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Pastors seek to end war on drugs by decriminalizing use

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 Via Drug Policy Alliance:

A broad coalition of Christian leaders have taken the occasion of the holiest day on the Christian calendar to release a statement calling for the end of the war on drugs and mass incarceration.

“The cross that faith leaders are imploring others to take up is this unjust, and immoral war on drugs and mass incarceration of the poor. In particular, poor black and brown young adults whose futures are being ruined at the most critical point in their lives,” said Reverend John E. Jackson of the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference.

Are Wall Street Banks Domestic Enemies?

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In a previous thread I asked if the GOP strategy of Starve The Beast... the willful sabotaging of the fiscal health of government, was a form of treason. After all... if foreign enemies had done as much damage to the US as the GOP has... and let's throw in neolibs as well, would we not declare war?

The Effect of the Presidency of Barack Obama on African American Rights.

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Someone should do a thorough analysis of this question, because it would seem to me that the constitutional rights of the African American has been greatly eroded since Obama took office. The right partisan majority on the Supreme court has dramatically scaled back the power of the Voting Rights Act, basically struck down school integration legislation, and is likely to the declare affirmative action unconstitutional.  Republicans in congress have pushed for and gotten drastic cuts to food stamps and unemployment benefits.

Guns Do Not Protect Rape Victims!

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Just like any other object like cash these things can be stolen by skilled theives. The only difference is these items can be turned back on their original owners and used on them. Getting into shape and learning martial arts would work better in protecting women from being raped in my opinion. Theives can't steal fighting skills and even if the criminal is armed it would still give the victim a chance.

2014 Battle of the Century: Insurance Industry vs. the Koch Brothers. We're just spectators.

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With all the handwringing about the 2014 Election and how important Democratic turnout will be, etc., the recent SCOTUS decisions have really taken things out of our -- ie, the People's -- hands.  By basically removing any limits on political contributions, 5 right wing justices on the Supreme Court have essentially rendered "We The People" mere consumers of the persuasion tactics of the large business interests contributing th

Anti-Semitism Behind Shootings in Overland Park, KS

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The 70-year-old man who shot two people at the Jewish Community Center and another person in the parking lot of a nearby Jewish-sponsored nursing home in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, KS has been affliated with white surpremacist groups, and was once the Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan.  The Southern Poverty Law Center was quicker to state his connection with hate groups than was the local police, who later said that some of the evidence that had been found, probably at his home, suggested the possibility that these shootings could be tried as hate crimes. 

How stupid are fox fans?

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/Are-you-smarter-than-a-Fox-News-viewer-How-about-a-CNN-viewer-Take-our-quiz-to-find-out/Obama-US-citizen you will see how stupid if you take the test. I missed one [damn!] but I don't use fox, cnn,  pbs, or any network news. After each question the answer will pop up with the % failure and what source achieved the worst record.

Don’t Miss the Lunar Eclipse on April 14/15!

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What is a Blood Moon?

Annie Nguyen ‏@AnnieNguyenBui
4 blood moons will occur in roughly 4-month intervals: April 15, 2014; October 8, 2014; April 4, 2015, & September 28, 2015 #NASA #bloodmoon

Popular televangelist claims four blood moons are sign of ‘world-shaking event’

Bundy Ranch Scandal Similar to Rancher Wayne Hage Battle With BLM For Two Decades

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The Government's Abuse of Power Exposed in past Court Cases with Wayne Hage

Obama Articles of Impeachment Drafted For Congress

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Here are the Articles of Impeachment against Obama that need to be introduced into Congress:

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