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Ebola in Texas

Apparently the CDC has now confirmed a case of Ebola in Texas. News is just coming online.

Stop calling it "The Islamic State"

Here's a crazy idea . . . if we don't want Muslims around the world to think that we are engaging in a new Crusade, maybe the media should stop referring to the terrorist group as "The Islamic State."

Female Aggression: How Gender-Role Imperatives Turn “Nice” Girls into Mean Girls

First, let's be clear about the meaning of gender roles:

Wikipedia: “Gender roles are behaviors and tasks which society associates with each gender. In the United States, men are typically expected to be stoic, decisive, direct, athletic, strong, driven, and brave; women are expected to be emotional, nurturing, affectionate, home-oriented and forgiving.

What’s the reality though? Let’s take a look:


The Truth about Gender “Differences"

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Would You Hire Her to Flip Hamburgers?

There appears to be a push for Hillary Clinton to be the next Democratic Nominee for the Presidency of the United States. After 44 consecutive years of male presidents, Obama’s presidency finally broke the white domination, now there is a door open for the first female President of the United State of America. I believe it’s time and I believe the possible this election could produce our first Lady Commander-in-Chief, however, I don’t believe Hillary Rodham Clinton should be our woman, and this why I believe she shouldn’t be considered.

War Weary? Nah...

Two surveys -1) 72% think ground troops will be dispatched against Isil 20% say no, Obama means it.

2) 35% are against ground troops 45% are in favor "If generals call for them"

Colorado School Demonstrations

The Koch Brothers have donated a lot of money in school races in Colorado and the state is in a race to the bottom in education. Unions have been destroyed. Tenure is gone. Charter schools are on the rise. Now in Jefferson County (West Denver and it includes Colimbine) The board wants to limit history to the good things:

Cruz won!! GOP-0

Ted Cruz won the values straw poll. He vows to repeal ACA from the 25 million newly insured. The people whose frinds and family were killed by GOP governors' refusal of free Medicaid expansion must be thrilled. Elmer Gantry redux still sells. I wonder if Rafael's dad did some faith healing he could convince those dying to pray harder and redemption would come.

NC options under Tillis

Cut unemployment benefits [just because you paid for them doesn't mean you can claim them]

Concealed guns in bars and restaurants [That's not a double! when you want extra mozzarella you can prove you're serious]

More executions [how many more remains an open question]

Cursive writing [as opposed to typing since keyboards and computers are just a fad]

You can take away their land, but you can't take away their ability to assimilate to the ways of their occupiers.

The Navajo Nation has a presidential election coming up and the most pressing issue is the requirement of fluently speaking a specific language. The Navajo Nation Supreme Court has ruled in favor of this language requirement. Is their Supreme Court packed with conservatives like ours or is there a progressive twist to maintaining a heritage?

"Police: Suspect in Okla. beheading was Muslim convert"


A newly fired employee at a food processing plant in Moore, Okla., allegedly stabbed and beheaded a 54-year-old front office worker, police said Friday, according to local media.

Stop Rush

Seems that a group has been working to get Rush off of the air. They contact his advertisers about sponsering "Hate Radio". Seems that it works. But Rush is coming back chomping on his cigar. I for one, like this. Spread the word.

10 Reasons President Obama is a Better Dictator than Kim Jong-un

President Obama should give up the pretense of being a humanitarian, and just embrace his inner war monger. Obama needs to come out in his next address to the public, dressed in a military uniform, like those dictators, the state department love and support around the world. Obama should have a chest full of ridiculously large self-award medals to complete the irony of the Nobel Peace Prize around his neck. Rename the State Department, the Department of Intervention, Conflict and Subversion – DICS.

Bill Clinton defends corporate inversions?

Gird your loins, progressives. You will have a very hard time with a Clinton reign.

R.I.P. Robert Poli

This man inadvertantly strengthened the Reagan Presidency and torpedoed the union movement.

"Robert Poli dies at 78; air traffic controller led failed 1981 strike

Robert E. Poli, an air traffic controller who rose to the top of his union and led a 1981 strike that turned into a momentous defeat for organized labor, died Sept. 15 at his home in Meridian, Idaho. He was 78.


This discussion Thom is starting about "Factions" is hugely important.

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