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Freedom of Expression, Texas Style...

Here you go, all you "to hell with common sense and judicious reflection" champions of free speech at whatever cost:[quote]

Texas: Police Kill 2 Gunmen Outside Anti-Islam Event

NASA Administrator Statement on House Authorization Bill

NASA Administrator Statement on House Authorization Bill

The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden on the House of Representatives’ NASA authorization bill:

Garland, Texas Police set up Ambush at Hate Speech Event Disguised as Mohammed “Art Event.” I was right!

And of course two men responded with violence just as the event organizers planned. The ‘art event’ is simply agitation propaganda designed to spark violence so they can play the victim of religious intolerance, or suppressed freedom of expression. Odd that we do not here the same outrage when Florida Gov. Rick Scott banned government officials from using the term “climate change” and “global warming” communications, emails, and reports.

Mentally Unstable Cops

hey Thom, US Boy Scouts must be instantly & permanently ended; according to their "law" only 1 Scout obeys their "law"

let's take a look at the US Boy Scouts of America "Boy Scout Law" according to this link

it says

"A Scout is:

Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent."

Thom, 6 good ideas to improve driving laws; let's get our elected state officials to put these ideas as laws

1, have wearing a seatbelt obligatory and a $1,000 fine for each person videotaped not wearing a seatbelt while vehicle (s)he is in is in motion on any public road

Progressives and liberals, is there anything the government should be prohibited from doing?

Does government have any limits? Or can a "democratic" government, idealized by progressives, have the power to do anything that the "people" say?

The Sociological Experiment

We are going to have the opportunity to watch an interesting sociological experiment with the events in Ferguson and Baltimore.

In Ferguson, we heard of the long time institutional racism from a mostly white government and police force. After a long delay, no charges were filed against the white police officer. There was a mass and violent reaction to this.

In Baltimore, we have a govt well staffed with African Americans. We have 6 officers involved-some black. There is a violent reaction to the situation.

You're Filthy Rich: How Do You Protect Your Income/Wealth In A "Democracy"?

OK... you've made it to the ranks of the filthy rich and you want to protect as much of your income/wealth as possible. But in a "democracy" what matters are votes not money. So how do you work the system to get it to work for you even if it harms others?

Isn't it what we've been seeing for the past 35 years?

Run, Bernie, Run

Bernie Sanders announcement to run for president is a game changer. So let the games begin. Bernie only made this decision based on what his messaging yielded in popular support. His message is what the democratic party should have embraced for the past several years. It's been blocked by the myriad of corporate democrats whose finances depend on the well heeled.

We Can't Afford Another Cheney

Can you think of another person in power who did more harm to this country than this cretin?

Isn't the definition of a sociopath someone without a conscience? It seems Cheny fits the definition. Enriching Halliburton seems to be the major thrust of his policies. Poor little W just was the pawn.

IGWT Currency Silent Protest

This is a silent protest of religion on currency. Our government and currency should be religiously neutral - secular.

Mark out In God We Trust with Sharpie

#GodRedacted #nogodwetrust

Mother Of The Year

The black community could use more mothers like her.

Baltimore Riots: Mom Smacks Son for Taking Part in Violence

The Best Of Local Government

"Companies tied to Industry ex-mayor racked up fortune

20-year jackpot of City of Industry contracts that included $4.9 million for lawn mower rentals and street cleaning fees billed at six times a competitor's rate has enriched a handful of companies owned by the tiny town's former mayor and his family by more than $326 million, an audit has found.

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