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4TH Amendment Protection Act

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Does researching casual marijuana use cause brain abnormalities?

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Why the Media's Fearmongering on Marijuana Effects on the Brain Is Faulty
By Paul Armentano / AlterNet April 17, 2014

A neuroimaging study of the brains of marijuana smokers caused unwarranted frenzy.
Photo Credit: Darren J. Bradley /

Time to Recognize what Starve the Beast really is: American Civil War Part II

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So the Southern Confederacy failed to defeat us in the Civil War.  In the modern day, these same forces have traded in their uniforms for suits, called themselves the GOP, and set about to tear down the same "Government" that handed them their ass in any way they can.  Starving it of revenue and/or subjugating it to the whims of the corporations are just two very effective ways of accomplishing this.

Anytime you hear:  "Government is the problem", really what is being said is "Down with the Union!  The South will Rise Again."


FOX News debuts "WAR ON EASTER"

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You know it had to happen.

The RawStory headline is waaaaay overblown, though, & almost ruins the punchline: presenting an alternate viewpoint in a public place is like being a hate-spewing member of the Radical Nutball Right.

Should We Sell Off Some Federal Land?

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Almost 10 years ago to the day I proposed this idea to the John Kerry forum... and I still think it has potential as not only a wedge issue, but one that can help preserve land in the more crowded eastern part of the nation.

Whose Country Anyway?

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Yours? Betcha it aint.

Reading and viewing if you wanna:

How Fox Works

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Fox News Poll: 49 percent think White House had IRS target conservatives

Fox spends months repeating this to its listeners then does a poll of the listeners to see how effective they were at brainwashing them. Actually 49% of Fox listeners seems low. 

Centipede milkers are awesome

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But many venoms have intriguing physiological effects, so King and his colleagues have spent hours milking the venom of Chinese red-headed centipedes, and analyzing the hundreds of compounds in the substance to look for promising drug candidates.

"They're nasty little buggers to try to milk because they're so wiggly," King told LiveScience. "If you don't hold them down right, they can just turn around and bite you."

Pastors seek to end war on drugs by decriminalizing use

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 Via Drug Policy Alliance:

A broad coalition of Christian leaders have taken the occasion of the holiest day on the Christian calendar to release a statement calling for the end of the war on drugs and mass incarceration.

“The cross that faith leaders are imploring others to take up is this unjust, and immoral war on drugs and mass incarceration of the poor. In particular, poor black and brown young adults whose futures are being ruined at the most critical point in their lives,” said Reverend John E. Jackson of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference.

Are Wall Street Banks Domestic Enemies?

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In a previous thread I asked if the GOP strategy of Starve The Beast... the willful sabotaging of the fiscal health of government, was a form of treason. After all... if foreign enemies had done as much damage to the US as the GOP has... and let's throw in neolibs as well, would we not declare war?

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