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Thursday - July 30th 2009


Thursday - July 23 2009


July 16th 2009 - Thursday

nicole-imagesHost Nicole Sandler fills in for Thom and takes listener calls on the issues of the day

July 9th 2009 - Thursday


Quote: When we can’t dream any longer we die. - Emma Goldman

July 2 2009 - Thursday

banking-images1Hour one: Senator Bernie Sanders  is here - Do we have a Super Majority or not? Bernie says Yes! Harry Reid says  No! Who's right.

Also - Should we have a gasoline tax or a road tax?...complete w/GPS?

June 25th 2009 - Thursday

healthcare-imagesOur Comment line - Concerns? Suggestions? Kudos? - 202-536-5306

Hour One: Michael Tanner  and Thom debate  COOP vs Public Option

June 18th - Thursday


What would you do if you received a post-dated check for $100.000 and a suicide note? Would you call the cops or hang on it a check? It happened for real.

June 11th 2009 Thursday

tackett-imagesHour One: Mark Potok on the rise of hate groups

Hour Two: Thom challenges Matthew Vadum on the Museum shooting...left claims vindication on "malicious DHS report"

Thursday...broadcasting live from UN Radio Day with Talk Radio News in New York, NY

un-imagesThom speaks with news makers and shakers live from the United Nations

Hour one - Eamonn Fingleton Topic: 20th anniversary of Tiananman Square massacre

May 28th 2009 Thursday

geeky-images1Hour 1: Abu Ghraib rape photos, Judge Sonia Sotomayor and the economy.

Hour 2:  Should there be mandatory teaching of "gay tolerance" in our public schools? Thom challenges Susan Allen, Former First Lady of Virginia

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