Will Congress reach a last-minute deal to avoid the sequester?

YES! But only because Wall Street doesn't like uncertainty.
NO! Both sides will just blame each other for failing.


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btw. Uncertainity can

btw. Uncertainity can undermine the strength of the projections used by Wall St to evaluate their investments, but it is removed by confidence in the outcome - period.  It doesn't matter if the uncertainty is removed by securing an outcome favorable or unfavorable to the People, just so long as the financial or stock analyst knows which.

Furthermore, most of your financialized money is made during times of uncertainty rather than certainty.  Uniform information (widespread concensus) tends to dampen opportunities for profit.

"uncertaintiy" like "energy independence" and "exporting democracy" are simply sound bites from a body of propaganda whose main use is to manipulate something out of the People.

When the domestic economy is crushing the People, Wall St can use aspects of the same economy to make money.  And that speaks to a fundamental problem with Wall St controlling our Government.


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The title of the article just

The title of the article just released is "Obama sees no need to stop the cuts"

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I'm with you, Geraldine.  Who

I'm with you, Geraldine.  Who needs soap operas?

Geraldine Rieman
  Sick and tired of it all,


Sick and tired of it all, the drama, the game.   

Yes! And Obama will give away

Yes! And Obama will give away the farm, again.

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