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Google May Use Truthfulness Measure In Seach Results...

Currently, Google's algorithm for determining how sites rank in a search result are based by how many other other sites across the web linked to a site. It was a popularity contest and junk was rising to the top. Given the vast amount of crap if not outright lies out there, Google may start to use a new method for ranking sites... by applying a truthfulness standard.

Prescott Bush's Business Connection to the Nazis

In an article I found from The Guardian of Sept. 25, 2004, it states, "The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the U.S. National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism."

Donny Trump

Isn't it time people stop calling Trump "Donald" and start calling him Don Trump or Donny Trump or Ronald Trump?!

Team of Scholars agree on current US political process

[quote]The bar can no longer be lowered, the scholars announced on Friday.

Child Deaths from hot cars by state

Then per million, and parent or careworker?,[quote]

  • 53% - child "forgotten" by caregiver (336 Children)

Alzheimer’s Caused By Loss of Cannabinoids, Study Shows

Alzheimer’s Caused By Loss of Cannabinoids, Study Shows Leaf Science
Kurt Duchac on July 20, 2015 in Medical Marijuana, News

Early deficits in Alzheimer’s may be caused by blockage of the brain’s cannabinoids, according to research out of Stanford University.

In Wake of Chattanooga Terror Attack, Provocative Gay Hate-Flag Must Come Down

No, seriously, that's the batsh*t crazy headline of an op-ed piece posted at

In Wake of Chattanooga Terror Attack, Provocative Gay Hate-Flag Must Come Down

Did the gay rainbow flag provoke Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, the 24 year-old naturalized American citizen born in Kuwait who murdered four Marines and a Sailor Thursday, to commit his heinous crime?

Do "All Lives Matter?"

"Phoenix (CNN)Democratic presidential candidate

If you are going to attend a rally for Bernie

It is probably best if you buy your buttons and shirts online beforehand. I volunteered at the rally in Dallas yesterday and demand was so great that we ran out. If you get your shirts, buttons, etc. @ you will also be supporting the campaign. It was a very enjoyable experience by the way. And the crowd was so well mannered and easy to pick up after for being so huge.

Scott Walker

To avoid mistakes or controversy in Walker's answers, he just doesn't answer. Evolution? "I'm not getting to that"

Will you attack Iran? "We beat the teachers' union" Uhh, governor, we meant as president will you attack?

On MHP's comments [quote]

Best of Enemies

_buckley_would_have_loathed_fox_news_/ [quote] I harp on music because ”Best of Enemies” harps on dissonance.


I was blown away when I opened my latest email about organizing for Bernie Sanders. Here is what it said. >>

"More people have contributed to our campaign than to any other candidate running for president, Democrat or Republican.

H.L Mencken on Democracy

Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.
H.L. Mencken

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And Gilmore makes 17...

You need to know this... Support for Donald Trump's campaign is still growing nationally, and in early primary states, but he's not just gaining support in early primary states. A new poll from Florida shows that Trump is leading Jeb by 6 percentage points - and he's leading Rubio by 16 points.

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