Are you surprised by the SCOTUS decision on FISA?

YES! I thought conservatives like Alito don't like "big government.”
NO! We can't prove we're being spied on, so how can we fight it?


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The Supreme Court "took the

The Supreme Court "took the easy way out," and this is outrageous.  Privacy is a fundamental right, guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.  Please protest this...just another step in a shift toward fascism and tyranny.

Please, also complain to KPFK-FM (in Los Angeles) re removal of most of Mr. Hartmann's show this week, during the station pledge-drive.  And, replacing it with distasteful hucksterism.


David J. Cyr
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standing: what courts refuse


what courts refuse to give the people who dare to stand

— The APT: American Political Terms

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