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Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

Let the great progressive cave-in begin.

Fun watching Hartmann backpedal.

Thanks Monica Lewinski's ex-boyfriends wife, the republicans phiolosophy now cannot lose.

Troubling ATF Tactics

Too busy to go after banksters, but get minorities on fake drug charges?

Is This The Core Libertarian Delusion?

Speaking of amusing libertarian cognitive dissonance... we're told that in a libertarian society with no government to hijack so its power can be abused, the sociopathic and self-serving rich will somehow learn to play nice because market pressures WILL provide the counterweight to their ambitions. If nasty company X sells unsafe food, products, or drugs, consumers can choose not to purchase from nasty company X. If nasty company Y abuses it workers and makes them woke in unsafe conditions, workers can choose not to work for nasty company Y. Problem solved...

Is Wisconsin Purging Public Libraries of Books?

Now, feel free to dismiss this as speculation, but I've made a recent discovery. I make book purchases online from time to time. I have recently bought $0.01 books from Amazon. A lot of these books come out of public libraries, a number of them come out of Wisconsin (small sample size). In a relatively short period of time, two 1 cent books from two different Wisconsin libraries: Howard Zinn's Declaration of Independence and Kim Phillips-Fein's Invisible Hand (both considered dissident).

Fascism come to America by Ralph Raico

Fascism come to America by Ralph Raico


Roosevelt Seizes the Country's Gold; the NRA and Fascism

America is Effed Up

/adopted-at-3-in-us--now-facing-deportation- He's now 40 years old with kids and a wife who is a permanent resident almost citizen. 37.5 years in the US yet will be deported. The more deportations the more money ICS gets.

Cops Mistake White Man For Black

10 cops beating on an unarmed captured white suspect-they must have thought he was black.

The Flip Side Of Black-Police Relations

I watched this on TV yesterday. Here you had a carjacking with a suspect considered armed and dangerous and you had numerous black adults and kids treating him like a star rapper while he was evading police. The spectators high fived the thief, took pictures and cheered him on.

Why conservatism flourishes in rural areas.

(My own views and conclusions, I have no hard data to back any of this up)

Where are all the Democractics at?

Reading this article today;

I am completely mystified as to why there are no other presumptive candidates making moves in the Democratic side to represent their party in the Presidential election.

To Kill or Not to Kill

That is the question before the jury in the Boston Marathon bombing. I am against capital punishment because it is not a deterrent and it is used so often that sometimes innocent people are killed [estimates are 10%]. However, this time I think it applies but not expeditiously. Over time, contrition might be of benefit to save others from radicalization. The guy in CA that had turned so many gang members [tookie, cookie, or mookie?] away from gang activities showed the benefits of using the beast to tame the beast, he should not have been killed.


They've Been Watching

U.S. secretly tracked billions of calls for decades

Currently Chatting

Waves of Destruction...

We've known for some time that warming temperatures pose a big threat to Arctic ocean ice. However, only now are we learning about so-called “waves of destruction” that are speeding up the disappearance of sea ice.

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