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Fox vs Harvard

The intellectual heavyweights of Fox & Friends challenge Harvard students to a duel. The students that are familiar with research beyond Roger Ailes' memos, and capable of critical thinking, answer a question.


On Tuesday, 33 US senators elected in November will be sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden — including 12 who are new to the chamber. The class includes 22 Republicans and 11 Democrats, a big reason why the GOP has a 54-46 majority in the Senate overall.

Torture Doesn't "Work"? Truth Or New Liberal Meme?

In another thread

Quote drc2:Torture works to intimidate, but not to produce information.
Let me first say I vehemently disapprove of torture. I wrote in another thread how I thought what might be a more effective interrogation technique. Even if torture worked, the US is bound to international law... and if we do it, other nations will feel free... or more free, to torture our prisoners.

Fox's sexist advice for women


Make him meals, massage his feet, stroke his ego, he will love you more and you will land that catch. Zenzoe, AIW, this is not the Onion, it's real.

Guns and children

A young mother in Idaho was shot dead by her 2 year old child (yes, 2)

She had a loaded handgun (registered) in her purse that was designed

with a special pocket for handguns. The 2 year old was able to unzip

the pocket, remove the gun and pull the trigger, killing the mother.

What was not reported or commented on by those in favor or against

gun control was how a 2 year old child could also figure out how to

"arm" the weapon by releasing the safety switch; unless, of course,

the safety was not on...

Port Authority Reform?


Both states passed reform bills in both houses, a big accomplishment, but both governors wany the favor bank a 7 billion dollar budget brings. 7 billion is bigger than over 20 state's budgets. They are both crooked, and Christie just flushed his presidential run.

Rick Snyder signs bills for drug testing welfare recipients

Rick Snyder signs bills for drug testing welfare recipients via

Reagan's Credit Card... Now Obama's

Thom is fond of saying that the economic growth of the Reagan era was due to his borrowing. What's Thom's saying... anyone can live large when putting a few trillion on the credit card giving the illusion of prosperity?

So here we are 30 years latter. True, Obama inherited the collapsed economy Bush left him. but Obama has left Wall Street intact and embraced the bulk of the irresponsible Bush tax cuts. The estimated on-budget deficit for FY15 is still a whopping -563,820 billion.


Injustice breeds Paranoia

We’ve all heard that the Obama Administration is a bit insular, paranoid and overly concerned with how they are perceived outside of their trusted circle of friends. Which came first, the paranoia or the treatment by figures of authority causing the paranoia? Think Caucus Room Conspiracy and overzealous Tea Partiers whose borderline violent actions going unchecked by local authorities.

Science Fraud

science-journal-fraud-paying-placement in peer reviewed journals.

American bribery is a great export. Fraud is multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and what capitalism is all about. [quote]

Conservative? Not if you favor funding the wars.

Why do we, and the mainstream media, allow politicians to label themselves "conservative" when they have funded wars with hundreds of billions of borrowed dollars, over and over? Even we on the left mistakenly accept this term for them.

Joe Cocker Requiescat In Pace

Joe Cocker Requiescat In Pace

John Robert Cocker, known to family, friends, his community and fans around the world as Joe Cocker, passed away on December 22 after a hard fought battle with small cell lung cancer. He was 70 years old.

And the rich get rich...

I needn't add anything to this:[quote]

Report: Gap Between Rich and Poor Hits New High

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The TPP Will Sink the Middle Class

Six years into his presidency, President Obama is now taking heat from a surprising place: congressional Democrats, who are lining up against his plan to force the Trans-Pacific-Partnership, or TPP, through congress without any debate whatsoever.

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