harry Reid, would

Had I been Harry Reid, would have given them 4 options. 

1. "Talking filibusters - with 41 Senators being present to vote against cloture at all times." 

2. "Since you whined so much 8-10 years ago that GWB's nominees weren't getting an "up-or-down" vote, you get your wish - ALL Presidential nominees get an "up-or-down" vote - no filibusters allowed." 

3. (The "NFL" Rule.) "You get 2 filibusters during each calendar month, on anything you want.  That means you have 48 of them in this term of Congress.  Choose wisely." 

And if you don't like any of the above, then

4. The "Nuclear Option."  "No more filibusters.  I'm sick and tired of fooling around with you jerks." 

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Harry Reid is not only a weak

Harry Reid is not only a weak and spineless "leader."  He's stupid.  He gave away his most important -- his ONLY -- tool.  If he had passed filibuster reform, the Republicans would have had to negotiate (read: give ground) ON EVERY SINGLE BILL!!!  Every day, Harry Reid would have had a new, powerful point of leverage to use against anyone who challenged him.  EVERY SINGLE DAY, the Republicans would have had to "play nice" out of fear of what he would do.  Today he's weak and powerless, and they will treat him that way.  For a couple weeks, he had power and it went completely to his head.  They begged and pleaded, promising that this time it would be different.  Now the game's over. His power is over.  His term as majority leader is over.  And he accomplished nothing.  Hope he's not expecting gratitude from people who stood outside in harsh weather trying to get people registered to vote.

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Well I guess it's a moot

Well I guess it's a moot point by now, thanks to Harry-the-wimp Reid.  This is only the latest example of why I'm so fed-up with the Democratic Party.  They drop the ball, time & again... Consequently we're still stuck with Baby Bush's tax cuts for wealthy welfare queens, and filibuster obstructionism remains fully intact.  Swell.  Our democracy is dying, one paper cut at a time...

I think maybe it's time for us to learn Spanish, and immigrate to Puerto Rico.  - Aliceinwonderland

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It makes the Democrats look

It makes the Democrats look weak and underscores beliefs that they are not much better than Republicans.  It's hard to back a party that does not back the president and the people's mandate.  A strong liberal 3rd party could start making real in-roads right now, if there was one. Or a major move to put up real progressives and throw all the bums out, democrats and republicans who have forgotten why they are elected.  At the very least Nevada needs to find a strong progressive candidate for senate, because Harry Reid may end up losing his seat after making so much noise about reforming the rules and wimping out.


WTF did Harry do to help

WTF did Harry do to help advance anything which would assist our country and its citizens? Absolutely nothing. Thanks, Harry, for nothing!

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None of the above.

None of the above.

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I don't like you anymore

I don't like you anymore Harry!

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