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Guardian Article announces that Obama teamed with Cantor to dismantle remaining campaign finance laws.

When I saw this on (Green Party Website who linked to Guardian), I immediately wondered whether or not it is true, and its significance.

If this isn't being misrepresented then:

Is this the kiss and buoqet toss of the Democrat/Republican unholy union? If its true for all the obstructionism, they certainly came to an agreement quickly on buying elections.

I also hoped that Thom might talk about this if it is true (don't know how else to give a heads up).

US Supreme Court Endorses Involuntary Servitude

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by William Norman Grigg

A slave is somebody compelled to provide service to another. Elane Huguenin, a wedding photographer from New Mexico, was arraigned before that state’s “human rights” soviet for politely declining to provide her services to a lesbian couple planning a “commitment ceremony” (the state doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage).



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Just ran across this and thought SOMEONE here might like to check it out.



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With all these new commercials assaulting the average American’s God given right to be judgmental by promoting such things homosexuality and bi-racial relationships, this response by Honey-Maid was interesting. It got me wondering why these Americans feel so inclined to speak out against such atrocities as white people loving black people or same gendered people loving each other.

The Coordinated Bain-Style Coup: The Ryan Plan + Mccutchen Decision = Hostile Corporate Takeover

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The Ryan Plan is the signal to the 1% to send as much cash as they can to the Republican Party and to Ryan's Presidential campaign.  The selling point is, of course, that no matter what they contribute it will serve as a miniscule investment for a potential massive windfall, should the Ryan plan or any part of it be enacted into law.

The Glaring Failures Of Our Checks & Balances System

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Our federal system is based on checks and balances. I favor the idea in theory, though in practice I'm not in favor of some of the players who were given the power to check others. These groups represented those invited to the Constitutional Convention and reflected the politics of 1787. Other groups were left out in the cold.... women, for instance.

Obama Needs to Slap Down His Rogue DEA Chief

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DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart told a congressional committee today her agency is "fighting back" against Justice Department policies tolerating marijuana in states where it is legal. The president needs to dump her, or at least remind her who the boss is.

Obama Needs to Slap Down His Rogue DEA Chief
by Phillip Smith, April 02, 2014

33 Years Later: So Where's That Conservative Nirvana?

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33 years out... a third of a century later... just how well has that Reagan Revolution... and all the rabid Right insanity that followed with the help of some braindead Dems, worked out for America?

How are Americans better off with irresponsible tax cuts and the massive debt they caused?

How are Americans better off having so many good jobs sent overseas with free trade?

How are Americans better off when free trade sabotaged our industrial base?

SCOTUS on buying Politicians

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In leaving the $2,600 per candidate limit in place, while, at the same time, striking down the "aggregate limit," the MCCutcheon Court literally told the Koch Brothers that "Politicians are NOT for individual resale, but, you CAN buy them in bulk!"

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