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Do We Need Amtrak? (+ a side debate on firearm background checks)

As I've discussed in other threads political partisans often take knee-jerk positions for X just because the other side opposes X.

So what are the real reasons Libs support Amtrak? Why the government must run it? Why must Amtrak continue to run routes that lose money?

My feeling is either we build a decent high speed rail network between some key cities that can compete with air or highways, that will have the ridership or freight to justify the expenditure... or we should not bother.

Wall Street and FDR

Here is a link to Wall Street and FDR by Antony Sutton. It pretty much shatters the myth about FDR believed by so many on this board. It is thoroughly sourced. I'm sure Ultrax will still name call and say it's a pack of lies.

Here is the table of contents:

A win for public education in Philadelphia tonight

Today’s primary in Philadelphia was among the more interesting primaries that I have ever seen. Education was front and center in the debate. The two leading candidates, Jim Kenney and Anthony Hardy Williams, went at each other in a real battle. This had all the passion and vigor of a general election, even a congressional race. I was glad to see education the focus of a race. We have GOT to start talking. We are falling behind to the rest of the world. One of the losing candidates, Anthony Hardy Williams, was running on a platform of charter

Please take action! Defend Bernie Sanders against the lairs!

Please go to and vote for Bernie Sanders and defend him against the lies!

If The Right Hates "Activist Judges"... Then Why Do They Approve Of...

The Right claims to hate activist judges when they find allegedly new rights, like abortion, in the Constitution.

Oh the horror. Let's ignore the Ninth that preserves all rights not ceded to the government.

I have no stats, but why doesn't the far Right object to those justices on the Supreme Court negating the militia clause in the Second Amendment to find a up to now hidden right for gun ownership for reasons unconnected to the well regulated militia?

Schools Or Therapy?

Schools should teach reading, writing and arithmetic. There aren't there to solve psychological issues-especially in a low income district where the budget is always an issue.

Anarcho-Capitalism: Libertarian Fantasy, Anarachist Nightmare.

There is absolutely no way to reconcile the two terms - Anarchism and Capitalism. The very nature of both makes the term Anarcho-Capitalism such a cynically contrived concept that the word contradiction can’t even satisfy the sophistry. The libertarians (Americanized libertarianism) have managed to latch onto the popular philosophies of anarchism and libertarian socialism then bastardized into an individualistic property rights protection racket based in absolution of contract.

Facts about the new Republican Budget

Here are ten things you need to know about the new Republican budget. This is everything you need to know.

The new Republican budget is higher than the proposed budget for the previous fiscal year. If the Republicans were really interested in reining in government spending and limiting the size of government (like they continually tell us), then they would at least propose a budget that was a little smaller than the one for the previous year. But, of course, Republicans are interested in doing neither.

Iraq War Was No Mistake

No, it was a deliberate lie made up and told by the Cheney/Bush administration. The goal was to make the intelligence fit the story rather than the intelligence being the prime mover in the invasion. The simple fact is that the intelligence offered no such evidence that Iraq had WMD. In fact the best intellignence revealed that there were none.

Government: Eliminating Force Versus Minimizing Force...

I am creating this thread to help me eliminate the confusing of a government that eliminates force and one that strives to minimize force. It is my firm belief that a society can't thrive with no use of force whatsoever. However, instead of striving to argue having force versus eliminating it entirely, I shall redirect my efforts towards arguing a minimization of force.

Why Do Neoconfederates Rewrite History To Justify Secession?

There seems to be a concerted effort on the part of some to whitewash the secession of the Confederate States. For example this article claims it was all about tariffs. Ron Paul, while mentioning slavery, made a similar claim: that the southern states were paying 90% of the tariffs. Some just claim the states had the right to secede. Others seem determined to impugn the motives of the North claiming they we're fighting to end slavery... but to restore the Union.

Can everyone here stop lying about Ronald Reagan's record?J

Reagan was a big government New Deal liberal. They used to call him "Red Ronnie". He increased the size of government as CA governor and he did the same as President.

Legislation leveraging Federal highway funds to change state policies

Does anyone know offhand the legislation I think it was Bernie Sanders proposed, which told the states, if you don't follow this policy "x", you will lose a certain percentage of Federal Highway funding? (This isn't about Bernie's Presidential bid, rather, if this type of legislation can be done, I'd like to suggest to legislators to apply it to induce change in state behavior in various areas)


Contrived Libertarian Fables (Trust Us, Say The Hucksters!)

Ever notice how libertarian hucksters try to convince us how their system can do everything government does to protect the environment, stop pollution and save endangered species... and do it better though the magic of private property and the profit motive? We're presented stories about how the elephants in Africa are on the rebound in Africa because they privately owned, how lumber companies will replant the forests, how fish populations will revive if rivers were in private hands. We should even let our national parks be privatized!

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