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"Je suis Charlie" - and - "As-salamu alaykum"

"Charlie Hebdo," from what I have seen, is racist and xenophobic.

Obama Goes Kumbaya Liberal Rogue

Poor President Obama has resorted to going liberal rogue now that he realizes the next 2 years will amount to nothing for his legacy dealing with the Repub Congress. He realizes he will need a large supply of veto pens. First, he does the executive action on immigration. Now he does his free community college proposal. What a crock! Here in CA, community college is only $46/unit with subsidies for low income that reduce it to nothing. It is already basically free. Nobody has rung up 10's of thousands in student loans going to community college.

"Nebraska high court tosses suit over Keystone pipeline route"

"LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska's highest court tossed a lawsuit Friday challenging a proposed route for the Keystone XL oil pipeline in a decision that could remove a major roadblock for the $7 billi

Health Insurance

The number of uninsured Americans just keeps dropping.

Now the question becomes how many more times will the GOP try to repeal ACA. Does Kentucky know what they are getting is Obamacare? Ssshh, don't tell them.

American Sniper film (2014)

To summarize the film: a shitty war, a shitty life, and a shitty way to die.

To Raise Smart Kids

The secret to raising smart kids unless you WANT to raise a republican.


Is America Israel's bitch?

I've recently wrote a post on about this subject.

Due to the coverage of current terrorist attack in France, not a lot of press was dedicated to Palestine being accepted to International Criminal Court. The US has warned Palestine not to bring war crime charges against Israel. Neither the US nor Israel, for obvious reasons, are members of the ICC.

Anyway.. I made the point in my blog about the US being a client state of Israel, instead of the popular notion of the other way around.

Justice: Dead as a Dodo? or Dead cat bounce


is one of my favorite Justices, and he's not dead but still dispensing wisdom regularly as a NYBooks contributor (and in very good company).

"Harvard Ideas on Health Care Hit Home, Hard"

"WASHINGTON — For years, Harvard’s experts on health economics and policy have advised presidents and Congress on how to provide health benefits to the nation at a reasonable cost.

Chris Hedges: American Fascists

Hedges explains his book.

I didn't know he has a Masters of Divinity from Harvard.

The American Fascists he refers to is the Christian Right. Their ticket to the WH is in the three most religious, one a former priest, Huckabee, the others Ben Carson, and Rick Santorum are the evangelical's chosen.

The first 14 minutes he explains the tenets of a police state.

drc2, you might like his readings as the Christian right and Liberal church cross paths.

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The Deficits Republicans Don't Want to Talk About

I agree with Republicans - America has a deficit problem. It’s just not the same deficit problem Republicans are freaking out about.

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