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And the rich get rich...

I needn't add anything to this:[quote]

Report: Gap Between Rich and Poor Hits New High

Rebranding The Koch Bros.

(partial excerpts)

"How Newt Gingrich’s Language Guru Helped Rebrand the Kochs' Message

CIA Human Experimentation

Yep, by all means keep your moral relativism alive no matter how many grotesque acts are committed by your DNC or RNC elected politicians. What really matters is that the status quo never changes and that memes and impotence is your birthright according to some on this forum. More Hope and Change, don't you know. Next up Killary.

Witness #40


a racist that could not have been at the seen is the primary witness the prosecutor bases his case on. She read of the report of Wilson in the newspaper and what he said, then adopted it. No vetting, no doubting her like the last time she offered fraudulent information and was dismissed. This time she got the grand jury spot and perjured herself.


The ACA was formulated to favor BIG business in many ways. Here is yet another proof.

I got an interesting note from my CPA today (I run a small business).

It said that the government hasn't issued sensible guidlines as to how the ACA fits into the tax framework. It seems that hidden in all of this is an extra tax bomb that limits your true choices to "group" plans instead of individual plans. The only people capable of that little subversion are the large insurance companies. So much for choice.

Grand Juries ought to end

Australia and Canada ended them after the UK ended them. 16th century practices and procedures just might be outdated, like witch trials and inquisitions. 50% of US states have no grand jury.

Go Connecticut

The constitution gets a reprieval in the Connecticut case filed today to overturn civl law exemption for gun industry. Torte law is a constitutional right, and the bane of a fascist regime. Manufacturers are people ought to be linked to overthrow citizens united.

Want to know what is worse than the CIA Report?

Suddenly the real dirt, criminality, torture, inhumane values, for those at the top of our government demonstrate once again (as if this were not obvious long before) that those who lead the country are sub human and looking for a legal escape clause to justify their crimes against humanity. As most on the left already know, there is absolutely no difference between the US and terror fighters all over the planet.

The Liberal MSM

.washingtonpost. in this case:-the-democrats-have-come-unhinged/ [quote]he Democratic staff members on the Senate intelligence committee proved that Democrats still have an ax to grind with anyone who wanted to aggressively take the fight to the enemy after the Sept.

1.4 Million Illegal Immmigrant Driver's Licenses in CA

If you live in SoCAL, either you or someone you know has been in a car accident with an uninsured illegal immigrant driver. The insurance requirement is a joke because they only make 1 payment on their insurance policy and get the insurance card, then stop paying. And look at the costs to the state.

The CitiGroup Amendment

This year it was supposed to be easy to pass an omnibus bill and prevent another government shutdown. Then suddenly at the eleventh hour appears an amendment to the bill that throws a monkey wrench in the works. This amendment, introduced by unnamed GOP members chips away at bank regulations barely gained by Dodd/Frank and was crafted by bank lobbyists.

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The Death of the Middle Class was by Design...

Even in the face of the so-called Recovery, poverty and inequality are getting worse in our country, and more wealth and power is flowing straight to the top. According to Paul Buchheit over at Alternet, this is the end result of winner-take-all capitalism, and this destruction of the working class has all been by design.

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