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Fountainebleau Blues

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I brought my kids over to Fort Lauderdale to visit my mom and their grandmother, and dipping my toe in the water of local news blurbs was not done intrepidly. as-family-fight-continues-novak The one with the estate left it to his wife, and the normal family squabbles ensued.

Well, the wife hired killers to off her husband and his mother. She was found guilty so she gets nothing. More intrigue to follow. It seems the rich are a bunch of reprobates just as I thought.

"Our country is losing its decency..."

D_NATURED's picture the ironic position of a Washington homophobe who is introducing legislation to outlaw gay atheletes from competing in the NFL.

Nothing beats killing yourself while showing your girlfriend

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how to safely use a gun. This fellow may have taken the lead for 2014 Darwin Award from the snake handling preacher in Ky. who died recently while showing off his snakes in his church.

When Half-Truths Take Over The Political Dialog And Become The ONLY Truth.

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I don't think any side is immune to this problem... it's when a belief in a principle blinds us to the problems it can cause. And without that balance, we live in a world of half truths. We see it all the time

A strong federal government is desirable when states are irresponsible and have weak or conflicting laws BUT states rights are desirable when the federal government makes stupid laws.

Regulations are desirable when business is irresponsible but taken too far they can be onerous if not stupid.

Best Interview I've heard in some time . . .

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Also recommend you read the comments below the video interview with Bill Moyers and Mike Loftgren. I agree wholeheartedly with many of the comments. Follow the money and follow the power. The international banksters run everything and bankers historically relied on early inteligence so as to make the most profitible trades. They invented the inteligence community along with the military. The banksters are behind the NSA (National Spying Agency) not because they are looking for terrorists, but because they fear the public and want to know what we know.

The CBO Report and Job Losses - a contrary view

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Jared Bernstein goes through the gory details of why the CBO study on the minimum wage is probably wrong - to put it in my terms.

There are other links of literature reviews of recent research. His opinion is that the recent research in many cases or at least in some cases shows no employment effect on increases in the minimum wage.


The Progressive Movement Is A PR Front for Rich Democrats

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There is good news in the Boston Globe

Kristol clear

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Whassapp purchase by Facebook was a topic in This Week [abc]. Bill Kristol opined that the fastest growth segments of the economy, the tech/silicon valley sector are unregulated, therefore the energy sector and manufacturing are not doing as well due to regulation. Deregulate energy, and we would see pennies from heaven. 

The Myth Of The Liberal Media ~ The Propaganda Model of News

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Noam Chomsky - VIDEO > The Myth Of The Liberal Media The Propaganda Model of News.

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