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Richard Dreyfuss for President

This guy speaks so eloquently and is so right on about Israel and the importance of teaching civics in classrooms. I'd vote for him for president, after hearing a bit more from him on various important subjects first, of course.

Bernie Sanders. I encourage everyone to listen: I laughed, I cried, I cheered

I'm new here, so first post. I hope I do this correctly. Please be kind. :)

Have some time to kill? Housework piling up? I took a few days of chores and made them fun and educated myself all at once. Gotta Love the Internet! Bernie Sanders "filibuster" is online in its entirety (8.5 hours). I encourage everyone to listen to it. It's on cspan and all over YouTube. It's even in book form if you just want to read it.

He even reads from Thom's book. Enjoy! :)

Calling Out Donald Trump on his Immigration "Policy"

After yesterday's appearance by Donald Trump on NBC's "Meet The Press" and his recent website posting purporting to be an immigration policy many in the media are characterizing the remarks and his website platitudes (and some tinkering around the edges) on immigration as specific policy prescriptions for dealing with a large population of people who mostly have resided here for many years already.

I'm Calling it For Trump. He will be be the Next President of the United States

Time to face reality, folks. This is the guy. The GOP should be happy to have him. The only problem for the right is that Trump is no Republican. Trump is basically an angry Democrat running as a Republican. Trump knows he has to be anti-abortion, hate Obamacare, and flirt with birtherism to have street cred in the GOP. So he goes there. He knows he can basically run on the one issue that unites all right wingers: fear of the illegal immigrant.

Why Bernie Sanders?

In 2008, we chose Obama over Clinton partially because he was the more progressive candidate. Is the Democratic party prepared to nominate someone that is more conservative than the current president?

Did we make a mistake in 2008? Is President Obama too liberal and we need to step back a little by electing Hillary?

When President Obama began pushing the TPP, I was floored. I felt abandoned. My first thought was the last year of Bill Clinton's presidency. Of course, my next thought was of Hillary.

There's Hope for a Presidential Candidate of Substance

Al Gore.

In spite of the denials.[quote]

Washington (CNN)Two people close to Al Gore pushed back on a report Thursday that suggested the former vice president was considering running for president in 2016.

Dubious Repub Presidential Candidates

After the nonstop skewering of Obama and his eligibility for president-are Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio legally eligible for President?

Are Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal Natural-born Citizens?

Progressives Should Demand Efficient Government With Integrity

All the good intentions of government in the world don't matter if you have corrupt goverment employees. People don't have much control over the private sector, but they are responsible for their government. If you are going to depend on it-keep if efficient and honest.

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