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Rise Of The Tea Party Foot Soldiers

I've excerpted some highlights.

"Americans for Prosperity builds political machine

It's a strategy playing out in New England diners, Midwest truck stops and West Coast cafes: conservative organizers train and send out thousands of volunteers holding an iPad and an interest in helping fellow activists shift America's politics to the right.

US Army-Defenders or Enablers?

Soldiers smuggle immigrants: Fort Hood soldiers smuggling aliens across border?

Federal Housing Program Paperwork Asks Tenants Ridiculous, Intrusive Questions

If I were to pose the question, which federal agencies are involved with housing assistance, i wonder how many people would or could answer the question. In addition to HUD, there are also U.S.D.A. Rural Development and the Internal Revenue Service, which gives tax credits to a limited number of landlords who own multi-family buildings where the income of the residents is inquired about and limited to people within a cetain range.

Republicans who Claim that Leon Panetta's New Book Paints Obama as Weak Aren't Going to Like Panetta's Latest Interview

JUDY WOODRUFF: So we are four weeks away from the midterm election, and, right now, Republicans from Mitt Romney to Senate Republicans running in tight contests around the country are saying that — they’re citing you as proof that President Obama is weak. Do they have a point?

LEON PANETTA: Look, President Obama has been a strong leader.

The Private Prison Industry Are Accepting Native American Inmates

This article on Yahoo from the AP has disturbing written all over it. The article has an almost upbeat feel about it. The AP report is about the failed private prison in Hardin, MT that doesn't have enough inmates to fill the rooms, but some Indian Tribes and Bureau of Indian Affairs have provided a solution. Several tribes from the plains and the BIA have sent 60 Native American prisoners to be housed in Hardin.

This article raises a lot of questions.

Dual Citizenship - for Some...

How many U.S. functionaries holding public office, whether elective or appointive, enjoy dual citizenship? Do some members of U.S. Congress? The Federal Reserve? Where does such a person’s allegiance lie? Doesn’t it seem reasonable that a U.S. public servant should renounce any other than U.S. citizenship? It seems reasonable to me.

You didn’t know? Here’s some filler:

More Guns For Everyone

This is your tax dollars in action. Making the weapons suppliers wealthier. Who does our Congress bow down to?

GOP-Imposed Gridlock was Meant to Falsely Paint Obama as an Extremist that Couldn't be Worked With

"Of course we have been obstructing him, he's a WILD SOCIALIST!!" is the defense from Republicans. "You wouldn't want us to work with a traitor to capitalism, would you!??? No!! This is a war of IDEAS!!!"... is GOP the line today, in a nutshell.

People's Civil Rights are not Subject to a Popular Vote

That's all I wanted to say: people's civil rights are not subject to a popular vote so anyone who wants to argue that the Courts are subverting the will of the people by overturning same-sex marriage bans are wasting their time trying to make that argument. It has no merit. None!

GOP's foe

I am amazed at the new creature the gop concocted to run against. I remember the red scare and anything close to the red scare via the arts or studies was also to be avoided. Readers Digest wrote some horrible narratives about Sweden in the '60s because they were successful and their culture must be recast negatively because, well workers had rights, and paid vacations and sick leave. So Sweden was labled 'Socialist' and by extension they had the communist cooties.

SCOTUS Has Gone Rogue

Common Dreams has published my article.

by Stephen A. Justino

Thom Hartmann calls them “five unelected, unaccountable, Kings in black robes.”

Tea Bag Utopia Crashing In Kansas

What's the Matter with Kansas was the title of Thomas Frank's 2004 book describing the conservative pathology taking over Kansas. In 2010 the state elected Koch Brother favorite Sam Brownback and took the far right crazy train off the cliff. The fruits of Tea Party insanity are bearing fruit... and Kansas is a disaster and now there's a GOP backlash against Gov Sam "Crackpot" Brownback's grand experiment.

Debunking Yet Another Conservative Claim About Voter Fraud

Our resident conservative gadfly Dexterous recently posted a topic on this message board regarding voter fraud in Minnesota in which he cites a piece from a conservative website ( which, in turn, credits the site in which the article originated -- a "non profit" co

Surprise! Supreme Court Just Legalized Marriage In Five More States

Surprise! Supreme Court Just Legalized Marriage In Five More States

Well, remember how everyone was like, “oh, the Supreme Court definitely won’t pass up an opportunity to hear a marriage case this term.” Well, haha, funny thing about that…

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The Death of the Middle Class was by Design...

Even in the face of the so-called Recovery, poverty and inequality are getting worse in our country, and more wealth and power is flowing straight to the top. According to Paul Buchheit over at Alternet, this is the end result of winner-take-all capitalism, and this destruction of the working class has all been by design.

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