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Chris Christie Savages Rubio During GOP Debate

Anyone else watch the GOP debate last night? The highlight had to be Chris Christie savaging baby-face Rubio who was asked about his accomplishments in the Senate. Without any, he soon deflected to bashing Obama. Christie got Rubio so flustered that he regurgitated the same Obama speech three times.

Where did Thom ever get the idea that Rubio was a quick on his feet debater? He came off like a high schooler losing a debating match.

Cheerleaders: Beautiful, Desired, Happy and Exploited

Cheerleaders: Beautiful, Desired, Happy and Exploited pics

From Sidelines To Picket Lines: Cheerleaders Fight For Higher Pay

This week, pressured by 19 lawmakers from eight states, the NFL urged its teams to “comply with federal and state wage laws” when paying their cheerleaders. They’re treated as low-skilled workers but used as the high-value face of promotional and marketing campaigns.

I Won't "Fall In Line". If Not Sanders, Then Stein!

A whole lot of us out here just simply cannot bring ourselves to vote for any more wars. If the Democrats insist on nominating Clinton, then we are going to have to insist on voting 3rd Party in November. We are letting you know ahead of time, so, if you make the wrong choice, then don't blame us when you lose. It's not too late to do the right thing.

What Does HRC Stand For?

Half-Republican Candidate

Clinton Bragging About Endorsement from War Criminal!

I see in the News that Hillary Clinton is bragging about her endorsement by Madeline Albright, the woman who said that the murder of 500,000 Iraqi children was "a hard choice, but worth it".

The American Dream Has Moved To Norway

Capitalsim still lives and breathes in Norway but you may not recognize it. For one thing, the Norwegian government is a large shareholder in many of the vital industries of the country. Horrors!, sayeth the neocons.

You Could Be A Neocon If...

You could be a neocon if you sign up for this belief. Here's your creed.

~ And Now For Some . . . . Feel the Bern / Political Campaign Ads ! ! !

This is kind of old fashioned - like a book, where your imagination is the audio and video ~

Since I work full time and more - I don't currently have the time to create some videos but here are some scripts or perhaps flyers etc . . . . you might see them differently than me however I hope you enjoy and find informative - {These would be Bernie Ads}

Ad 1 - Separation of Corporation and State perse

Ad 2 - Can vs Can't / Will vs Won't

Ad 3 - Make America Strong / Electability and Issues

Canada for President 2016

Canada for President 2016

Is Sanders fulfilling Marx's Prophesy about the fate of Capitalism?

Did he not predict that the excesses of capitalism would push the working class to rise up and demand socialism?

After 30 years of corporate fascism, socialism sounds like a cool drink of water to most in 99% these days, I would imagine. This is what the beltway dunces don't seem to get.

The socialist label is a positive at this point. Sanders is proving that.

When Will It Be Necessary, Hillary?

In tonight's debate, Hillary Clinton repeatedly stated that we don't need Glass-Steagall because our "Progressive" President Obama has already signed legislation that lets us break up The Banks,"if it ever becomes necessary", and she "guarantees" that if it "becomes necessary" to stop them from destroying the country that she as President will use this power.

GOP voter suppression tactics & electronic vote-hacking

In previous posts, I’ve railed about the FACT that Repugnant Cu** operatives continue to boldly and defiantly use voter suppression tactics and outright election treachery/thievery via their subversive and ever-increasing manipulation of today’s electronic voting machines – machines which are mostly, if not all, manufactured by companies with clear Repugnant Cu** ties.

Latest Headlines

One Iowa Caucus Delegate Comes Down To Coin Toss

The Iowa caucus convener flipped a coin. Bernie Sanders supporters called "heads" and it landed on tails.

Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 31 points in N.H.: Poll

Sanders was at 61 percent support in the University of Massachusetts Lowell/7News poll, followed by Mrs. Clinton, at 30 percent

Martin O'Malley suspends presidential campaign after Iowa caucuses

The announcement came after O'Malley barely registered in Iowa against his better-known rivals Clinton and Sanders, failing to meet already low expectations

Comparing 2016 America to 1972 America Doesn't Work

Bernie Sanders' big win in New Hampshire has given his campaign a big boost, but even Bernie knows that there's still a long primary season ahead.

One of the biggest criticisms about Bernie Sanders, one that I hear frequently from pro-Clinton callers, is that Bernie Sanders could be the next George McGovern.

And it's a serious criticism that's being thrown at Bernie.

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