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MayDay, MayDay! An Open Letter to Prof. Lawrence Lessig

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 I received an e-mail, today from Professor Lawrence Lessig's MayDayPAC, discussing its plan to "establish a SuperPAC to end SuperPACs, for ever."   The e-mail contained this compelling video:

With all due respect to Prof. Lessig, I do have several pressing questions that I would like to ask him about this plan:

Boehner Vows to Bring the Ultimate Frivolous Lawsuit

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John Boehner's friends and colleagues apparently need to sit him down and do an intervention.  Surely a mind clouded by cigarettes and booze can be the only explanation for the phantasmagorical meanderings of his reasoning ability.  House Speaker Boehner actually believes he has a case to sue the Executive: 

Coup d’état and Assassination Plan Unveiled in Venezuela -- (including US complicity)

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This morning on Thom's radio show he had a very interesting conversation with Dana Frank, professor of History at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the author of Bananeras: Women Transforming the Banana Unions of Latin America, About what is actually behind the flood of child immigrants from Central America coming across the US southern border.  Apropos of what she had to say about the US being complicit or even directly responsible for much of the violence that's driving the migration I think this document is quite interesting though I cannot vouch

"SCOTUS rules warrants needed for cell phone search"

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A victory for privacy:

"The Supreme Court struck a major blow in favor of digital privacy Wednesday by ruling unanimously that police generally need a warrant before searching the cell phone or personal electronic device of a person arrested.

O’Donnell Praises Koch Brothers in Return to MSNBC

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It appears that it does depend on who's ox is being gored.

What's Up With Chris Christie and Bridges?

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If Chris Christie has harbored a hope of sufficiently rehabilitating his image in time for a 2016 presidential bid that hope has now been shattered on the deck of an altogether different bridge.  This new scandal is not about political retribution but political corruption in the form of misappropriation of funds.  I suspect that any time he travels from here on out Christie will have to carry antacids with him in the event that he has to pass over a bridge. 

Does a Legal Justification Exist for a Military Strike Against ISIS?

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As the White House grapples with military options for intervening in Iraq to protect Baghdad from Sunni terrorists, it's also examining how an airstrike can be justified under U.S. law.

It's not a question without significance, especially for an administration that likes to say it holds the rule of law above all else (even as it adopts elastic interpretations to suit its ends).

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