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Obama Signing FastTrack is the Second-to-Last Straw

Obama signing FastTrack into law is the second-to-last straw.

I joined the Democratic Party (after a lifetime as a GDI - God-damned Independent) in 2004, even though I knew that it had been taken over by Bill Clinton and big-business-friendly DLC, when it became clear to me that it was necessary to choose sides in the "culture wars" against the unmitigated evil that was the Bush/Cheney administration.

SCOTUS vs Electoral legitimacy

SCOTUS ruled that AZ's districts can be drawn in a neutral manner to represent all voters equally instead of Animal Farm standards (some are more equal). If states begin suing to adopt legitimate electoral districts,


Cops kill a kid playing in the park
Cops kill a husband selling cigarettes
Cops kill an unarmed drunk in the UP
1100 cops hunt down a couple guys trying to be free

Human beings will not change their behavior unless there is consequences. Cops have no consequences. They don't get fired, they rarely get indicted and you can't find a lawyer to sue them.

Fortune Cookie rulings

Scalia asserted in his dissent that the court is now relegated to the level of a fortune cookie. .fortune cookie message com/archive. has some that fit Antonin Taney, I mean Scalia: "A microphone is always on the mind of a flying asshole" There are more in the link.

"It's amazing how much evil you can do as long as you know you will get all the credit"


I didn't want anyone to miss a chance to get together with others who want to support Bernie Sanders so click on the link and see if there is a gathering near you or maybe you can start one.

Mr. Obama - let SAME SEX MARRIAGE (!!) be your Legacy!

YAY! Love wins, hate loses in Supreme Court!!!

"Marriage is a fundamental right in which homosexual couples must share, and it would also be a violation of equal protection to extend that right only to heterosexual couples." That is legally and Constitutionally sound . . . and morally right!!

ACA yesterday, Gay Marriage today . . . Congratulations, Mr. President! Let THOSE monumental achievements be your legacy!

Now, please STOP trying to cram the middle-class-destroying, anti-democratic, and anti-Democratic, TPP down America's throat!

SCOTUS Supports Same Sex Marriage

On the radio... in a 5-4 decision SCOTUS has decided that same sex marriage is a right under the 14th Amendment. Anthony Kennedy wrote the decision. Scalia and Thomas wrote separate dissents.

Decision here

Looking for a news article.

People for Bernie

I went to a great meeting last night in Miami. It is inspiring to see so many people getting motivated right now to work for Bernie Sanders. There will be another meeting in a month or so. Check out There are meetings listed all over the country.

Prison escape

The two prisoners that escaped had power tools, aka contraband. One guy was giving them raw hamburger because they had a hotplate. The gal in custody supposedly hid stuff in the hamburger but power tools? This is one way besides the hamburger horse (as opposed to a trojan horse) to get contraband.

It was a complicated escape

Jihadis vs Furniture

In the battle of the century in America, 26 people have been killed by islamic extremists. 27 people have been killed by their own furniture every year. I don't know if those victims were armed, but I'm sure the furniture wasn't. The only thing to stop bad furniture is good furniture?

48 were killed by right winger nuts since 9/11, 32 by lightning every year, 96 by car accidents every year, 62 by bees and wasps in 2013.

what about the stars and stripes?

Shouldn't we ban that flag too - and all the state flags whose governments supported slavery?

Merchants Of Doubt: PR and Science Whores For Hire

Watched Merchants Of Doubt last night, the new documentary that examines the role of PR firms and science whores on the payroll of large corporations as they cynically mislead the public on issues such as tobacco's effect on health, asbestos, lead, the ozone layer, and now climate change. The other half of the equation are right wing "news" outlets that give these whores airtime... or misguided journalists who feel compelled to give both sides equal time.

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