Will the GOP try to impeach Obama over his executive orders?

YES! They'll waste time & money on useless hearings.
NO! The far Right is just huffing & puffing for media coverage.


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That doesn't mean they won't

That doesn't mean they won't try.  In a way, I hope they do try - they'll end up losing even more credibility and that will hasten the total demise of the Republican Party.

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 They have no constitutional

 They have no constitutional leg to stand on for impeachment.  They've cried impeachment too often to be taken seriously. The best  they can do is shed more realistic folks from their numbers. The more ridiculous these far right nuts act, the more they destroy the party.  Eventually even their election rigging won't save them.


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Today you used the word

Today you used the word rational in speaking of people other than the crazies who want to be able to march down the street with their AK47 tucked up under their arms.  I wonder if the rational people who are acquainted with those people could even confince them to be realistic.  I certianly hope they don't go hunting deer with the assault weapons so I guess the only reason for them to have them is kill, kill, kill.

Perhaps we will end up with war in the streets, it is oh so scary today.

David J. Cyr
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The corporate party's

The corporate party's Democrats don't get anything done that its Republicans don't want done too... same team, same strategic goals. Their disputes are just theater of distraction.

It's the Democrats that Republicans rely upon to get whatever greater evil done that Republicans can't accomplish.

The corporate party provides two brands of criminal complicity — (R) and (D) — so one can fool half the fools all the time, and the other can fool the other half of the fools all the time.

The Devolution of Liberalism:


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