Will Obama's call for unity have any effect on Congress?

YES! Obama’s 2nd term has begun & Congress will finally get to work.
NO! They'll continue to obstruct anything Obama puts forward.


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I think not. I think that

I think not. I think that with determined, with strong leadership, the President has staked out his vision and the Republicans as political wing of the uber class never let us forget theirs, I expect some achievement these first two years of his second term but most will occur in 24 months when Americans send a majority of Dems to the House and a super majority to the Senate. Then will he cement his legacy and set the stage for the unprecedented election of the next Democratic President of the United States. I can wait.

Im thinking that these

Im thinking that these desperate repulsicans will do anything to stop Obama being a successful president. But hopefully they will not succeed.  We need to make sure that Pres Obama knows what the People want and that the People keep up making sure he does the right thing.  Hopefully he will go after all these fossil fuel giants and please stop exporting LNG to Asian countires.  Here in Oregon, there is a proposed export terminal by a foreign country that wants to run a 234 pipe line through forests, private properties, etc. to ship LNG into an area that is a tsunami innundation zone.  Lets hope Pres Obama doesnt let this happen. 

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I am cautiously optomistic.  

I am cautiously optomistic.


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I hate to be a cynic

I hate to be a cynic but...... nope.

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