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The Republican Jobs Bill

1. Obama's plan reduces Soc. Security/Medicare taxes.dramatically...plunging them into insolvency. Read an ultimate goal to privatize it.

2.. Promotes private financing of infrastructure.. Read toll bridges and toll roads.

3. Trims Medicaid and Soc. Sec. . Read a further attack on the poor.



Why people think big govt is bad?

From msnbc today ( Khan [who leads the CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response]says he looks to see whether movie-makers get the science right, but he also checks for what he calls “the silly factor.” “Does the CDC have a good-looking van with an electron microscope mounted inside? Do we have a CDC helicopter? Do we have the black suburbans?” he said. “Is CDC going to call in an air strike?” The answer, most often, is no...

It's time to register Republican!

Ok once again this is not a joke or a sarcastic thread for a laugh.

Actually this is a borrowed idea that people like Rush Limpballs presented to disrupt Democratic primaries.

Now it's time for a little payback.

Gov Walker's Brown Bag Lunch Series

So gov walker "answered" a tweet from friend of mine. we set him straight in this vid along w/ rocker Otep Shamaya, and Loudmouth Radio... please share a TON.

Thoughts on Wednesday's GOP debate...

Not sure how many more of these I can watch...

From 1948 to now. Do you see any difference?

I love trolling, as I come across gems like this. How have things really changed?

Should we demand that Andre Carson "man up?"

As ya'll know, black congressman Andre Carson claimed that some of his fellow congressmen feel this way toward blacks:

"Some of them in Congress right now with this Tea Party movement would love to see you and me hanging on a tree.”

Carson continues to stand by this idiotic statement.

G. Edward Griffin on radio tonight

Listen to this man. Wednesday night Sept. 7 at 10 pm PST on the George Noory Show,

coast to coast. He pulled the covers off the Federal Reserve in his book

"The Creature From Jeykll Island".

When the Government and bankers come calling

Power Line Blog held a competition with a $100,000 prize for whomever could most effectively
dramatize the significance and impact of the federal debt crisis.

Any creative product was eligible: videos, songs, paintings, screenplays, Power Point presentations,
essays, performance art - or anything else

Several entries have gotten a lot of attention, but the one that's gone viral is "Doorbell".


book re: Republican tactics

I think on Monday of this week, Thom mentioned a book about how the Republicans spend money and reduce taxes when they're in power and criticize and obstruct Democratic administrations unless they reduce spending and reduce taxes. (it's their M.O., as it were). Can anyone tell me the name of the book and it's author?

CNN Sites Study of Shrinking Middle Class

I justcaught the tail end of a report on CNN regarding the shrinking middle class. I didn't catch alll the details, but I did catch the their list of causes for the shrinkage:

marriage status
education level
drug use

Can you believe that crap!? The middle class is shrinking because we are getting divorced, we are under educated, and we are drug addicts. It is laughable what passes for news reporting in this country.

Should the middle class stop purchasing all non-essential goods?

There is one union that the GOP can’t bust. It’s the union of the middle class. In an effort to wake up corporate America we just need to stop or heavily refrain from purchasing all non essential goods. You may say that corporate America has the money to wait us out and that may be true but we’re obviously going down anyway. As such, what do we have to lose?

Why don't we demand other nations meet or exceed our labor and environmental laws?

To bring back jobs we simply need to demand that all imports be made on par with our labor and environmental laws. This isn’t a tariff or another other unfair trade policy. It’s a matter of common sense because either we lift others up to our standards or we’ll be forced to go down to theirs in order to globally compete. And we all know which way the GOP would have us go.

Why don't the Republicans like Obama?

Nope this isn't a joke or a sarcastic commentary.

I honestly cannot understand why the average Republican dislikes Obama so much.

Minus the empty seemingly pro-labor, pro-people rhetoric, Obama has ruled exactly as a Republican and even more so with his eagerness to cut social programs and help to destroy Medicare and Social Security.

Today Mike Papantonio (Host of The Ring Of Fire) is emergency guess hosting on The Ed Schultz Show (

I have heard Mike say, yet again, something that is a great way we should be dealing with The Tea Party (The Whole Tea Party, not just the stupid <to put it nicely> citizens, who are forever complaining about having to have government programs to help people <including themselves> try to achieve what is in The USA Constitution)- “Allow in The Immigrants And Deport The Tea Party.” In so many words he continued by saying let them go try to find anoth

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