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The Sociological Experiment

We are going to have the opportunity to watch an interesting sociological experiment with the events in Ferguson and Baltimore.

In Ferguson, we heard of the long time institutional racism from a mostly white government and police force. After a long delay, no charges were filed against the white police officer. There was a mass and violent reaction to this.

In Baltimore, we have a govt well staffed with African Americans. We have 6 officers involved-some black. There is a violent reaction to the situation.

You're Filthy Rich: How Do You Protect Your Income/Wealth In A "Democracy"?

OK... you've made it to the ranks of the filthy rich and you want to protect as much of your income/wealth as possible. But in a "democracy" what matters are votes not money. So how do you work the system to get it to work for you even if it harms others?

Isn't it what we've been seeing for the past 35 years?

Run, Bernie, Run

Bernie Sanders announcement to run for president is a game changer. So let the games begin. Bernie only made this decision based on what his messaging yielded in popular support. His message is what the democratic party should have embraced for the past several years. It's been blocked by the myriad of corporate democrats whose finances depend on the well heeled.

We Can't Afford Another Cheney

Can you think of another person in power who did more harm to this country than this cretin?

Isn't the definition of a sociopath someone without a conscience? It seems Cheny fits the definition. Enriching Halliburton seems to be the major thrust of his policies. Poor little W just was the pawn.

IGWT Currency Silent Protest

This is a silent protest of religion on currency. Our government and currency should be religiously neutral - secular.

Mark out In God We Trust with Sharpie

#GodRedacted #nogodwetrust

Mother Of The Year

The black community could use more mothers like her.

Baltimore Riots: Mom Smacks Son for Taking Part in Violence

The Best Of Local Government

"Companies tied to Industry ex-mayor racked up fortune

20-year jackpot of City of Industry contracts that included $4.9 million for lawn mower rentals and street cleaning fees billed at six times a competitor's rate has enriched a handful of companies owned by the tiny town's former mayor and his family by more than $326 million, an audit has found.

Veterans Affairs Woes

I have a question for some of you wonderful people who browse the forums. Some background info:

It has recently come to light that the oft stated statistic of 22 veteran suicides a day may be very low, and the actual rate may be considerably higher as the original survey covered fewer than half of the states and excluded 3 of the the 5 most veteran populated states, among other issues.

Veteran suicide can be directly linked to inability to receive care from the VA.

The real problem with TTIP and TPP trade partnerships

Everyone sites how these partnerships will subvert our constitution and give corporations the ability to sue American taxpayers if our laws adversly affect their businesses.

This is true.

A more serious danger is that a corporation like Monsanto will be able to sue foreign governments if it doesn't allow them to plant their GMO crops, thus ensuring the (probably inevitable) spread of GMO's and a capture of the world agricultural market.

Supreme Court to Hear Marriage Equality Case Today

Well, the time has finally arrived. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in four cases consolidated under the name Obergefell v. Hodges. By the end of June, the Court is widely expected to hand down a decision declaring that anti-gay marriage discrimination violates the Constitution.

The Basic Rights of Any Just Social Contract

These should be the basic rights to any social contract in order to counter the coercive nature of economic exploitation of people. A social priority over any economic system.

Did The Constitution Sanction Slavery? LS Says No.

Looking back at an old exchange from 2 years ago I came across LS making another of his empty claims similar to capitalism ended child labor.

In this older thread there's this exchange that the Constitution did NOT sanction slavery. It was a topic already covered in older threads so I didn't bother to provide the evidence.

See How Fast Track With TPP Is NOT Constitutional

See how the US Constitution gives Congress the authority to regulate trade with foreign nations and NOT outsource this to foreign tribunals.

From the US Constitution see how Fast Track with TPP, which can be called Obamatrade is NOT Constitutional in several ways.

Sheriff Mack

Thom has a Tea Party ex-sheriff from AZ on his show on occasion that has had medical problems and huge cost and was not insured. This is a radical right winger that was and is totally opposed to Obamacare ( I prefer to use ACA). He is radical right wing. He could have purchased healthcare insurance on the open market as Republicans prefer (and I do) but did not. medical insurance is a crapshoot. Yes it is expensive. Yes medical bill are very expensive.

Fundemental Empirical contradictions of Libertarianism

Draw a line representing economic well being starting in 1776 to now.

It is generally positively sloped.

Draw a line representing government size, scope and regulation.

It is generally positively sloped.

Draw these two lines for all the developed countries.

They are generally positively sloped.

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