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Big Brother, Father and Mother

ACLU sues Anaheim PD over police phone surveillance

Stingray Tracking Devices: Who's Got Them?

Pandora's Peccadillo

All of the horrors unleashed on the world when Pandora's box was opened were supposed to be ballanced by the one spirit that did not flee but stayed behind. What if Pandora failed to evaluate her saviour? What if Hope was an empty suit, but had good PR instinct, just no there there. An ordinary product that if left in the sun and melted, you wouldn't miss.

What Would Your Democracy Look Like?

Theory: Consider a area of 10,000 people just to set a parameter. The area could be urban, rule or something in-between. What would your model be in a situation where you could influence the formation of a democracy or any other kind of government?

Of course I'm interested in offering my own theories, but I would like to see some of ideas or consideration in forming a government that doesn't exactly fit with the orthodoxy of traditional forms of government, even if your theory is about adjusting our current form of government.

Women issues

Technically these should everyone's issues. There were so many pieces on I couldn't pick a title that fit. One article says one in three men would rape if they could get away with it. Like I said, that should not be a women's issue.

ACA vs the nazis on SCOTUS

This "It comes down to 4 words" mantra is nonsense, it's one word. 'The state' vs 'a state', or 'a vs the'. 'The state' is the US and federal, 'a state' is all 50 or 50 minus the commonwealths that are not states.


53% of Americans think the poor should die because of healthcare availabilty.

Another Chelsea win

Chelsea Manning will hereby be referred to as 'she' rather than he, by court order.

Can stupid people learn?

My contention that 25% of Americans are stupid (half of the half that vote thought Sarah Palin qualified to be president) is supported by their continual belief that tax cuts don't cause deficits, or budget shortfalls. Cognitive dissonance* might be at play or just their inbred brain lesions. faced-crisis-brownback-reconsiders-obamacare Free healthcare from the government was against red state governors' morals.

The Chinese Copy The Hispanics

Don't you think it's time to repeal the 14th amendment? It served it's purpose for the slaves but that was 100 years ago. For the past 30 years, it has been exploited by the illegal hispanics and now the Chinese have taken it to a new sophistication. We're the only industrialized nation to have that law. I've posted excerpts from the article.

The colored people


and all the colored girls go doot da doot da doot doota doot doot.

Take a walk on the wild side

if W hadn't gotten his military training from Bruce Willis we wouldn't be in this mess.

and still be using the full military military might of the united states to take potshots from behind a rock at where we think people will wake up first in the morning

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