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Democrats Should Go on Offense: Call Out the GOP's 100% Obama-Hate-Based Campaign (Yes They Should Defend Obama)

Everybody voting needs to understand that the ONLY motivator on the right to have a GOP Senate majority is to employ that majority to wound Obama over the next two years, in any way they can and however bad for the country that turns out to be. There is in fact no other goal in the mind of the right in this coming election.

Make no mistake, this 2014 campaign from the right is wholly built on the sadistic desire to punish Obama and NOTHING ELSE!!

Sleazy Political Operative Dick Morris puts out Claptrap Book Just in Time to Drive the Lunatic Fringe to Polls

Dick Morris is baaaaaack...and this time he's not betraying his fellow Republicans or making the rounds to wrongly predict with certainty about all things political but whipping the easily manipulated, weak-minded, lunatic fringe on the right into a feeding frenzy just in time for the midterms. He and his fellow sleaze-meister Eileen McGann have combined every right-wing talking point, baseless assertion and nonsensical conspiracy theory into a single source; a kind of "best hits" compilation of all the batshit crazin

Ebola Solution

The solution is being persued now, by killing it at it's source. The solution I'm refering to is America's paranoia fueled by ignorance news, I mean fox ruse, or rush snooze. In the Salem Witch trials the accused were allowed to live if they lied under oath and confessed and named others. Those hanged were just being true to themselves. However, when one confessor named the Governor's wife as a witch, the trials came to a hault. The trial charter was revoked. A different court was established and the 150 accused were found innocent.

Oppressors Feel Oppressed: The Warped "Logic" Of Far Right

Thomas Frank discussed this in his book What's The Matter With Kansas... that somehow, using some sort of warped "logic", many far right wingers in the US are convinced they are always under attack when government simply finally decides to be neutral on some issues.

Why has the MSM not included [Relative Equal Negativity of] Quinn of Ill. in it's Ebola "quarantine" coverage?

Is it because he's a Dem. and in a tight race for the governorship of Ill.? I saw almost no negative coverage of Quinn on the network I watch most (MSNBC) but plenty for Cristie.

I edited the title and OP, at member mdhess' prodding, to more accurately reflect what I meant to post.

net neutrality


The internet/cable lobbiest that now runs the FCC is allowing customers to scream, on a very slow connection, before they will be get screwed.

btw, can clock your ISP's speed. Mine was 9.72mbps.

Shenanigans in the Los Angeles Fire Dept

Stop bitching about the private sector only-clean the public sector house also! This is a long article so I am only showing a few highlights.

"Family members beat the odds in winning prized firefighting jobs

Offering six-figure pay and generous benefits, jobs at the Los Angeles County Fire Department are among the most sought-after in the field. Nearly 95% of applicants are turned away.

Questions For GMO Opponents

I have problems with Frankenfood. But my problem is less whether we can modify genes than who is doing so. We have created economic Frankensteins in the form of amoral, and often immoral corporations like Monsanto who tamper with genes to increase the sale of Roundup... and even created the infamous Terminator Gene, so-called Suicide Seeds, that rendered all seeds sterile forcing farmers to buy seeds from Monsanto each season. Ya, nothing could go wrong if those genes broke out into the world.

A GOP Senate in 2014 Will Destroy the Republican Party from Within

Just look at what the GOP has done with its control of the House to get an idea of what I'm predicting.

Hazmats for Halloween?

Just guessing, but Hazmats ought to be popular in some circles. There was a cartoon a few years ago after Liza Minelli's brand new husband was getting beaten by her, Liza costumes for Halloween were so scary.


Whistleblower you never heard of

I was reading a bit about the late Sally Ride. She was one of very few that supported Roger_Boisjoly after he was proven right about the flaws in the O-ring system on the Challenger space shuttle. She was on the investigative team and became acquainted Boisjoly. He had to quit Morton-Thiokol, they didn't like being wrong. He wrote of flawed decision making that might be in other companies too, that used a caucus to decide while under pressure from a customer.

Supreme Court's neutrality questioned on seperation of church and state issues

Among Justices, Considering a Divide Not of Gender or Politics, but of Beliefs

During its last term, the Supreme Court narrowly decided two cases bearing extensively on the separation of church and state. Both of them broke along familiar 5-4 lines, and both of them implicitly raised a question hardly anyone has asked about a court that is entirely composed, for the first time in American history, of Roman Catholic and Jewish justices.

14 year old boy kills the girl that said no

WTF? A popular kid on the homecoming committee, and football player, kills the girl that rejected him for a date. He then killed himself. In some states the parents can be sued for not keeping the gun away from their kid that kills with it.

GOP litmus test

"Are you smarter than a third grader?" "Third grade or what?" "Welcome to the GOP"

I first wrote "Are you dumber than a third grader?" Both questions work, which is better? What a dilemma!

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The TPP Will Sink the Middle Class

Six years into his presidency, President Obama is now taking heat from a surprising place: congressional Democrats, who are lining up against his plan to force the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, or TPP, through congress without any debate whatsoever.

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