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How Democrats Lost the Middle Class

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It's kind of shallow to define the middle class by income - What really defines the middle class are values, values that government progams (which replace NGO charity work, the proper source of social support) destroy.

On another note, decrying the increasing disparity of wealth in the USA seems to me no more than useless whining because:

Liberal/Progressive Strategy

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Thom and many of his listeners for a variety of reasons are optimistic about the future; maybe not the near future, but the idea that progressive/liberal ideals will win out. I am not in agreement w/ this hope. I call it a hope because I still also hope that others are right and I am wrong. I often still feel this way until I come to my senses.

WI Robocalls

Some claim that the violence and destruction by Occupy Wall Street was the work of plants, so may-be the robocalls in WI are by plants from the Left.


SURPRISE: Romney wants to pay even less in taxes

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While all Presidential candidates most likely vote for themselves on Election Day – Mitt Romney has a little extra incentive to punch his name.  The group Citizens for Tax Justice discovered that Romney would save $5 million of his own money if he wins and is able to put in place his tax reform plan.

Today is Recall Election Day for Scott Walker in Wisconsin

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What started more than a year ago – when hundreds of thousands of working Americans took to the streets in Madison Wisconsin to protest against an overt war on unions – culminates today – as Wisconsinites hit the polls to determine the fate of Governor Scott Walker in the state’s first-ever Gubernatorial recall election.  Unfortunately for working people – who gathered more than a million signatures to force the recall election against Walker – and have re-energized the national labor movement – they’re up against a tsunami of out-of-state corporate cash – something that will be very h

An Amazing Piece of Propaganda by AP on the Barrett-Walker Race

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I wonder how many other portals besides ours (Cablevision) featured this item today as a "news headline": What to know about the Wisconsin recall vote


Senate! Don't Legalize Propaganda!

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 From Demand Progress.

[quote=Demand Progress]Did you think it could get any worse? Now they want to legalize the use of propaganda on American citizens—and the vote could happen NEXT WEEK.

An amendment legalizing the use of mass propaganda campaigns on American audiences has been inserted into the latest defense authorization bill—and that bill just passed the House.

Drug Test Non Tax Payers!!!!

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I've had it with the Right's attempts to sabotage the fiscal health of this nation with irresponsible tax cuts which Bush bragged took some 5 MILLION off the tax rolls. The idea that these people should be given a "free ride" without proving they are worthy of these tax cuts only sets a bad example for others who might want to reduce their income to the poverty level just to also become income tax free.

"Done with Edwards? Jail some BANKERS!"

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From Rebuild the Dream.

[quote=Colin Holtz and Rebuild the Dream]Now that the Department of Justice has finished the John Edwards prosecution, can we move on to an investigation of Wall Street bankers, please?

Tell the DOJ: Done with John Edwards? Investigate the bankers who crashed the economy.

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