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Crony Capitalism Is Alive and Well in CA


Conflicts of interest pervasive on California stem cell board

"Appeals court panel deals blow to Obamacare"

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"WASHINGTON -- A federal appeals court dealt a potentially major blow to President Obama's health care law Tuesday, ruling that participants in health exchanges run by the federal government in 34 states are not eligible for tax subsidies.


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I don't know exactly what to say about this 3 minute video except that it's depressing, disturbing and funny all at the same time:

The Right's Fear of Democracy

The right often warns of democratic, majority rule....fearing the majority may vote themselves a large largesse. It's brought up over and over on this Forum by those on the right.  I can see where that may be so....adequate incomes, adequate housing, adequate food, adequate and affordable health care. Since the U.S. only generates $200,000 annually for every family of 4, there is a limit. I doubt, however,  that fulfilling basic needs  would ever  come close to gobbling up the national income.

Jailing the Homeless


Chicago to Get 7 More ATF Agents

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After meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, U.S.

"White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border"

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"New data shows the White House has painted a false picture of the Central American migration by hiding a huge spike in “family units” who are illegally crossing the Texas border.

John Boehners Lawsuit

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Legal folks - has anyone thought that the reasoning for Bohners lawsuit is to get it up to the SCOTUS so that they can get rid of the ACA that way?  all he has to do it is steer it in the general direction and the SCOTUS can take it up (like citizens united) and rule it unconstitutional that way.  I imagine that Roberts would love to please the people that are no doubt  giving him hell for upholding it to begin with.  I am sure that they can find standing (seemingly the tough part) in some court and then it can make it's way to them.

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