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More fundemental contradictions of Libertarianism

Libertarianism is demonstrably false, because it assumes that humans are bright enough to make optimal trades, buy adequate regulations and in general take care of themselves, but these same people do not

A. Elect libertarian governments.
B. Become lazy and unproductive by relying on government welfare ('the plantation'),
C. Think government charity is helping people, so normal people dont' have to give as much.

There are only two ways in which human beings can interact with each other

There are only two ways in which human beings can interact with each other. The first is voluntarily; consensually. This is the way of the market. This is what Franz Oppenheimer called "the economic means" of gaining wealth. The second way is through violence; without consent. One man imposing, by force, himself on another. Oppenheimer called this the "political means". This way is the way of the jungle; a war of all against all. One man benefits at the expense of another man. It is survival of the fittest.

TX taxes toll

TX is proud of their low taxes, thus low spending on things like roads and bridges:

=I-35+Bridge+Collapse in Salado, killed 1 injured 3, and is out of service for awhile. Maybe they won't rebuild it, that costs money.

Maybe with help from fox they could spin it to be a possible terrorist attack and get some FEMA money.

GOP Insanity in the Obama Era Means There Will Be No GOP President from 2016-2032, at Least

With nothing to run on but radical right-wing extremism a la Ted Cruz and clearly overblown Obama-hate, immigrant-hate, and gay-hate, it's going to take decades to convince non-GOP-die-hards that the GOP has anything even coherent to offer America if it ever gets hold of the Whitehouse again.

The Glories Of The US Justice System

I'll bet all those blacks who received mandatory 10 and 20 years sentences for a small amount of crack now feel life is fair.

Swiss Bankers Avoid Prison, Get Probation for Tax Fraud

Indiana Goes Back To The 1950's

How many more years before we have a fundamentalist Christian Caliphate?

Indiana now a no-go zone for Salesforce's force


Republican voters. You are going to get what you asked for.

What about a Minimum Compensation Level, based on profitability, instead of a MW?

So what about a minimum compensation level, based on profitability?

Would that be acceptable?

Is it doable?

Utah Shows the Way...

Heard around the cooler: Utah will hold an auction of tickets for those persons eager to attend its inaugural execution by firing squad. The historic first firing squad will be composed of those Fab 47 senators lucky enough to have drawn short straws. It’s reported that eBay will offer souvenir snapshots of the victim – both before and after execution – just as soon as humanly possible. Meanwhile Fox News intends to file suit - based on freedom of expression - that would allow the network to broadcast the event live.

Would you object if the people of Ferguson seceded from the US?

Would you object if the people of Ferguson seceded from the US? They're not getting a fair shake. Or does the social contract bind them to stay?

Rothbard on the "Economic Power" argument. This will answer Ultrax et. al.

1. Power and Coercion
A very common criticism of the libertarian position runs as
follows: Of course we do not like violence, and libertarians perform
a useful service in stressing its dangers. But you are very
simplistic because you ignore the other significant forms of coercion
exercised in society—private coercive power, apart from
the violence wielded by the State or the criminal. The government
should stand ready to employ its coercion to check or offset

Hypocritical and Hippocratic Economic Policy in Europe

Hypocritical and Hippocratic Economic Policy in Europe by Andreas Botsch

The crisis is multilayered - a bank crisis, a crisis of wealth distribution and a mis-allocation of capital between long-term real investments and virtual financial investments, the latter without discernible social benefits..

The frugal Schwabian housewife is not a suitable model for fiscal policy. The equation of public with private debt carrying-capacity is a classical fallacy from part to whole ("fallacy of composition"). What is right for individuals can be harmful for the whole...


To all that voted Republican you can watch our infrastructure crumble while we build million dollar bombs that we drop on mud huts.

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