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Frank Brilliance

/2015/jun/04/barney-frank-hampered-brilliance/ is Gary Will's review of Frank's book/memoir. There are excerpts throughout, the one below is something Thom has reflected on before. A long game takes a different strategy, recognizing a win, no matter how small, and positing the alternative vs cost be it future cost or present price, or value of a possible foundation for future maneuvers are part of the game theory Frank understood and utilized.

14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would be a REALLY REALLY BAD President article....

I stumbled on this article and thought there might be a few people here that wouldn't want to miss it so here is the link.

Hillary's "Apology"

I was trying to find out whether or not Hillary ever apologized to the Iraqi People for her vote in favor of the war. I searched Google and found a ton of stories with "Hillary apologizes" in the headline, but when I clicked on them, although I found the word, "mistake", I could not find the words, "I'm sorry", anywhere in any of these stories. Can anyone here help me out? Did she ever actually apologize for this vote?

Another leftie myth shattered--Govt agencies are always efficient

Time to modify this agency?

Social Security overpaid nearly half receiving disability benefits in past decade.

Pursuit of happiness covers why seeking happiness can fail. Before Reagan selfishness became the American norm people were friendly and reciprocity not a cottage industry like the mafia counted on. Monkee happiness is a fact, monkees share food or whatever monkees have to share and they smile, do not keep books for favors rendered or debts incurred to be repaid or cashed in. They do not refuse help like all good GOP members, if only to brag about who they screwed and by how much.

Republicans are Optimistic U.S. House WILL PASS FAST-TRACK in June

Ryan said he was slowly winning over the remaining undecided Republicans. "Here's what I'm telling our members: Free trade is fundamental to who we are as conservatives. This is about a stronger economy and a stronger national security. The world is watching, that is very clear. They want to know whether America can still lead or whether we in retreat or decline, as some would say."

Stigmatized Gender: Today’s Taboo against Being Who You Are

In the documentary, Bully, by filmmaker Lee Hirsch, a high school girl named Kelby tells of her experience as a masculine female in a town where an overt prohibition —taboo— exists against her kind. Among the least of her sufferings was the day she came to class late, took a seat among the other students, who, one by one, got up and moved to other seats, leaving her with a circle of empty seats around her.

Jeb: "I hope I decide to run"

The smart one said that to Megyn Kelly or Bob Schieffer. I don't think he gets the concept of deciding. It's not based on hope unless your decision is based on a coin toss*, that's why it's called deciding. A) or B), Yes) or No), no C) maybe or D) all of the above, is involved.

*Jeb might be a rock-paper-scissors decider.

Muslims and the First Amendment; global war on Islam

Recently some orifice held a little event where he and his buddies could show off their guns to each other. This was in Arizona, outside a mosque which the two attackers of the "draw Mohommed" contest apparently attended or visited to some extent.

The Faux Security Of The TSA

This kind of govt ineptitude sure gives fodder to all the govt hating conservatives. 10+ years in existence and a 95% failure rate? Is This what happens when the govt is the employer of last resort?

EXCLUSIVE: Undercover DHS Tests Find Security Failures at US Airports

Travesty: It Is Now Illegal To Feed The Homeless In Thirty-Three Cities

Travesty: It Is Now Illegal To Feed The Homeless In Thirty-Three Cities

Homelessness in America is a perpetual problem that can be very easily solved, but Republican legislators all over have taken it upon themselves to make the lives of the homeless even worse. Thirty-three cities across the country have are considering or have already banned the feeding of the homeless.

Here is YOUR chance to influence the debates.

Just thought you might have an idea for a debate question or how they select who is going to debate and the format. Read below then click on the link. Tell us what you submitted so we can see in the end if any of our ideas were used.

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