Is Gov. Christie trying to regain the support of his party?

YES! He vetoed a (modest) minimum wage increase.
YES! He's hoping they'll forget he hugged Obama right before election.


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Anyone who thinks he suddenly

Anyone who thinks he suddenly saw the light and changed during Sandy were deluding themselves.  He is what he is, the veto proved that.  1 brief moment of sanity, does not equal an epiphany. 

Frankly, with all the nonsense in New Jersey, along with high waters, I'd be looking for a different state to live in.  Fortunately, I live in a generally liberal minded state, with fairly strong unions and decent wages.  Even here, however, the GOP is trying to gain footholds right down to the county levels, so the fight is ongoing to keep what we enjoy here.



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He just undid all the respect

He just undid all the respect he gained after Superstorm Sandy when he slapped his constituents in the face with that veto.  The people of NJ suffered a huge economic setback with this storm and this was something he could have done to help them get back on their feet and stimulate jobs and the economic growth in NJ.  It was a stupid move on his part.

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