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Christie vs Schultz

Schultz knew nothing of the lane closings, and Christie knew nothing of Hogan's orgies.

Why am I the first and only one to post on this?

And when the neoKKK and Islamophobists join forces?

The Clinton Doctrine

Here is a link to an excellent piece by Robert Parry on Consortium News:

Politics is obscene. Why can't we relegate Statism to the dustbin of history?

As this political season gets underway, I am dismayed at what I am seeing. For the sake of human progress, we must cease our faith in political authority and stand on firm moral principles.

Personally I am a market anarchist, otherwise known as a voluntarist. It is morally obscene for any individual or group of individuals to initiate force against any peaceful person. There is an anarchist commentator named Larken Rose who offered five questions as a challenge to the Statist mentality. These questions are reprinted below:

Not Alone (catholicvote "traditional marriage" promotional video) and Not Alone (alternate version)

Very funny:

Not Alone :

Published on Jun 25, 2015

We're here because we have something to say and we're no longer afraid to say it.

Not Alone (Alternate Version) :

Investor-State Disputes... So What If...

As I understand these ISDs... only a foreign company can essentially sue the US for damages... ie, lost profits, should we change a law that affects their investments.

I'm just wondering aloud how corporations can game ISDs to their benefit. So what of a US owned subsidiary chartered in one of the other TPP nations Can they sue the US? What of a US company that leaves the US entirely and locates in a TPP nation?

Bernie is the new FDR!!

Here is a clip from Bernie's appearance last night in Madison, WI, in front of 13K supporters, calling out the GOP for being the REAL extremists.

There is definitely something happening here! There is a "populist moment" growing.

The race American NEEDS in 2016 is "The new FDR" Bernie Sanders v. "Koch Brothers' Fluff Girl" Scott Walker.


THERE!!! I JUST HAD TO SAY IT and I want to get RID of that NEGATIVE topic title. You know which one.

So where is Bernie going to be next? I want to see him!!!

Lincoln Chafee Calls for Freeing Edward Snowden

The Nation has an excellent piece on Lincoln Chafee's call for bringing Snowden home. In the same piece they strongly criticize the DNC's efforts to limit and control the Debates. I think that they are right to link these two issues together.

No Chance in Hell for Bernie...

I don’t think that Bernie has a chance in hell of becoming president of the USA. Hillary will almost certainly become the Democratic nominee and most of you Bernie fans will about face and rush to support her. Husband Bill will knock the dust off some of his old campaign speeches, revise them slightly for wife’s use, and prep her on the only issue that truly concerns the U.S.A.’s lumpenproletariat – its holy pocketbook.

Obama Signing FastTrack is the Second-to-Last Straw

Obama signing FastTrack into law is the second-to-last straw.

I joined the Democratic Party (after a lifetime as a GDI - God-damned Independent) in 2004, even though I knew that it had been taken over by Bill Clinton and big-business-friendly DLC, when it became clear to me that it was necessary to choose sides in the "culture wars" against the unmitigated evil that was the Bush/Cheney administration.

SCOTUS vs Electoral legitimacy

SCOTUS ruled that AZ's districts can be drawn in a neutral manner to represent all voters equally instead of Animal Farm standards (some are more equal). If states begin suing to adopt legitimate electoral districts,


Cops kill a kid playing in the park
Cops kill a husband selling cigarettes
Cops kill an unarmed drunk in the UP
1100 cops hunt down a couple guys trying to be free

Human beings will not change their behavior unless there is consequences. Cops have no consequences. They don't get fired, they rarely get indicted and you can't find a lawyer to sue them.

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You need to know this... Support for Donald Trump's campaign is still growing nationally, and in early primary states, but he's not just gaining support in early primary states. A new poll from Florida shows that Trump is leading Jeb by 6 percentage points - and he's leading Rubio by 16 points.

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