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White Corporate Media beats down black man

I know nothing about NBA basketball. Was at a friends and they were watching Miami Heat playing Boston Celtics, about game 5. The side kick announcer Jeff Van Gundy, several times in the game, said, "I cannot understand why they hate Lebron James so much?" "I cannot understand why they hate Lebron James so much? Look at ?Mark Basketball? at (some team) he's the Super Star on their team and his numbers are 2/3 less than Lebron's.". "If ?Joe Basketball?

Every so often Republican Senator Rand Paul is right

This is one of those times – as the Senator from Kentucky introduced legislation on Tuesday to restrict the use of drones in American skies. Earlier this year – Congress gave the FAA broad new powers to open up our domestic airspace to surveillance drones – a move that concerned the American Civil Liberties Union, which argued that the new law would begin the “era of aerial surveillance” in America.

What kind of weed has Holder been smoking?

Eric Holder's "justice" department gives assault rifles to drug dealers resulting in the deaths of hundreds, including at least one U.S. agent. So far he refuses to provide any detail regarding who orderd this fiasco. I guess he thinks it's none of our business and we should simply leave him alone. Well what happened is a crime. If the gun dealer had done this on his own, without being ordered to by the feds, he would be in prison for murder.


Jerry Sandusky is the accused pedophile that was an assistant coach at Penn St.

I'm assuming that he is guilty. The trial is going on now. I base my assumption on what I have personally read. I fully understand due process. I am not a juror on this case. If I were... I wouldn't be communicating on the topic.

If indeed what's being said is true, here's my take on it. (You can substitute Catholic Priest if you like... same difference.)


"Ad Hominem" is a tool of propaganda that is used to besmirch someone who has a different opinion than what someone else has.

Since I am the number one target of this propaganda technique here, I thought I would share with the class EXACTLY how it's used and WHY it is used.

I have been accused of wanting to commit the following acts on this message board... INCEST, BURNING CHURCHES, MURDERING BLACK TEENAGERS, and THROWING JEWS IN OVENS. This is only to name a few.

"WHY" am I accused of these baseless vile acts?

Fix the Planet

I write Accounting software for Large Companies. So my life is nothing but finding solutions to Business Problems, Small and Large. Problems with making the Finances Balance, making sure the Companies Data is always available and Accurate.


Ultra-conservatives spent the last 30 years grooming a great deal of the 99 percent with their lies and half-truths. Having crashed the economy, these EVIL SOCIOPATHS DISGUISED AS REPUBLICANS are now ardently pursuing the SOCIO-ECONOMIC MOLESTATION OF THE 99 PERCENT for their own political and economic gratification. Like the murderous felon idolized by Ayan Rand, these EVILPATHS cannot resist the dark calling from within and will continue to strangle and delimb the American economy and social saftey net until they are removed from office.

G.W.'s quote concerning the deficit.

Hartmann keeps playing a clip and pointing to the fact G.W. said he would reduce the deficit. Odd how Hatrmann never mentions one issue G.W. had to deal with that no other president had previously faced. September 11, 2001.

Globalist Plan: European Union Police State Lockdown

Globalist Plan: European Union Police State Lockdown

Kurt Nimmo
June 12, 2012

European Union apparatchiks are preparing to lockdown Europe following Greece’s exit. From the Associated Press today:

Olivier Bailly said Tuesday that, legally, limits could be imposed on movement of people and money across national borders within the EU if it’s necessary to protect public order or public security — but not on economic grounds.

Webster Tarpley on the Globalist Control of Both Parties

Webster Tarpley on the Globalist Control of Both Parties
June 12, 2012

Author and political analyst Webster Tarpley drops in for a report on the Paul imbroglio and the impending attack on Syria.

Another hostage taking in the works to force feed Keystone XL pipeline down our throats? ... Warning from the Sierra Club

I received an email on 6/11/12 from Ann Mesnikoff of The Sierra Club, the first I have received in a while about the Keystone XL pipeline. It appears that there may be another hostage taking in the works by republicans in Congress to get the pipeline extensions approved. This time, they are seeking to attach the Keystone XL provisions and other anti-environmental regulation provisions to the transportation bill ... all this to please their owners (i.e. donors), the big oil and big coal industry. Here we go again !

Here is a link to a web-based copy of the email :

Wisconsin Equal Pay (Women) Law Breaking

So I've been writing my Wisconsin State Representative about the repeal of WI's equal pay law by Governor Creepy Dead Eyes aka Scott Walker. I've reached a point where I'm "done" with it though because he's clearly blowing smoke up my you know what, and I don't want to resort to calling him what I think of him right now. This is his latest BS email to me on the law change:


Dear Sir,

Republicans are hurting the economy so Obama won't get re-elected

I’ve been saying it for a year – now Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is saying it – and finally the American people are saying it: Republicans are trying to crash the economy so Obama won't get re-elected. A new poll released today by Public Policy Polling finds that 49% of Americans – including half of all independents – believe Republicans are “intentionally stalling efforts to jumpstart the economy” to win big in November. Call it politics or call it treason – Republicans just don’t give a damn about the millions of Americans who are living in crisis today.

Meet Republican Senate candidate from Hawaii – Linda Lingle

And tune in to channel 110 to see everything you need to know about Lingle’s campaign. That’s right – for this first time in American political history – a candidate has launched her own TV channel to feature “issue” videos and live streams of political events. The Linda Lingle channel can be seen in 95% of Hawaiian households – and the campaign is spending $12,000 in the channel’s first week – though she likely could have gotten a better deal if she just sucked up to Fox so-called News for favorable media coverage – like Republican politicians at a national level do.

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