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Tea Party

A protest chant for townhall meetings overtaken by t party imbeciles: "If you join the tea party you get a free lobotomy".

A petition that can actually help reduce police brutality

Many of us probably have friends who post youtube videos of excessive force used by police, who subsequently claim "assault". Sometimes the brutality reaches incredible highs: - unarmed homeless man beat to death by cops for failing to show id - father killed in front of family for failing to show id

Yesterday's Senate Subcommittee Action on CITIZENS UNITED

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights passed the following Amendment out of the subcommittee on a straigh

Clinton says that Iraq should have renewed status of forces agreement?

"Clinton aimed more harsh words at al-Maliki, saying that in retrospect the Prime Minister should not have rejected an extended “status-of-forces agreement” with the U.S., which would have kept American troops in the country beyond 2011."

Really, Mrs. Clinton? You wanted to stay there longer?

Who do you want us to back, the Sunni's or the Shiites? I'm confused.

What role did bank and credit union greed play in the economic problems of 2008?

A continuation of a discussion from a different thread!

The point of this thread will be to discuss bank/credit union malignance during the economic events in the year 2008.

Raise corporate taxes and ...............

Another one bites the dust. Who lost here?

"In Medtronic’s Deal for Covidien, an Emphasis on Tax Savings"

VA bonuses in the 100 million dollar range I would like to see claw back, plus interest, plus fines , plus jail. Then trace the appointment trail to who kissed whose ass . Who got sponsored for other public service positions, or agencies. A team of Ney, Abramoff, Spitzer and a few other corruption Tzars ought to make a reality show of it. Throw in the vote rigging, the social welfare 501C-4 and a K-Street protocol.

Shifting The Blame For "Liar Loans" And The Bush Crash Of '08

The Right never did take ANY responsibility for demolishing the economy... and part of this was to shift the blame for bad loans from the banks to the applicants for allegedly providing phoney information about income, etc. This may be true in some cases... but I believe it's against the law.

But isn't it ALWAYS the lender's responsibility to safeguard the money they are charged with?

Give the IRS a break!!!

I'm sick and tired of people putting down the IRS; they do the best they can with what they have.

This three ring circus around the targeting of Conservative groups is yesterday's news - and I bet there's not a single person on this website that hasn't lost an email or two at some period of time --- Lois Lerner's computer crashed a few years ago, and we can't find emails between her and anyone outside of the IRS, including POTUS, Dem Party and others.....its not like the IRS is required to keep records for more than a few years, right???? C'mon.....

Immigration for Dummies

Since I are one, I have nothing intelligent to lead off with. I just haven't seen this discussed lately.

What is/are the solution(s)?

Don't Tread On Me

I wanted to get the opinion of others.

I realize that the "Don't Tread On Me" flag with the colied snake was an American Revolutionary Banner. Also it is now (as far as I know) a declared banner of the "Tea Party". I have a neighbor that Flies the American Flag with the "Don't Tread On Me" Flag underneath on the pole.

Neoliberalism = The Futile Quest to Make Reaganomics Work

The Reagan tax structure, in place since the 80's and still firmly in place today, has clearly led to increased wealth disparity and a volatile economy. Basically all of productivity gains since Reagan have gone to the top. Ordinary wages, on the other hand, have remained flat. And yet both Obama & Clinton governed as neoliberal Reaganites, who only sought to tinker around the edges of Reaganomics. Hillary seems to be ready to do the same.

A PSA from Move to Amend

WE are Move to Amend!

I whole-heartedly encourage you to watch this excellent, short (2 minute), PSA ( - and then get involved with a MTA group near you!

Join the non-violent revolution to restore our "Government of the People, by the People, and for the People!"

Kudos to David Delk, and everyone else at Portland Move to Amend, for making this excellent video!

Steve Justino
Co-Chair, Colorado Move to Amend

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