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Principled Conservative

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The title is actually an oxymoron, but I hear pundits use it and some of the gop circular firing squad adopt the lable for themselves and anyone seeking to oust an impure gop member.

The tide is turning and it is turning fast

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I have no idea why, but the conservatives seem to be losing ground finally in a BIG way.

Just this week the big fight over AZ gay discrimination has made republican lawmakers anti-business!

Texas ban on gay marraiges was just overturned today.

Religious Freedom Or Rank Discrimination?

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Arizona's new bill allowing business owners to discriminate by refusing to serve people based on the owner's "religious beliefs" is in a bit of trouble. Even the GOP legislators who voted yes to this bill are having buyer's remorse. One Republican member interviewed by Chris Hayes expressed remorse for his vote and stated that he hopes Governor Brewer will veto the bill. What's curious about his admission that his vote was wrong is that his motive isn't one of conscience. He regrets the upshot of what will happen to the business community in Arizona.

Do you have to Pay your "Shared Responsibility Payment"?

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IRS Warns: Obamacare Tax Must Be Paid with Tax Return


Congress Considers Legislation: Executive Nonenforcement Of Federal Law

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Testimony from Jonathan Turley:

"We are in the midst of a constitutional crisis with sweeping implications for our system of government. "

FBI's political criminals

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Some hippies turned retirees recently admitted to the pilfering of files in the '60s over VietNam recruiting, or FBI surveillance of activists against Vietnam, but either way proof of political prosecution by the FBI was verified. Wiretapping MLK, RFK, and others under J Edgar is bonafide fact.

Fountainebleau Blues

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I brought my kids over to Fort Lauderdale to visit my mom and their grandmother, and dipping my toe in the water of local news blurbs was not done intrepidly. as-family-fight-continues-novak The one with the estate left it to his wife, and the normal family squabbles ensued.

Well, the wife hired killers to off her husband and his mother. She was found guilty so she gets nothing. More intrigue to follow. It seems the rich are a bunch of reprobates just as I thought.

"Our country is losing its decency..."

D_NATURED's picture the ironic position of a Washington homophobe who is introducing legislation to outlaw gay atheletes from competing in the NFL.

Nothing beats killing yourself while showing your girlfriend

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how to safely use a gun. This fellow may have taken the lead for 2014 Darwin Award from the snake handling preacher in Ky. who died recently while showing off his snakes in his church.

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