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GOP's foe

I am amazed at the new creature the gop concocted to run against. I remember the red scare and anything close to the red scare via the arts or studies was also to be avoided. Readers Digest wrote some horrible narratives about Sweden in the '60s because they were successful and their culture must be recast negatively because, well workers had rights, and paid vacations and sick leave. So Sweden was labled 'Socialist' and by extension they had the communist cooties.

SCOTUS Has Gone Rogue

Common Dreams has published my article.

by Stephen A. Justino

Thom Hartmann calls them “five unelected, unaccountable, Kings in black robes.”

Tea Bag Utopia Crashing In Kansas

What's the Matter with Kansas was the title of Thomas Frank's 2004 book describing the conservative pathology taking over Kansas. In 2010 the state elected Koch Brother favorite Sam Brownback and took the far right crazy train off the cliff. The fruits of Tea Party insanity are bearing fruit... and Kansas is a disaster and now there's a GOP backlash against Gov Sam "Crackpot" Brownback's grand experiment.

Debunking Yet Another Conservative Claim About Voter Fraud

Our resident conservative gadfly Dexterous recently posted a topic on this message board regarding voter fraud in Minnesota in which he cites a piece from a conservative website ( which, in turn, credits the site in which the article originated -- a "non profit" co

Surprise! Supreme Court Just Legalized Marriage In Five More States

Surprise! Supreme Court Just Legalized Marriage In Five More States

Well, remember how everyone was like, “oh, the Supreme Court definitely won’t pass up an opportunity to hear a marriage case this term.” Well, haha, funny thing about that…

Is it imperative that we try to make history and get 100% of ALL eligible voters to vote this November 4th, 2014!?

If we know how democracies work, and if voting is the ultimate way that we decide who the officials are that will work for us in this our democracy, if voting is our civic duty and a way to manipulate how our government and it's people work together and because our elected officials affect our lives in so many ways, then, if we do not vote does that mean we don’t care about others?


Fox is ginning up Ebola like it was a sign the great rapture is not far off. Washington Times, and Breitbart are on the bandwagon, too. A sample: [quote]

31 cases of voter fraud?

Thom, stop lying about voter fraud numbers, you are smarter than that.

I chose this example because that state elected comedian Al Franken to the Senate in the 2008 election, (the majority needed) by 312 contested votes.

Now, you can start your homework by looking into these cases before repeating your inaccurate information.

For ONCE I Agree With Scalia: The Amendment Process MUST Be Reformed

Scalia was asked what would he like changed in the Constitution. He said it should be the amendment process where a mere 2% of the population in the 12 smallest states could block any reform. His number and mine... 3.5% differ because I've used Census population numbers for the entire state. Scalia used a more accurate method... the majority within those states that opposed an amendment.

Law restricting hiring illegal aliens ?

It's been a subject burning in my mind...

Thom says Reagan stopped enforcing the laws prosecuting employers who hire illegal aliens.

By 1999, only one company was prosecuted per year?

So, the laws are still ON the books?

Why not simply go back to enforcing them?

If the House STILL won't take up the bipartisan Immigration Reform Bill...

Obama can start prosecuting businesses that hire illegals.

It would be entirely within his authority.

Bloomberg News confirms it - Obama is the WORST SOCIALIST ever!

Corporate and economic statistics almost six years into the Obama Administration prove that Corporate American is the "healthiest" it has been in decades.

Just Wanted Everybody to See This

"Antonin Scalia Says Constitution Permits Court To 'Favor Religion Over Non-Religion' "

Using Scalia's "Logic" On Slavery

Scalia, and perhaps most far right, social conservative, federal judges, have found a respectable sounding rationale to use a Constitution designed originally to protect natural rights, to limit rights. We see this is their contempt for the Ninth Amendment which Bork likened to an ink blot on the Constitution beneath which we'd never know what the Framers intended. What utter bullshit.

Stealth Navy: A Waste of Money?

The navies of the world are rushing to create new stealth ships such as the Zumwalt class of destroyers seen here

The goal is to reduce the cross section of a vessel that can reflect a radar signal. Some of this is done by physically changing the angles of deflection to there's little return to the radar, and some is through radar absorbing materials. For instance the Swedes are constructing a ship made completely of carbon fiber

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