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Can everyone here stop lying about Ronald Reagan's record?J

Reagan was a big government New Deal liberal. They used to call him "Red Ronnie". He increased the size of government as CA governor and he did the same as President.

Legislation leveraging Federal highway funds to change state policies

Does anyone know offhand the legislation I think it was Bernie Sanders proposed, which told the states, if you don't follow this policy "x", you will lose a certain percentage of Federal Highway funding? (This isn't about Bernie's Presidential bid, rather, if this type of legislation can be done, I'd like to suggest to legislators to apply it to induce change in state behavior in various areas)


Contrived Libertarian Fables (Trust Us, Say The Hucksters!)

Ever notice how libertarian hucksters try to convince us how their system can do everything government does to protect the environment, stop pollution and save endangered species... and do it better though the magic of private property and the profit motive? We're presented stories about how the elephants in Africa are on the rebound in Africa because they privately owned, how lumber companies will replant the forests, how fish populations will revive if rivers were in private hands. We should even let our national parks be privatized!

Obama's China Argument On TPP... Does It Make Sense?

Leaving aside all the other issues with TPP... I want to concentrate just on the argument Obama makes that it's designed to prevent China from making the trade rules in the region. Does it make any sense? From

Debtor's Prison in Ferguson: the Brutality of Racism, Up Close and Personal

Below, the intimate facts of Ferguson citizens' experiences in debtor's prison. Read it and weep.

I'm not going to post a link to this quotation, because unless you have a subscription to Harper's you won't be able to access it. Otherwise, the post's title is Municipal Bonds in their Readings section for May, 2015.

(I consider this post a matter of "fair use." It's in the public record, text which Harper's took verbatum from the lawsuit's transcript, without alteration.)

Social Security Survivors' annuity

Now most of you know me and are not prone to conspiracy schemes. However did you know if you met your demise and your lovely life of 34 years will be denied the annuity under some hatemonger seeking to sully further a decent pension with dignity gotten for he and his wife.

Currently if you croak your wife gets a% if not all of the social security payment he gets each month of pension paid for by fica out of each pay check.

Feingold Back In The Game

Running against Ron Johnson, who was clearly in over his head, should be a walkover. Watching Johnson's performance in televised hearings makes one cringe.

Helping with the rollout of Progressives United should have exposed him to how the progressive movement is growing.

Hi all

Just wanted to say hi , new to Thom's web site but have been watching on FSTV for several years, I believe that the lack of critical thinking skills in this country is nothing short of an epidemic, any way I'll be lurking and will throw my 2 cents in from time to time, look forward to learning from you all, Go Bernie, the only chance we have to save our country and make it fair for all !!!

Thanks .

history is tales told by survivivors

I purposfully chose survivors, there are few winners.

Hanoi Jane

Operation Barbarella

Tax Cuts for the Rich Derailed the Train in Philadelphia

Government and infrastructure done on the cheap, all so billionaires can hoard more money than they will ever need. Expect such accidents to continue as long as we cling to the idea that Reaganomics is a sustainable economic system. Our country's economy has been going off the rails repeatedly under voodoo economics for the last 30 years. It doesn't surprise me when it takes a train with it now and then, sadly.

No Bold Headlines for Bernie at FOX

I just went to and did a search for "Bernie Sanders" to see what they were saying. I then read through 10 pages of search results that listed pages mentioning his name. The first few pages were packed with articles attacking Hillary and mentioning Sanders in the text. Others headlined republican contenders for the presidency, some announced and others not yet announced.

FBI Spies On Keystone Pipeline Opponents

As Internal Docs Show Major Overreach, Why Is FBI Spying on Opponents of Keystone XL Pipeline?

Eye on Congress

One thing I do like about getting the newspaper is a section in it called "Eye on Congress" where they list a view of how our senators and representatives voted on major legislation in the past week. Check and see if your local paper does the same because it sure makes it easier to keep your eye on what's going on, although I am sure there must be a place on the internet for the same info but it's another thing to be able to clip the entire article and make marks on it and refer back to it like I am now.

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Mahatma Gandhi supposedly once said about all successful political revolutionaries that “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

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