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Ideas For The 99%

END: Corporate Personhood, Political Bribes, Perpetual Wars; SEPARATE: Banks From Brokerages; And SUPPORT: Hand Counted Paper Ballots, Progressive Taxation, Fair Tariffs, A Living Minimum Wage, A Living Social Security, Continuous Unemployment Insurance, Universal Net Neutrality, Universal Healthcare, Universal College Access, A Secure Bill Of Rights, And A Healthy Sustainable Environment.

America Won't Get Fooled Again - Ron Paul 2012

America Won't Get Fooled Again - Ron Paul 2012

Should you leave the USA before the collapse? Words of wisdom from someone who tried

Should you leave the USA before the collapse? Words of wisdom from someone who tried

Mike Adams
Natural News
December 14, 2011

Ron Paul: Defense Bill Establishes Martial Law In America

Ron Paul: Defense Bill Establishes Martial Law In America

Congressman condemns “bold, arrogant, dangerous” move to intern Americans without trial

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top tier presidential candidate Ron Paul has decried the ‘indefinite detention’ provision of the National Defense Authorization Act, warning that it represents an arrogant, bold and dangerous attempt to establish martial law in America.

Glenn Beck Admits Tea Party is Racist

Glenn Beck called out the Teabaggers on his show chastizing them for supporting Newt Gingrich. Beck called Gingrich a progressive in the same mold as Obama and that the Teabaggers should hate him as much as they hate Obama.

He was bewildered that they would support Gingrich while still hating Obama and questioned that if that was because the only difference between the two (according to Beck) was their race.

Thank you Glenn Beck!!!

A Proletarian Body will confront the broken elections 2012

TH is smart, but has a very closed mind about voting alternatives. Also, FSTV's seems silent on THE PLAN to organize a complete 'proletarian body' to confront the broken election system in 2012. I hear a lot of people stressing out about the presidential elections and nothing is being said about the proletarian campaign - l learned about it from Current TV, which has stepped up to a more progressive format since adding The Young Turks on 12/05/11.

Most Important piece I've read in a long time: Glenn Greenwald's latest blog post

Glenn Greenwald's new piece really puts in (further) perspective at how twisted and evil our foreign policy has become.

How to Reach the Left

Dr. Roderick Long addresses how austrolibertarians can reach the Left. He focuses on what he calls the anti-privilege Left, which I think describes most the liberals and progressives on this board. Small "l" libertarians have a lot in common with the anti-privilege Left.

The REAL Reason the Righties Hate Obamacare.

Shame on me for never having studied the Affordable Care Act to see what is in it. The cons give us all this baloney about the "unconstitutional" mandate, the fictitious expected job losses, the so-called "Socialized Medicine", Death panels, etc.

In this article, Americans for Tax Reform tell us what their real problem is. It's all about taxes on rich people. Now, it makes a lot more sense to me.

How to understand Texans

Authors explore role of high school football in state's culture


President Obama: Wants you to be cool, too...

As the cold season begins to take hold over much of the Country, people are finding it more difficult to stay warm on those long, cold nights.

Breaking News: AG to bring criminal charges against corporation as "person". Ci*&^ank will face charges of laundering cartel mon

BS Newswire 12/10/11 18:34

In a stunning move the United States Justice Department has decided to press criminal charges against C%^@ank for laundering money connected to Mexican drug cartels. Speculation is running wild as to what will happen when the arrest takes place on Monday morning.

OWS: Beware of Dirty, Dirty Tricks

This is from a news station local to me. Someone, it seems, was hateful enough to make a very serious criminal accusation against the local occupy movement here:

Another example of fixed news lying

Cnn corrected their mistake but fixed news didn't......Wonder why rigel?

The first 1:30 speaks for itself.

And you had the nerve to say they didn't lie?

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Who's on your side - Elizabeth Warren or Jamie Dimon?

The history of America is the history of “We the People” confronting corporate power and winning. In fact, the whole reason we started this country was because individuals and small businesses wanted to fight back against the dominant corporation of the day, the British East India Company.

Here’s a little history lesson you won’t see on Fox So-Called News…

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