Are you surprised by the filibuster of Chuck Hagel's confirmation?

NO! Republicans obstruct everything. Why would this be different?
NO! This is exactly why we needed real filibuster reform!


JC Miller
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Please Harry Reid. Hand your

Please Harry Reid. Hand your Senate majority leadership over to someone like Tom Harkin who said that if this is filibuster reform the predident may as well take a four year vacation. Elizabeth Warren would be a great choice too.

You foolishly trusted the Teanuts to honor a handshake agrement. Shame on you. Fool me once y'know...Harry you may be a great guy, but you're not up to this job. This is not reform. All it takes is ONE Teaball to stop all debate before the Senate and the American people. Nothing will get done, nothing will even come to the floor, not Wall street reform, not assault weapons bans, not background checks, not immigration,  not global climate initiatives. All because you made a deal with known obstructionists and liers.


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Call me a polyanna, but I

Call me a polyanna, but I think you should have included a "Yes, I was surprised" choice, I have this vacant hope that one day we CAN all just get along.

Holding up Hagel's appointment because of because of the tragedy at Benghazi is like stalling the line at Coldstone because the strawberry in your mixin wasn't red enough. Does more information about Benghazi make Hagel less qualified? If they think that Hagel or someone else in the State Dept. intentionally lied or did something wrong to "cause" the Benghazi incident then vote "No!" on his appointment. The Conservatives constantly complain about big government and the cost thereof, how is this saving us money or reducing the size of government. I don't get it!


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Surprised?  (Y-A-W-N) What we

Surprised?  (Y-A-W-N)

What we have here are a bunch of (mostly) old men acting like petulant babies.  They didn't get their way in the recent election, so this is their mean spirited crybaby tantrum, obstructing everything with a vengeance.  They are punishing us by not doing their jobs.     Any congressional seat occupied by one of these psychopathic clowns is equivalent to a big black hole.  (Hear that sucking sound?) For this they are rewarded with the best medical care money can buy, and pensions and paid vacations.  For doing nothing. 

It will be very interesting to see what happens next midterm election.  In the meantime, have fun paying your taxes.    - Alice I.W.

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I think I'm beginning to

I think I'm beginning to see some reasoning behind not changing the filibuster rules too far, previously.  It's a bit of a gamble, but allowing the republicans to continue obstructing everything and especially announcing every filibuster to the media and/or sending all obstructionist behavior viral, will paint a clear picture for the 2014 elections.  Even with redistricting, there are likely enough swing voters to vote for liberals and enough fed-up genuine, non-whacko conservatives who could switch sides or just stay home and not bother to vote to effect the outcome, and put more democrats or independents in House and Senate seats.   Let's hope and pray it pays off!

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So... you think you can teach

So... you think you can teach a dinosaur new tricks??

Harry doesn't need to resign.

Harry doesn't need to resign. He just needs to learn to think like a younger person. He should take a few tips from 
Senator Merkley (younger) and Senator Sanders (older) to understand just what ordinary citizens want from those who are SUPPOSED TO BE REPRESENTING THE VOTERS! 

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This  GOP Bagger congress

This  GOP Bagger congress needs to GO ASAP   They're a disgrace   That comes from a former  GOP voter   who got sick of the GOP  blocking, stalling, holding us  hostage  and vowing to make Obama a one term  Pres. 

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harry reid needs to resign

harry reid needs to resign from public service.

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