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The myth of voter fraud in America

South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson claimed that as many as 900 dead people may have voted in the recent election – a claim that was picked up by Fox News to justify the Republicans’ war on voting rights. Immediately, a statewide investigation into voter fraud was launched – and now we know that it doesn’t exist.

Rick Santorum actually won just as many delegates as Romney in Michigan

It looks like Mitt Romney didn’t have much of a victory after all in his home state of Michigan on Tuesday night. After the final votes were counted – Rick Santorum actually won just as many delegates as Romney – 15 – despite the fact that Romney outspent Santorum 6-to-1. And as long as Romney and Santorum keep splitting delegates heading into the Republican Convention later this year – then neither will have enough to win the nomination.

Romney wins the Michigan and Arizona Primaries

To quote Mitt Romney in Michigan last night, “We didn’t win by a lot, but we won by enough and that’s what matters.” Romney edged out Rick Santorum Tuesday in the Michigan and Arizona Primaries. Despite outspending Santorum six-to-one, Romney couldn’t crack 50% - and only pulled off a scant three-percent victory in his home state of Michigan.

Trust Busting Citizens United

Great. Just what we need. Another thread on Citizens United.

Here's another thought.

In the 19th Century large business interests were known as trusts. Stop right there. That's all I know about the topic. I don't know if a trust was the same thing as a corporation, or if a trust required two or more corporations to combine (what we might know today as consolidated corporations, or maybe parent and subsidiary corporations.) I don't think the details are important.

"Religion, politics and Santorum's red herring"

Dan Rodricks column in the Baltimore Sun deals with the issue of religion in politics, which is an issue that keeps appearing in Maryland's politics this year (legalization of same sex marriage, opposition to the death penalty), as well as in the presidential campaign.,0,3674738.column

Brokered convention would be bad for the non terrorists.

Non terrorists are democrats, liberals, etc.

If the rightwingers get a brokered convention, and they manage to get someone like Christie as their candidate, the decent, non terrorist Americans, are in trouble, possibly.

Also, dont forget that while we pay all this attention to the WH race, Rove and company are preparing to steal the elections all over this country, in house and senate races. Hell, in most republiklan controlled states it is now illegal to vote if you are a Democrat.

Wisconsin moved one step closer to a recall election on Monday.

The deadline for Governor Scott Walker to challenge the more than one million signatures gathered to recall him from office came and went on Monday – with the Governor declining to challenge any of the signatures. That means the recall petitions only have one more hurdle to clear before a recall election date is set – and that’s state election officials who have until March 19th to validate the signatures.

All eyes on Michigan today for a critical primary in the Republican Presidential race.

Polls show a dead heat between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in the Wolverine State. Arizona is also holding a primary – which Mitt Romney is expected to win – but Michigan is the crucial contest. And the state’s native son – Mitt Romney – is getting hammered from an op-ed he wrote back in 2008 entitled, “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” – opposing the auto bailouts. Rick Santorum has leaped on this gaffe – and is now robo-calling Democrats in the state to head to the polls – declare themselves Republican – and vote Santorum – a tactic that’s perfectly legal in Michigan.

Move to Amend: David Cobb in Long Beach, CA

The US Supreme Court has elevated corporations to legal persons, during the last hundred years. The result, today, is that wealth, concentrated in the hands of the few, is taking over a political system for the many. This past Sunday, David Cobb, of the Green Party, spoke in Long Beach, CA, on the subject. I attended his presentation. Read more, here:

Ron Paul takes money from racists

We were having a debate about Paul being a racist. Well, it turns out he even takes a bit of money from them.

Understanding Obama

President Obama gave a rousing state of the union address that had us all pumped up and saying “YEAH! THAT’S THE GUY I VOTED FOR!!!”

Rick Santorum leading Mitt Romney In Michigan.

Rick Santorum clings to a 2-point lead over Mitt Romney in the latest poll coming out of the Wolverine State. Previous polls showed Santorum’s momentum slipping – but now it looks like Santorum is winning back some more Conservatives who can’t stomach making a Romney vote. With the Michigan primary set for Tuesday night – a Santorum win could mean the unthinkable for Mitt Romney – an impossible path to win the Republican nomination.

Rick Santorum says he doesn't believe in seperation of church & state.

Rick Santorum wants the United States to be more like the rogue Arab nation. In an interview with ABC on Sunday – Santorum said, “I don’t believe in an America where the separation between church and state is absolute.” In other words – Santorum believes we should institute a theocracy in America – just like Iran has.

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