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Did You EVER Wonder Why They're Called "The Projects"?

When I was a kid, I distinctly remember a "crazy" person handing out newspapers on the corner and SCREAMING, "DO YOU EVER WONDER WHY THEY'RE CALLED THE PROJECTS!?!... IT'S BECAUSE THEY'RE "EXPERIMENTING" ON US!"

As most things that I have learned in my life... what I thought was "crazy" is SPOT ON correct.

Repeal the Social Security Act!

Forget means testing. Forget "private" accounts. Repeal the whole thing. People are smart enough to save for their own retirement.

Small "l" libertarians support the repeal of Medicare and Medicaid. How many conservatives or Republicans do?

I keep hearing this propaganda that conservatives and Republican want to get rid of huge amounts of government. How many of them have proposed the REPEAL of Medicare and Medicaid? Not this phony "privatization" but outright repeal. The fact is that conservatives and liberals both accept that the federal government should be involved in health care in some substantial way. They just disagree on the details. Only libertarians support complete elimination of the federal gov't from medical care (save perhaps the VA, which could be justified by national Defense).&nb

Ron Paul exposed liberals and conservatives for the frauds and hypocrites that they are

One of the underestimated services that the Ron Paul campaign was how it exposed liberals and conservatives for the frauds and hypocrites that they are. All these years, we've heard conservatives preach about how they were for the Constitution and small government. Here comes a guy with a near perfect voting record and they reject him. And we've heard liberals tell us how anti-war they were, how much for civil liberties. And here comes Ron Paul who is more anti-war than any liberal, more pro-civil liberties than any liberal, yet they reject him. What's their ex

Grotesque Lies on Health Care by Michael Rozeff

I thought I might have a look at the Affordable Care Act (983 pages). I didn't have to go far before running into a problem. The first sentence of Title I reads

"This Act puts individuals, families and small business owners in control of their health care."

Do people have to be forced to be charitable?

The basis of the Welfare State is that some people, through no fault of their own, need help or fall through the cracks, so to speak. No argument from me. But why can't these people be taken care of through charity, i.e. voluntarily? You can't say because the money isn't there. Because if it wasn't, raising it by taxes won't make any more money appear. The reason is because you don't think your fellow man will be charitable. You don't trust your fellow man. They must be forced to be charitable. But charity has to come from the heart.

$500 billion in Medicare cuts???

The right keeps pounding $500 billion in Medicare cuts. I know it has to do with accounting and it isn't actually getting cut. Can someone please explain to me the truth on this and how to explain it the those on the right? And for the love of God, why aren't people calling out all the talking heads when Jindal or Romney or some other knucklehead complain about the $500 billion in cuts!!!

Now That's Some Hot Porno!

What that "X-Ray Porno Scanner" saw must have been... well... muy caliente!!!

People were sent scrambling without their shoes when an x-ray machine caught on fire at LaGuardia Airport. It happened late Sunday afternoon at Terminal C. It resulted in plenty of smoke, confusion, delayed flights and some very long lines. An electrical fire in the x-ray machine took it out just before 5:00 p.m.

Nancy's Zapatas

I don't care how rich our government public officials are, they should keep their $4,000 shoes somewhere else besides on TV while facing the nation. Wearing blue zapatas that twinkled like Sapphire Slippers, speaker Pelosi this morning told us how "free riders" will be penalized when they don't buy health insurance. For God's sake woman! Are your shoes a symbol of American prosperity? My shoes are $39.99 at the most, and I don't have that many. Who's getting the free rides around here?

A few myths believed by many liberals and/or conservatives

Lincoln wanted to free the slaves.

FDR was a "traitor to his class."

WWII got us out of the Depression.

Ronald Reagan supported a free market

NAFTA is a free trade agreement

Big business opposed the Progressive Era Regulations

Deflation--falling prices--is unthinkable, and would cause a catastrophic depression.

An income tax cut helps everyone; not only the taxpayer but also the government will benefit, since tax revenues will rise when the rate is cut. (The Laffer Curve)

Hoover did nothing, i.e. he was a laissez faire president

The free market is the opposite of the "law of the jungle".

"The free market, in fact, is precisely the diametric opposite of the "jungle" society. The jungle is characterized by the war of all against all. One man gains only at the expense of another, by seizure of the latter's property. With all on a subsistence level, there is a true struggle for survival, with the stronger force crushing the weaker. In the free market, on the other hand, one man gains only through serving another…. It is precisely through the peaceful co-operation of the market that all men gain through the development of the division of labor and capital investment.

Why did 'Citizens United' pass as it is?

I mean, couldn't they have allowed Hillary:The Movie to be shown and advertised without all the rest of the secret funding and other democracy-killing baggage?

If people are smart enough to vote for politicians to make decisions for them....

If people are smart enough to vote for politicians to make decisions for them then aren't people smart enough to voluntarily enlist other experts to give them advice or guidance?

Who should determine my level of risk? Me or the government

Why does everybody have to conform with the same level of regulation? Why should the FDA be able to determine which drugs are safe and which are not? Isn't that my decision?

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