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Would you object if the people of Ferguson seceded from the US?

Would you object if the people of Ferguson seceded from the US? They're not getting a fair shake. Or does the social contract bind them to stay?

Rothbard on the "Economic Power" argument. This will answer Ultrax et. al.

1. Power and Coercion
A very common criticism of the libertarian position runs as
follows: Of course we do not like violence, and libertarians perform
a useful service in stressing its dangers. But you are very
simplistic because you ignore the other significant forms of coercion
exercised in society—private coercive power, apart from
the violence wielded by the State or the criminal. The government
should stand ready to employ its coercion to check or offset

Hypocritical and Hippocratic Economic Policy in Europe

Hypocritical and Hippocratic Economic Policy in Europe by Andreas Botsch

The crisis is multilayered - a bank crisis, a crisis of wealth distribution and a mis-allocation of capital between long-term real investments and virtual financial investments, the latter without discernible social benefits..

The frugal Schwabian housewife is not a suitable model for fiscal policy. The equation of public with private debt carrying-capacity is a classical fallacy from part to whole ("fallacy of composition"). What is right for individuals can be harmful for the whole...


To all that voted Republican you can watch our infrastructure crumble while we build million dollar bombs that we drop on mud huts.


Harper Government Moves to Block Supervised Injection Services For Drug Users in Canada

Nutritional High Now Canada's First Publicly Traded Recreational Weed Company

Conflict With Russia If Hillary IS Elected?

Hillary seems to have alot of Ukrainian friends. I don't think she'll be pro-Putin.

Clinton Foundation’s Deep Financial Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch Revealed

Truth is bad for business

/the_elvis_presley_coverup_what_america_didnt_hear_about_the_death_of_the_king/ the hospital, the doctors group, the doctor and Elvis Inc covered up the truth. Ann-Margret (Swedish) knew the truth.

American Shame At Crystal City

Too bad the NRA nuts have a point sometimes about paranoia about the govt. Check this out. Rounding up Japanese in other countries to use as prisoner trade pawns. Sending an American born girl to postwar Germany to face starvation and horny GIs.

SCOTUS Limits Voting

Supreme Court lets Wisconsin voter ID law stand

Ted Cruz Running For President

Not to mention all of the problems of what he is. Can Ted Cruz become President? He was born in Canada to a USA citizen Mother and a Cuban citizen Father. I worked in Egypt back in the 80's. My daughter was born in Cairo. In order for her to be a USA citizen she had to have both parents be USA citizens. My wife is a USA citizen and so am I. My daughter has an Egyptian Birth Certificate and a U S Embassy issued birth certificate for Americans born overseas. She was also issued a passport by the U S Embassy at 3 days old.

Name one article written by a libertarian that you've read and tell me why they're wrong.

Not even an entire book. I know we're all busy. Just an article. Give me an article written by a progressive. I'll read it and critique it.

Does Anyone Remember ANY Intellectually Honest Libertarian Articles Posted Here?

If there's one consistent thing I've noticed in all the articles posted here in support of libertarian ideas... I can remember one that wasn't so full of half-truths and distortions it was embarrassing to think someone who took their credibility seriously actually put their name on it.

These articles can't be meant for general consumption. They have to be meant for gullible true believers who are so driven by confirmation bias... they've completely sabotaged their own intelligence.

Any theories why libertarians are so susceptible to such bullsh*t?

Progressives to everyone else: If you don't like it leave or Love it or Leave It 2015 version

I don't know how many times I've read "progressives" on this board say government is really voluntary because you are free to leave. But these same people oppose the idea of secession. Isn't that a form of "leaving"?

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