Will the GOP shut down the government to get their way?

YES! They'll do anything to please their corporate masters.
NO! Obama will use the 14th Amendment to stop them.


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I'm sure ALL of the T Party

I'm sure ALL of the T Party will, hopefully the true Republicans will not go along with them and keep this from actually happening.

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Yes! I believe those

Yes! I believe those psychopathic freaks are dangerous enough to trash the economy of the entire world if they don't get their way.  Undoubtedly they are still furious that Obama was re-elected, and eager to punish us any way they can.  Makes me crazy how Obama keeps dropping the ball, caving in to the bastards  again and again while the situation grows more dire by the hour.  All I can say is, I'd rather be watching this movie than living through it.  - Aliceinwonderland

Hopefully Obama will use the

Hopefully Obama will use the 14th Amendment and raise the ceiling so we can get on with

the business of the day.



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