Should Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy & his supporters be arrested?

YES! They used weapons to illegally intimidate federal rangers.
YES! Cliven Bundy’s been breaking the law since 1993.


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That'll teach them to defy

That'll teach them to defy our government GODS!!!!!


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If Bundy were really rich, he

If Bundy were really rich, he wouldn't have this problem. I think people see a white male with a cowboy hat and has some land and automaticly think that he must be an evil slave owner. People should be proud that others got together and stood up against a BEAST known as the U.S. government.

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If the first thing illegals

If the first thing illegals are told is that " this is a country of laws" than the second thing they should be told is that they are " breaking the law", hence the term illegal imigrants.


William King
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Go start an illegals thread.

Go start an illegals thread. This is all about the rich, conservatine and the militia wack jobs jumping at a chance to act like idiots.

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Illegals entering our country

Illegals entering our country are told "this is a country of laws, you can't break our laws because you don't agree with them"  All of a sudden some citizens feel that it's now ok to break the law, the law that they don't agree with...  Hmmmmm

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Illeagal aliens are breaking

Illeagal aliens are breaking the law everyday and they get free healthcare, college,ect. What are grazing fees for anyway? Is the government watering the grass for him or building fence? Anywhere else when you pay somebody you get goods or services in return. What goods or services do they get for grazing fees other than protection FROM the government? Everyday they TAKE our money from almost everyone and they"re still 17 trillion dollars in the hole. The suporters  wern't dressed like ninja turtles and tazing citizens, the government was. Talk about overkill over cows.



I don’t understand how a rich

I don’t understand how a rich man can refuse to pay the state or federal government when making a profit on federal lands.  When I’m 27 years old just trying to find a niche for myself in the modern world.  I have 30,000 in college debt because I was told to get and education to be successful.  Can I just refuse to pay that for the rest of my life?  I obtained the education to become a contributing citizen to society why should I pay when rich greedy men don’t (not even mentioning TAXES)?

On another NOTE when I was 16 years I stole a value 1,600 dollars with four people all of whom was over 18 years of age.  I was the only one who went to jail and I was the only one who turned themselves in.  How can this man steal MORE and not repay his debt LIKE I HAD TOO.  The state of VA took 10.5 months from me for a 16 year old mistake.  I am a good person just was young and dumb.  I don’t feel like that old man should be let off easier than a child……..



Get them TOM…. <3


Quit my job 3 weeks ago because I worked for the state of VA, and my bosses rob and steal from tax payers and I could not stand it because of the same thoughts as above.

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 everything you need to know about Cliven Bundy & his supporters.


Uncle Draggi
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This clown has been doing

This clown has been doing this since 1993, huh?  Okay, then why is it =now= that ::faux-action:: is being taken?  What is the hoped-for political pay-off, and for whom?  There is =lots= of the very same thing going on all over 'The American Wild West', so why did it 'just happen' to happen =now= and -there-?!

Frankly, this reeks like three-day-old fish in the sun of 'political theater' and -blatant- manipulation of certain "less than intelligent-and-thinking" fringe elements of our society.  Oh, and isn't it also an interesting 'coincidence' that it happened in =Harry= =Reid's= state, and during a -very- important election year?  Naaaaa, I'm just imagening things, right?  Right?!  =Well=?!!  

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 Good question.  Especially

 Good question.  Especially if it were posed to our Corporate Media.

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 The first place I'd go is

 The first place I'd go is the vet.  The seond place , my lawyer's office.  These people are ridiculous.

I wonder if this would have

I wonder if this would have had the same outcome if the "protestors" had been black/brown, or occupy activists. 

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I don't  know if being armed

I don't  know if being armed is against the law and intimidation is a hard word to define in a court of law, but i heard one of the armed protesters kicked a dog. If that was my dog he would be in the hospital today. Those militia dudes are all the same. like  bamanas, they are yellow  and hang in a bunch. I read that law enforcement is not tipping its hand on the next move. You can bet all those militia bullies will regret the decision to go to the protest armed. They went there and illegally stopped traffic and knew they were confronting federal law enforcement. Forget ALQueda, the FBI has a new target right here in our back yard. Time to take out the trash. The old man is going to pay too. He seems to think the federal government and the revenue it collects is somehow an option for him, as opposed to the rest of us taxpaying citizens. The government was smart to back away from the potential shootout scenario and will see to it this will not happen again. Those idiot militia guys are really going under  the microscope now. Them and everyone they have been in contact with for the last 20 years.

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