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most common mortar board sign this graduation season

harry ashburn's picture

The most common mortar-board ('graduation cap', for you republicans) sign this graduation season:...   "WILL BLOW YOU FOR FOOD."

-harry ashburn

Voting Rights

We should restrict voting to ONLY the people (citizens or not) who actually pay some minimal level of U.S. income taxes.

A new band "The Mysteries Gone," inspired by Thom and Progressive Movement

Jeredtanner's picture

Check out the band The Mysteries Gone and their new album "11". They are avid Thom listeners and Progressives with some great songs for the movement! Especially the tracks Poor Man's Lament and Pathos (a musical response to the Tea Party and Liberatrian ideaology). And their haunting tune Deepwater Horizon! Find them at Support indie art and Progressive creatives

Waking up the Middle Class and the Tea Party - New idea for a TV ad

midclass's picture

I hate to say it, but I think the democrats are really in trouble this year.  I will provide an example later that illustrates this.

My idea is for a new TV ad that is designed to wake up the middle class and the tea party.

What we need to do is to show people not only how the Ryan budget will impact Grandma, but how what happens to Grandma will impact them directly.


loganonenation's picture

Let's call it  what it means, ie, "PAYING THE BILLS".   I really think there even needs to be legislation enacted precisely to rename this essential process so it doesn't sound like we are simply increasing our credit line to engage in future spending.  This is clearly what the phrase "rasing the debt ceiling" conjures in the mind of the Republican's favorite kind of voter, the low-information kind. Let's stop getting beaten by framing that misleads from the get-go.

Romney - Debt Creator?

Proveloper's picture

Seems like Mr. Romney would have had to have funded his wealth "creation" by putting corporations into debt, using company assets like it was an ATM.  So, he is a debt creator!

Intelligence Quotients of Presidents

leighmf's picture

Regardless of birthright or wealth, a candidate for the highest office in the United States should take a standardized adult intelligence test and publish the score . We deserve to know which candidate is the most intelligent, or if a candidate is actually intelligent enough to manage a whole country.

If I want to run for president what party should I run as, Republican, or Democrat?

Entitlement Society's picture

I have to run as a Democrat or Republican since I need the big party's financial backing, but I'm not sure who to run with. Here are my stances:


- Lower taxes as much as possible across the board, but treat religious institutions as businesses

- Cost/Benefit Analysis of all current regulations

- Privatize social security

- Healthcare savings accounts, repeal Obamacare

- I would lean towards spending more money in infrastructure, scientific research, less in handouts

- Legalize and tax marijuana

- Open up the pipeline project

Yahoo is a NeoCon/Fascist/Republican/Racist outlet!

dArKeR's picture

Yahoo News has become nothing but racist filth. Take a look for yourself. Every article is about Obama "pandering"... Obama "failure"... Obama "on vacation"... Michelle Obama telling you what to eat...

Yahoo's new "The Ticket" is publishing 80% outright lies. In the beginning we could post corrections/the truth in the comments section at the bottom but now Yahoo has turned off the comment section. Now I notice Yahoo has turned off comments for many of their other political reports too. Republicans and Republican Corporations are filthy liars and cheaters and bullies!

Why We NEED Unions!

Pierpont's picture

I see our right wing friends here are attacking the very concept of unions in a market economy. I think it's important to understand why the union movement is ESSENTIAL as a tool to keep organized corporate power in check.

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