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California - HPV - Tanning Beds

So it's fine for a 12 year old to get vaccinated for HPV without a parent's consent but they can't use a tanning bed till 18 even with parental consent. Even though I think the latter condition is laudable does anyone else see a dichotomy between these extremes of parental control?

I suffer from being a hypocrite, but I am going to try to do something about it...

I acknowledge that I think that people are not doing enough to help the homeless and starving. I acknowledge that I have not been doing my part as I should. Sure, I have been donating some money here and there, but not enough. I have a choice. I can stop caring for the starving or I can increase the intensity of my assistance. Either way, I can't stay the way I am now.

Its no Tea Party out there...

As we head into the 23rd day of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests, thousands of Americans have taken to the streets of a growing number of various cities and expressed their outrage at the abuse of large corporations, banks and the government against the "common man." For over two weeks, I've watched and listened as this movement claimed a pedigree straight from the uprisings earlier this year in Egypt's Tahrir Square.

Who EXACTLY are the 1%

The 400 richest families? What are their names? Where do they live? What are the names of their children? Where are they right now?

They operate in the shadows while a huge faceless government machines works overtime to know exactly who WE are, what we say and where we can be found. We need to "out" the 1%. There needs to be a list of who they are. Someone needs to write an app to report sitings of them and where they are. We need to level the playing field.

We know maybe the top 10 names. Who are the others?

Occupy the Federal Reserve Movement Launched

Occupy the Federal Reserve Movement Launched[/size]


Infowars Press Release
October 3, 2011

GIABO: Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation - Vids

GIABO: Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation - Vids

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert’s GIABO Communique #1

Libyan city of Sirte

At least in Sirte, nobody has bad breath.

Steven Jobs

did ya'll know Job's first wife turned into a pillar of silicon?

Right Wingers forget the Occupy the Colonies Rabble

Our corporate lords, their media minions, and the simple minded red-meat followers adoring them seem to be working the propaganda angle of painting the OWS crowd as being a bunch of disorganized, law breaking, rabble without any clear complaints, or demands, or singular "leadership" figure. They ignore the history of the United States of America they supposedly love so much.

The People are sorry, but Democracy doesn't come in a Happy Meal format. It can sometimes be, as Donald Rumsfeld once said, "messy".

Will Cantor and the far right wing get unglued?

So Eric Cantor (cant refer to him as thecongressman. He acts more like a spoiled kid) is now calling names to the OWS crowd and others who have joined in on the grass roots gathering to peacefully protest the social inequity. How much longer will he just use words before he and others like him to incite the military to stop this "insurrection" just as Hoover/Douglas Mc Arthur did toward the unemployed WW I veterans who peacefully demonstrated along the Potomac? Well in case of Hoover, he ordered the federal troops.

Why NO Lefty/Non-Capitalist Should Be Happy About Occupy (Choose The Location- Includes Wallstreet).

Occupy (Choose The Location- Includes Wallstreet) should have never allowed The Capitalist Class get involved.

Wall St protest

If you can't get out and protest, go the White House web site and sign this petition:!/petition/make-statement-occupy-together-movement-and-let-us-know-our-message-being-received-our-elected/j2K5gQd2

How #OccupyWallStreet is Evolving and Gaining Power

What do the protestors want? A solution to the jobs crisis, corporate money out of politics, fairer tax rates, and policies that work for 99% of Americans instead of the 1% at the top.

Viva Occupy Wall Street! Viva Occupy K-Street!

Community centers and soft power are like treasures hidden in the field forgotten by Rambo/Have Gun Will Travel USA!

to read Mark Engler's article published in: Dissent magazine October 5, 2011, click on

Is it possible that Alex Jones does his radio show for the money ?

Could it be possible that Alex Jones does and hosts his radio show and makes his films and promotes/writes books so he can make money and make a living and have a good standard of living not just Alex Jones other Conspiracy Theorists too ? Also is Alex Jones a Millionaire does he makes millions of dollars each year I know he and his fans will say he puts out his films for free online which proves he's not in it for the money but are they right ?

Alex Jones need your money QUICK

Alex Jones need your money QUICK

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We Need to Stop Worshipping Cops

If you protest police brutality and you don’t protest police deaths, then you’re a hypocrite.

That’s what conservatives have been saying ever since two New York City cops were murdered Saturday in an apparent revenge attack for the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

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