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A Preview of What the Supreme Court Will Hear About the Constitutionality of "ObamaCare"

Here is a good preview of what the oral arguments will look like when the case regarding the Constitutionality of the new health care reform law (The Affordable Care Act) goes to the Supreme Court as debated by two former U.S. Solictor Generals who previously argued opposite sides of the case before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals:

US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance

Recent PR campaigns of big Ag. and the "family farm"

feb.17 ,12

friday nights interviews with great mines on r.t. tv was top notch i put both interviewees on my must read list. thanx for your tireless efforts to restore democracy.

Colbert Kicked??

'Colbert Report' off air; network offers no explanation

An expected live version of the show was replaced by a repeat Wednesday. Comedy Central said Thursday's live show will be off, too.

By Associated Press / February 16, 2012

Why I'm voting Republican

Just kidding but I thought you folks might like a funny this morning and this is funny and still true today almost 4 years later....

$3.8 trillion budget sets up election-year fight with Republicans

The US faces a revenue crisis and a war spending crisis. The Congress, a millionaires' club, isn't about upholding the constitution but maintaining plutocracy and crony capitalism. Without the social contract, we become wolves against one another. The social contract and government of the people should ensure that everyone shares in the productivity gains. "The one thing we learn from history is that we don't learn from history." (Albert Einstein)
"The bomb changed everything except the way we think." (Albert Einstein)

WI State Senator Dale Schultz and GOP's mining bill

Governor Scott Walker received $40k in campaign contributions from Florida-based mining company Gogebic Taconite (GT). The bill (WI AB426) was introduced into the State Assembly by committee, which is unusual.

Rick Santorum defunked charity

I truly believe that Rick Santorum is unelectable in a general election. So I hope he wins the nomination. I think you should save up all his dirty little secrets until October so he can be presented a basket of zingers. we need people like you, thank you. You look exactly how I imagined!

"1.8 MILLION dead people still registered to vote in the U.S." ... so republicans should raid cemetery in voter fraud search ?

The ALEC written voter-id laws that are an epidemic accross our country may end up depriving millions of the right to vote due to 'inadequate' identification. Many eligible voters that are blind, elderly, too poor to own a car, have never needed a car due to public transportation, or have had a drivers license suspended or revoked will be denied the right to vote. Paul Weyrich deserves some of the credit (or blame) for this ... ( ) .

Faces of Change: Occupy Oakland

I'm helping spread the word about an important education and advocacy project associated with Occupy Oakland that needs wider visibility and support among those interested in progressive issues and among those interested in healthy public discourse.

The militarization of the state of Arizona

The state of Arizona is arming up. Last year – alongside a slew of other controversial pieces of legislation – the Arizona state legislature passed a law to establish an armed, volunteer state militia separate from the National Guard. According to the legislation – the new militia could be called on for “any…reason the governor considers to be necessary.”

I've got several questions about Greece

What is the pros and cons of Greece defaulting on their loans?

How would it affect this country?

How in the hell did they get to this point anyway?

Certaintly this has been going on long before the crash of 2008?

How come every leader that seems to be appointed over in that part of the world seems to be an Ex Goldman Sachs Employee? Are those bastards really that crooked?


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Who Does Our Economy Serve?

During a speech at New York University Friday, Hillary Clinton took aim at “quarterly capitalism,” her name for corporate America’s endless - and senseless - pursuit of profits.

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