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Jihadis vs Furniture

In the battle of the century in America, 26 people have been killed by islamic extremists. 27 people have been killed by their own furniture every year. I don't know if those victims were armed, but I'm sure the furniture wasn't. The only thing to stop bad furniture is good furniture?

48 were killed by right winger nuts since 9/11, 32 by lightning every year, 96 by car accidents every year, 62 by bees and wasps in 2013.

what about the stars and stripes?

Shouldn't we ban that flag too - and all the state flags whose governments supported slavery?

Merchants Of Doubt: PR and Science Whores For Hire

Watched Merchants Of Doubt last night, the new documentary that examines the role of PR firms and science whores on the payroll of large corporations as they cynically mislead the public on issues such as tobacco's effect on health, asbestos, lead, the ozone layer, and now climate change. The other half of the equation are right wing "news" outlets that give these whores airtime... or misguided journalists who feel compelled to give both sides equal time.

Constitutionality of Fast Track Vote?

If the Constitution says that two thirds of the Senate is needed to approve a treaty, how can the Senate vote that power away with less than a two thirds vote? I don't think it is Constitutional for them to vote that power away under any circumstances, but, assuming somehow that it is, doesn't it require at least 67 votes? How can 60 votes take away the Constitutional requirement that 67 votes are needed? Can this be challenged in court?

Why SC terrorist said "rape our Women"

He said that, right?

Will CBS fire Ferrall / NRA?

June 22, 2015 nigth CBS Sports radio shill Ferrall went on a rant about Dylann Roof shooting. I did NOT hear the whole thing but the minutes I heard were nothing but Roof did it himself, he is the only one to blame, he should die or waste away... "He is the only one responsible. He did it..." over and over.

Congressman Jared Huffman, 2nd District of California Speaks Out Against TPP

Jared Huffman shows he is truthful, knowledgeable and is a legitimate service oriented U.S. congressional representative and NOT the equivalent of a corporate lobbyist. Here is an example showing his concerns about TPP and why he opposes it.

Fire Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

I just saw Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the list of 28 House Democratic traitors who voted with the Republicans to Fast Track TPP. What is she still doing as head of the Democratic National Committee? How do we get her fired and replaced with a real Democrat? Who do we petition or appeal to? What is the process for getting her fired or getting her to resign? Her left hand is typing emails begging for money to stop the Republicans from destroying America while her right hand is busy helping them to destroy it.

A Serious Question for Bernie Sanders

I have an absolutely serious question for Bernie.

Military Can't Find Drone Pilots?

Are you kidding? You can't find amoral guys among the millions of gamers. Can't recruit in basements? Drone operators having the same stress as combat soldiers?

Stressed-out drone pilots force flight cutbacks

SC comparison

The families of the victims forgave the killer. The right wing extremists that fomented the the killer's attitude and likely more killers, stood fast on their precious racist flag. Not a single GOP politician has the balls to stand with the victims and their Christian ethics and morality, that IS America.

This Is Transparency?

The Obama administration may be the worst in its treatment of whistleblowers. Paranoia has seemingly always run rampant in government, but it's reached a new level now.

Another Michigan atrocity - cop executes unarmed teen

These are pictures of a cop who killed an unarmed 17 year old. I'm having strong doubts that these injuries were caused by the kid.

IA/NH or lottery?

Iowa first is a ridiculus tradition with no rationale. A lottery conducted 15 months before election would free up all the resources and infrastructure wasted on IA to be acrued and expended fast track on the newly chosen 1st, 2nd, 3rd caucus/primary. It world confuse the superpacs and media, and it's possible because the states have elections only on the say so of congress. The constitution requires congress to be in charge of federal offices, not the states. Federal ballots ought not be in the state's domain due to their wretched level on voting rights.

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You Too Can Buy a Congressman…

Ever wonder what the best investment you can make is?

I’m not in the business of giving financial advice - but I wanted to share with you this secret that every billionaire and large corporation in this country knows. The best investment you can make isn’t gold or some revolutionary technology.

The best investment you can make is to buy a politician!

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