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Video: Facing Down Corporate Election Greed, 25 min

On Election Day, a small California city took on one of the biggest corporations in America… and declared victory.

Full Show: Facing Down Corporate Election GreedNovember 7, 2014

In the midst of the midterm elections and the obsession with which party would control the US Senate, there were races at the local and state level with deeper implications for the future of the country.

What knowledgable election analysts have to say...

Weekly Wrap-up
November 7th, 2014

Do We Have The Courage To Admit The Constitution Has Failed?

Do we, today, have the courage to look at the Constitution with clear eyes to see if it's failing or failed? What if those we now call the Framers, decided not to look objectively at the failures of the Articles Of Confederation?

Counter Voter Suppression Tactics

If some close races in the recent election were decided by very small margins and the number of "Suppressed" votes would have changed those results .. Then why is this not a priority problem to solve?

The effort to suppress votes is not recent. We are seeing the cumulative effect of local and state efforts to prevent (likely) democrats from voting. This is a national strategy that is being carried out by low level officials, governors and state legislators.

The answer to this is so obvious I am truly surprised that no one is talking about it.

New Day For Women-Iowa Elects 1st Female Senator

A win for feminists! I guess it's just frosting on the cake that she's a castrator also. Zenzoe and AIW must be so proud.

"Here Are Some Things That Soon-To-Be Iowa Senator Joni Ernst Actually Said

While Ernst propelled herself to victory by painting herself as a Midwestern woman who grew up on a farm, Democrats pointed to questionable statements to claim she's a hard-right conservative, if not a conspiracy theorist.

Was the Tran-Pacific Partnership the Agenda Behind the 2014 Election ?

I believe this entire 2014 national election had the hidden agenda of turning the Tran-Pacific Partnership into a reality.

Can the best we can hope for is another "do-nothing" Congress?

That would be the best case scenario, IMO.

Democrats Lost Because the GOP Now Refuses to Let Them Even Govern as Republicans

Ever since the success of Bill Clinton, it appears to have been the strategy of most Washington-bound Democrats to run a populist, lefty campaign to win elections, and then, once in office, basically to govern as traditional, moderate Republicans.

Time to DUMP the DNC leadership

2010, and now 2014, prove that Democratic rank and file voters do not support the Corporatist agenda of the DNC leadership.

On the other hand, the wins in AK, AR, NE, and SD, over Raising the Minimum Wage, prove that people, even in RUBY RED states, WILL come out to support the Progressive agenda.

It is time for we, Democrats, to clean house and sweep the ConservaDems out of National Party leadership.

Until we do, we can expect more of these shellacings in the future.

What's the TRUE Lesson We Should Learn From Election 2014?

In a defective electoral system such as ours... voters are punished for voting their conscience if they stray from one of the two major parties. If voters want to register a protest vote, they only have one place to go to... even if that other party has metastasized into a pathological suicide cult.


The countdown to the great cave in begins.

Oregon voters approve legal marijuana; Yes leads in Alaska; D.C. voters legalize; Florida wins but misses anyway

Congress may have gone over to the dark side but here in Oregon we won't care:

Oregon voters approve legal marijuana; Yes leads in Alaska; D.C. voters legalize; Florida wins but misses anyway

With a 54 to 45 percent lead, voters in Oregon have voted in America’s third legal marijuana market.

Mr. Obama wanted to reach across the isle

Woo hoo!! He got his wish. He can really work with the republicans now. Veto proof? Not a problem. Hey if you can't beat them join them. Except GOP don't want him.

Well, happy XL pipe line woohoo!!

TPP woohoo!! no more waiting around. Gosh can't wait to get that rammed down the throat so that local/state have no say on what is good or not. Powder river basin coal shipment through PNW. Gawd just can't wait for that to start and dump whole lot of heavy metal laced coal into Columbia River. Enjoy your salmon while you can.

Election Results Thread

CBS is calling the NH Senate race for Jeanne Shaheen.

Scott Brown's carpetbagger label seems to have stuck to Brown.

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The Deficits Republicans Don't Want to Talk About

I agree with Republicans - America has a deficit problem. It’s just not the same deficit problem Republicans are freaking out about.

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