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BREAKING NEWS! President Obama REJECTS the Keystone XL!

I don't know about you but I have been involved right from the start protesting this pipeline for YEARS now. I spent countless hours reading the environmental reports and that's how I came to my decision that this pipeline was bad for our country. I signed petitions, posted on this board and others about the issues and educated people around me. You can bet I am doing a HAPPY DANCE right now! If you are interested, watch the video of the announcement at the link below.

The TPP is the biggest of BFD's

Now that we are getting our first chance to read it (after it was written in SECRET, with the "help" of over 600 corporate lobbyists), the TPP is turning out to be as BAD as we feared.

Liz Warren hit another out of the park

Her SS one time bump is cost neutral and comes from a loophole the GOP have proposed closing before. 350 ceos vs 70,000,000 SS, and SSDI, and veteran's payouts. Will the new speaker bring it to the floor, will Mitch bring it to the floor or likely link it to planned parenthood? Ryan wants to end medicaid and medicare so doing a SS fix that helps those that depend on it will likely get ignored. WWGD what would galt do?

I said she hit it out of the park, the line umpires are mitch and ryan, was it a foul or homerun?

What's Going On with Ring of Fire's Website?

Today I found that google had listed the Ring of Fire website as "dangerous" and said that you could get malware by going to the site. (Ring of Fire is Bobby Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio, and Sam Seder's radio show.)

Anyone know more about this?

Full text TPP

The full text of the TPP is availabe here. Sorry but I did not have time to read it before posting this.

Bernie Sanders Wants to Lift the Federal Ban on Marijuana

Bernie Sanders’ Fully Baked Pot Plan

Bernie Sanders Wants to Lift the Federal Ban on Marijuana

The presidential candidate is introducing a bill in the Senate today

that would end the federal prohibition on marijuana.

The Democratic Party is getting slaughtered

In spite of large majorities agreeing with what some call democratic socialism (see here), Republicans dominate state and federal government. I suspect the DNC figures it just needs to move even further to the right, which is one reason (among several) why I don't self-identify as a Democrat. And Republicans will argue that it's proof right wing ideology is subscribed to by the majority.

Guns and Hillary, not sure where I stand.

So, I'm not sure how I feel about gun policies... I feel very conflicted on the matter. First off, I believe in the constitution and, don't you think our founding fathers had them in there for a reason? Here's where I stand: I do believe all guns should be registered and owners should be licensed. I also believe, like getting a license for a car, you should have to complete some simple tests, training, and proof of identity. I also think that there should be a basic psych evaluation accompanied by references.

Keeping America Safe?

Nope-no pork in the Defense Budget.

Pentagon paid sports teams millions for patriotic events

Legal Action Against Koch Brothers, Rick Scott & Jeb Bush Goes to U.S. Supreme Court!

SHAME ON THEM! THIS IS WHY WE HAVE TO BECOME MORE INVOLVED WITH POLITICS! This is a very good example of the kind of crap we have happening in the shadows when we allow the avarice of corrupt politicians their their financial backers to be voted into office.

What does Rick Scott and Jeb Bush get out of allowing Koch industries to DUMP millions of gallons of toxic waste into the St. Johns River? Maybe a nice war chest for their campaign?

Just be more entrepreneurial

I believe Janet Yellen recently chastized the American public for not having enough of the entrepreneurial spirit. The funny thing about it is that if you extend the logic you become a socialist. If everyone is in business for themselves, then, in theory at least, there are no more bosses and capitalisms little shrunken heart slowly bleeds to death. I am all for it. thanks Janet

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If You Want to Win, Go Progressive

The big question right now is whether to call Hillary Clinton a progressive, or a "moderate."

And then there's the question of who is more electable in a general election: an unabashedly progressive democrat, like Bernie Sanders; or a "centrist" democrat, like Hillary Clinton.

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