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Being a sniper is all about shame

Highly recommended reading:

Being a sniper is all about shame ...By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor VT Veterans Today

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Did the oil/gas companies suddenly become less greedy?

Is the amount of greed in the world suddenly less? How is it possible for gas prices to be half of what they were at their high? Why are prices down? Do prices have anything to do with greed at all?

snow apocalypse

A snow storm is predicted for New York but instead of acting like rational adults and telling people to use caution when going outside. The mayor of new York City and the governor of new York state locked down the city/state for 4 inches of snow.

Still insist that libertarians are part of the "Right"

Here is a sample of blog posts from only one contributor to

Blog Posts by Laurence M. Vance

Should Christians Recite the Pledge of Allegiance?


Snipers Are Terrorists


Why was slavery wrong?

Simple question.

New English Word -- Palindrome

Time to coin a new English word -- "Palindrome". Definition: A word, phrase or sentense that makes no sense forwards or backwards.

GOP war on science

republican-war-on-science is not just targeting climate science, but health science too.

Chuck Baldwin - The Beat Goes On

Chuck Baldwin | Dec 11, 2014

Moment of Truth - Audit the Fed Money Bomb

Youtube C4L | 23 January 2015

Sarah is Running

Make my day! Sarah is running.

I may have to re-register as a Republican so that I can vote for her in the Primaries. I think that it is now 26 Republican Candidates. Will they destroy each other and implode? Are they spreading the money amongst all 26.

50 Shades of A__hole

Romney, Jeb, Huckabee, Rand, Cruz, Ryan, Perry, Walker, and a few others are in competition, but underlying it all is their authenticity for their assholeness. They must appear to be the biggest unadulterated asshole during the primaries and criticise their opponents by challenging them with events in their past when they were human, and thus weak, and not an asshole. The NRA is only one measure for assholeness, the no tax pledge guy offers another element. The church endorsement is good for at least 20% on the asshole purity scale.

Football Inflation

Chances are they cheated, but only because their opponents did not have the same option. Why should there even be a reg per inflation? A long bomb pass might need an over inflated ball. A lateral pass an even lesser than Brady's inflation. A scramble might do better with a flat ball. A neat strategy could be a ball destined for a scramble fitted with a quick pressure release that the center uses before hiking. The other team thinks a pass is coming because the ball is fully inflated, but the hide is all that is hiked and no one can see it, so no one blocks or tackles.

TPP in our Nieghborhoods!

I started worrying about the TPP when I heard that it was 500 or more pages composed by LAWYERS for International CORPORATIONS and that nobody else has had any input of note.

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Who will be this Generation’s Thomas Jefferson?

We could be looking at the end of the American experiment, and it has gone so far that it'll take a political revolution to set things right again.

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