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obamas "Operation Choke Point" choked out!

Another attempt by obama to pee on the constitution foiled.

The FDIC said its efforts to destroy the gun industry “led to misunderstandings.”

"Gun retailers are no longer on a hit list deemed “high risk” by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. after the banking regulator formally withdrew Monday the list it put together that outlined what merchants may be considered risky for banks to do business with as part of the Obama administration’s “Operation Choke Point.”

Poetry from Rand is canned

He recited some words in support of Mitch, his insults were lame, since Allison's a Dame

There once was a girl from the Bluegrass state

Thought she'd make a great candidate

"Don't worry my friends, she's just a young tart"

Do we expect anything less from a grumpy old fart?.

He lost his seat, his pleas were too little, too late

Civil Forfeiture

Jon Stewart did a bit where police pull over a car for suspicion [which means anything] search it, find nothing but money in their wallets, and are allowed to keep it. One texas state road is notorious. _supreme_court_decision_lets_the_government. by Slate

and the conservative pov .heritage./civil-asset-forfeiture-7-things-you-should-know

USA disease infected France

Verecundia Americanitis infected the country of France /naked-breasts-on-the-riviera-kiss-them-goodbye/ I think that is a metaphorical kiss.

Nixon on HBO

This makes clear that Nixon killed another 20,000 American soldiers so he would win a second term. W invaded Iraq for the same reason. GHW, Carter, and Obama were no so petty. LBJ would likely have won in '68, or Humphry would win had Nixon not quashed the Paris peace agreements by promising a better deal than Humphry and LBJ were offering. Soldiers are toys for the GOP's political apirations time and again.

If Corporations Are "People"... Can I Become A Corporation?

I asked this question over two years ago...

And someone gave it more thought than I.... just one example:

Sex Robots I don't know why but Sam Cooke's "Another saturday night and I ain't got nobody" began spinning in my mind. I wonder what that evangelical preacher claiming gays are demon possessed would say about sex with silicone and coltran. S&C sounds kinky doesn't it? Either that or trading stamps.

Evangelical Hate Mongering: This Level of Self-Righteous Intolerance is What Provokes Violence Against the LGBT Community

Below is an example of the sort of rhetoric that comes from the Evangelical community aimed at the LGBT communnity. This goes beyond preaching doctrine and enters the realm of hate speech. It is intended to stir up fear and anger directed toward the LGBT community for aggrieving their God-fearing family and friends as though they are the victims. This level of vitriol often leads to violence and sometimes death. The minister responsible for this hate speech together with his wife founded a ministry called "Holy Fire Ministries"

Afghan Aid Boondoggle

If we are lucky, history will judge Bush a worse president than Obama. Bush v Gore may turn out to be the most significant event in the past 50 years. Maybe it is time for the US to learn it cannot impose western style democracy on tribal cultures. Look at the difference in results of the Marshall Plan aid and the Afghan aid.

Pot vs Assault

The NFL suspended a Ravens player for 2 games after he assaulted his fiance, knocking her unconcious. The NFL suspended another player for 6 games, he piss tested positive for pot [the test renders a positive result for a month after use, and has false positives]. A no victim infraction is 3 times worse than a a serious assault rendering the victim (remember, no victim vs victim) unconscious. It must be because pot calms and pot might make a player, the team's warrior, a pussy. Beating your wife or fiance proves you're not a pussy, whew!

Gun Nut Psychology?

I own a gun, so I'm clearly not referring to all gun owners. And yet we had to admit that some people probably should never be allowed to have a gun.

This is only dialog from a 1954 Frank Sinatra movie called Suddenly... where Sinatra... a WWII Section 8 case, now paid assassin, is holding people hostage in a house waiting for the president to arrive. It's obviously fiction, and yet the sentiment strikes a chord. We can't deny that for some there's a mystique behind gun ownership that is dangerous. Some might believe it gives them the power of God and they like it:

Election Season

It is election Season again. My caller ID shows 800 or toll free numbers several times a day. These are the polls. I wonder what caller ID does to the polls when people like me (smart Democrats) will not answer or take the time. I get numerous emails crafted different ways to ask for money. We have to get money out of politics. On my retirement income I cannot compete with the Koch Brothers so why give at all. There is room for dispair. I have not even been successful at volunteering for the Democratic party.

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