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White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley resigns

White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley is out – after less than a year on the job. Yesterday – President Obama announced that Daley – a former senior executive at JP Morgan Chase is stepping down as Chief of Staff – and will be replaced by Jacob Lew who was leading up the Office of Management of Budget. Lew also has ties to Wall Street – he was formerly employed by mega bank Citigroup. According to speculation in Washington – Lew was chosen because of his close ties to Capitol Hill and ability to work with Republicans. Good luck with that.

Will The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) become law?

Proponents of Internet censorship and The Stop Online Piracy Act – also known as SOPA – got hit with a setback yesterday. One of the most Conservative Members of Congress – Paul Ryan – came out in opposition of the legislation. In a statement released by his office – Ryan said, “The Internet is one of the most magnificent expressions of freedom and free enterprise in history. It should stay that way.” SOPA has broad support among other Republicans – and is being lobbied for heavily by media corporations – as it allows the federal government and copyright holders to s

Terri Schiavo, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul were in Congress when the whole Terri Schiavo incident happened. Has anyone in this current presidential campaign questioned them about their votes on that emergency legislation they passed at that time?

Will Mitt Romney sweep in the Primaries?

Over the weekend, Mitt Romney had just two hurdles to jump before he cruises to a victory in tomorrow night’s New Hampshire Primary – and those were back-to-back debates on Saturday night and Sunday morning. After escaping the first debate completely unscathed – Romney was attacked in the second debate for being a career politician, making a living killing jobs, and being far too moderate to represent the Republican Party. Romney himself fueled criticism when he seemed to suggest that only rich people should run for office, quoting advice that his dad gave him saying, “never get

Gun Confiscation Lunacy in New Jersey

The 2nd Amendment is not a negotiable or debatable pillar of the Constitution. It is absolute in its protection. Every American, regardless of the temporary circumstances of the times, is free to arm and defend himself from ANY enemy, from average criminals, to government thugs. The gun confiscation program instituted by officials in New Jersey, should not be taken lightly. The pure idiocy inherent in its premise cannot be ignored.

Framing TAXES as INVESTMENT through the nation as family metaphor...

i found this thing going around the internet that plays into the coservative frame of "America is borke" and we should just kill SS. it's just not true, we all know, but i wanted to make that case in the same way they did. so I change it, still using the nation as family metaphor, and i'm curious what you guys think...

Here is the original (conservative framing of the issue)

How does the federal reserve bank pump money into the economy and help the economy how does this work can anyone explain ?

How does the federal reserve bank pump money into the economy and help the economy how does this work can anyone explain ? ... index.html

Old Hampshire State Motto, by harry ashburn

Old Hampshire State Motto by harry ashburn: "Suck Face or Die!"

City of Istanbul City Motto, by harry ashburn: "Istanbul... Constantly Noble!"

"As States Take on Citizens United, Lawrence Lessig Offers Bold Plan to Get Money Out of Politics" ... from Democracy Now!

Professor Lawrence Lessig of Harvard Law School was a guest on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman Wednesday 1/4/12. The interview included discussion of Lessig's new book "Republic Lost : How Money Corrupts Congress And A Plan To Stop It". A lot of his points agreed with Thom Hartmann's views, until Lessig mentioned he felt a Constitutional Convention was necessary to fix our election financing mess ... sounds like he would be a good guest on Thom's show.

Democrats Need to do Better. Republicans are dangerous!

I'm one of those former Obama enthusiasts who has been dissappointed in the several years of progress/compromise that, in my view, has resulted in too many missed opportunities to make America better. Better in the short, medium and long terms. Obama the campaigner sounds much more to my liking than Obama the Governor.

Virginia officially has the best government money can buy

According to a new report by the advocacy group ProgressNow – lawmakers in Virginia have outsourced their jobs to the shadowy, Koch brothers-funded, corporate think tank known as ALEC – the American Legislative Exchange Council. The report claims that ALEC has a “disturbing level of influence” over the Virginia legislature. ALEC works by bringing together corporate CEOs and lobbyists with elected lawmakers to come up with custom-made legislation that benefits big polluters, job outsourcers, and banksters, and hurts unions, poor people, and voters. Since 2007 – the Virginia

Indefinite imprisonment of US citizens without trial [progressive framing]

Indefinite "Detention" activates the frame: "A child is bad. An adult or teacher with moral authority over them is punishing them. It's not painful. It's for their own good. Everything will be fine."

Indefinite "Imprisonment" activates the frame: "Fascist dictators. Political prisoners. War. Oppression. RED FU**ING ALERT!!!"

New York's City Council is calling on Congress to amend the Constitution

Despite the massive corporate spending campaign in Iowa – the fight against corporate personhood continues. A vote is expected today in New York's City Council on a resolution calling on Congress to amend the Constitutions to strip out corporate personhood. Once it passes – the biggest city in the nation – New York City – will join several other cities America that have demanded an end to corporate personhood – like Los Angeles, Oakland, Albany, Missoula, Boulder, and several other cities. Go to to make sure your

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Corporations outspend taxpayers in Congress...

You may be surprised to learn that we spend about $2 billion dollars a year on our dysfunctional Congress. However, it's even more surprising to learn that corporate lobbyists spend even more to buy off our federal lawmakers.

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