Topic “Thursday”

Thursday Oct 8th 2009

save money imagesKPOJ's Carl Wolfson and Christine Alexander filling in...

Hour One: New Supreme Court session with cases to be reviewed with Stephen Kanter

Thursday -October 1st 2009

michael moore imagesMichael Moore joins Thom today - Thom is doing the show 'Live" from Salem International

Hour One - Michael Moore ( joins Thom - Capitalism: A Love Story

Thursday - September 24 2009

west wing imagesHour One: Will health care reform hurt or help the economy? Thom debates Dr. Todd Rubin of Doctors for Patient Care

Thursday - September 16th 2009

geek imagesHour One: China has eaten our lunch - are they now working on dessert? do we stop them? Clyde Prestowitz, Jr

Hour Two: Healthcare....

Thursday - September 10th 2009

homeland security imagesHour One: Did President Obama inspire you or worry you with his healthcare speech?

Thursday - September 3 2009 - Highlights

geek imagesQuote: I am neither bitter no cynical but I do wish there was less immaturity in political thinking --Franklin D. Roosevelt

Hour One: Instead of a "Team of Rivals" Obama needs to take names and kick ass! Got that?

Highlights Thursday August 27th 2009

911-conspiracy-imagesHour One: "Who ARE the uninsured?" Thom spars with Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute

Hour Two: Pamela & Mary Anne Aden on the Economy - are we getting better or worse?

Thursday August 20th 2009

fat-imagesOn Friday at 11am Thom will be "Live" from the Barrymore Theater in Madison, WI - Get tickets at
Today - Thom is broadcasting "live" from "Space" in Evanston. It's sold out.

Thursday August 13th 2009


Quote:  "We are all... in agitation, even in our peaceful country. For in peace as well as in war, the mind must be kept in motion." -- Thomas Jefferson

Thursday August 5th 2009

geek-imagesHour One - Should the Government rescue the endangered news industry? Thom is challenging Troy Schneider

Hour Two - Is healthcare a right or only...if you can afford it? Thom is confronting Alex Epstein

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