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Cocktail Science

There is baseball science, culinary science, heat transfer science, and thus cocktailscience/advanced-cocktail-shaking-tips-myths-and-lessons Wet vs dry ice is important, 12 second shake, no more no less, dancing or Cruise shaking* makes no difference. One thing not mentioned is the psychological effect of a metal shaker. I've been using a plastic drink cup with a cap, it shakes and mixes, but the sound is dull.

TPP TALKS STALL: No Date Set For Resumption Of Talks!


LAHAINA, Hawaii — Trade negotiators from the United States and 11 other Pacific nations failed to reach final agreement on Friday, with difficult talks on the largest regional trade agreement ever deadlocking over protections for drug companies and access to agriculture markets on both sides of the Pacific.

Cop Fatally Shot Teen In Back, Not In Self-Defense, Family Says

Cop Fatally Shot Teen In Back, Not In Self-Defense, Family Says
Andy Campbell Crime And Weird News Editor,
The Huffington Post 07/30/2015

Zachary Hammond's family and attorneys say the
police department's version of events doesn't add up.

Zachary Hammond.jpeg

Labor Leader Joins Bernie Sanders Campaign!

I was excited to see this article. I hope the fact that this major labor leader is supporting Bernie Sanders, that we can count on other labor leaders to step up to the plate and support his campaign.

"Citing, Clinton's 'Silence' on Fast-Track" AND consider who was in office when NAFTA came to be, it would be quite a surprise to me if the unions didn't back him. I for one am waiting to see if the Teamsters will back him. Check out this article......

Fort Sumter: Who Started The Civil War?

When states began to secede from the union they confiscated federal properties such as military outposts, forts, lighthouses, custom houses, and courthouses throughout the confederacy. Here's a map

Leaving aside the question of whether secession is legal, the neoconfederate position on who started the Civil War is that Lincoln provoked the South to attack Ft Sumter by sending relief supplies.

Bernie holds house party for 100,000

Headline right from Thom's favorite news source, and you said they don't give any press to Sanders.

Does The Constitution Prohibit Secession Without Stating It?

Neoconfederate secessionists... curiously often people who call themselves "libertarians", claim that if the Constitution doesn't specifically prohibit secession then it permits it. They often point to the 10th Amendment which says

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

So if secession isn't prohibited... the argument goes, then it remains a matter of states rights.

Trump Wants Sarah Palin in his Administration

What postion would you give her? Think that he is thinking VP? Secratary of State? Secratary of Defense?


This just came in to my email and it's such exciting news everyone else might as well just pack up and forget about campaigning. LOL.....

Why are no democratic debates scheduled?

With the republicans having their first debate shortly I was curious when the democratics debate is scheduled. Come to find out there is zero information as to when, where and who would be hosting?

What is the deal? At this point in '07 there were already 4 debates.

Will Diebold Support Clinton Again?

Here is a link to some interesting information about the 2008 Primary results. It's something that Bernie Sanders really needs to look into, and talk about. If he wants to save our Democracy then he needs to stop these machines. They aren't just used to steal the General Elections.They are used in Primaries too.

Ask Clinton to Stand with Warren, Baldwin, O'Malley, and Sanders

Democracy for America has a petition up online asking Hillary Clinton to join Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley in supporting Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin's fight against the Wall Street Washington Revolving Door. You can read it (and sign it) at :

Elizabeth Warren Tweets Thanks to Sanders and O'Malley

Elizabeth Warren recently Tweeted a thank you to Democratic Presidential Candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley for their support of a Bill to stop the Wall Street Washington Revolving Door. Hillary wasn't included in the thank you Tweet because she has not said or done anything to support it. The Tweet can be found at:

Google May Use Truthfulness Measure In Seach Results...

Currently, Google's algorithm for determining how sites rank in a search result are based by how many other other sites across the web linked to a site. It was a popularity contest and junk was rising to the top. Given the vast amount of crap if not outright lies out there, Google may start to use a new method for ranking sites... by applying a truthfulness standard.

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President Barack Obama was set to speak directly to the North American Jewish community about the Iran nuclear deal via a live webcast to shore up support for the agreement

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