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Morning Laugh

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I think Thom interviews Joe Farah once in awhile. He should ask him about his impending demise: [quote]


Drudge Promotes Story From Conspiracy Website Claiming Obama Plans To Murder Conservative Journalists


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romneyland-mediterranean illustrates a private equity takeover of a country, only this time it's Israel, and it's mitten's old college chum bibi. Either one doesn't matter, bankruptcy is the goal, to kill off all benefits contracts in a starve the beast model.



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In light of the recent storm disaster on the east coast, some of the after effects being unnecessary, what are the odds they will happen again? A: 100%

The unnecessary effects are the power outages, now going on 8 days in some areas. So with the poer outages we have no a/c with 100 degree heat and deaths from heat stroke. We have no refridgerated food, no freezers, food spoilage or poisoning since they also can't cook it

We have our powerlines buried, like Germany does. Germany had 21 minutes of power outage last year.  

Case of Black Marine Veteran Killed by Cops in White Plains NY May Be Worse than Trayvon Martin

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"An attorney for the family of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., a Marine veteran slain in his home by White Plains, N.Y., police said that in some ways this case is worse than the killing of Trayvon Martin.

On Nov. 19, the 68-year-old Chamberlain was shot to death by White Plains Police Officer Anthony Carelli following a confrontation at Chamberlain’s apartment, where police responded to a medical alert from a Life Aid device.

The Republicans’ economic sabotage

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The Republicans’ plan to destroy the Obama presidency – hatched on inauguration day 2009 – is working.  New jobs numbers are out – showing the economy only added a dismal 80,000 jobs in June, which wasn’t enough to move the unemployment rate down from 8.2%.  The numbers come in well below economists’ expectations and suggest the economic recovery is slowing considerably as the effects of 2009’s stimulus package wear off.

Question on I.D.

If voter I.d. Laws disinfranchise minorities, do gun control laws disinfranchise minorities from their 2nd amendment rights by requiring I.D. in the purchase of a fire arm?

The Republicans’ chances of winning Rhode Island in November just got slimmer

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The state recently passed legislation forcing political organizations like SuperPACs and so-called advocacy groups to reveal their donors if they run ads within sixty days of an election.

The law will apply to several organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, as well as Karl Rove and the Koch brother’s political organizations, which are planning to spend a billion dollars nationwide.  And it might deter these deep-pocketed oligarchs from spending money in the state if they don’t want their names revealed.

New voter ID laws despite no Voter Fraud

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Despite numerous reports suggesting that voter fraud is a non-issue and there’s absolutely no evidence of non-citizens trying to vote, several red states are pushing ahead with new laws to grant voting right to only those people who have photo IDs.  And a new Mother Jones report shines a light on what exactly that means.

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