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"Fast Track" Vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership This Friday!

Here is a link that you can click on to look up contact information for your member of congress. You can call your congressional rep at their D.C. office.

How Should We Promote Economic Growth? Deficit Spending? Or Restructure Wall Street?

I tend to be somewhat of a deficit hawk. I'm not opposed to deficit spending... especially when government spending is needed to prop up a failing economy or in a national emergency. But we should then tax that growth to recoup that money. This opens up another topic if whether We The People should have placed a punitive tax of the Wall Street perps that imploded the economy for the rest of us.

For the past 35 years we've pissed away some 17 trillion on ourselves that we refuse to pay for... and many Dems under Obama have joined the GOP in this free lunch mentality.

Ask Hillary to Defend the Right to Debate

Subject: Hillary, Defend Voter Rights from the DNC


I started this petition because the attack on Democracy is bi-partisan. We need to take power over the elections away from the 1% and give it back to the American People.

That's why I created a petition to Hillary Clinton, Presidential Candidate.

Will you sign this petition? Click here:


Demand Hillary Clinton Join Fight Against TPP

We call upon potential candidate Hillary Clinton to join Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in actively and forcefully opposing President Obama's Trans Pacific Partnership. Anyone who wishes to be the Democratic Party's standard bearer must prove that they are more loyal to the working people of this country than they are to anyone in Washington or on Wall Street.

Sign The Petition:

Pretty Light Sentence For Child Porn

Something doesn't seem right about this child porn sentence.

Former Lake Forest official gets community service for porn conviction

NEWPORT BEACH – A former Lake Forest planning commissioner pleaded guilty Friday to possession of child pornography and was sentenced to 118 days of community service instead of jail.

Jerry J. Zechmeister, 62, of Lake Forest, also pleaded guilty to the sale or distribution of obscene matter.

Bait and Switch By Jerry Brown

Well kumbaya libs-there's too much of this going on in CA. Cap and trade is smelling like a scam and, even worse, the money is being redirected to the Governor's pet boondoogle. Here are excerpts.

"Spend cap-and-trade cash on water, not train

California should take the money going to Gov. Jerry Brown’s train and use it to build more water storage.

Police Shootings

Things must be getting bad. Even a libertarian/conservative newspaper in Orange County is running opinion pieces. Here are some excerpts.

Libertarian Police Force

libertarian-police-department [quote]

I was shooting heroin and reading “The Fountainhead” in the front seat of my privately owned police cruiser when a call came in. I put a quarter in the radio to activate it. It was the chief.

“Bad news, detective. We got a situation.”

“What? Is the mayor trying to ban trans fats again?”

Frank Brilliance

/2015/jun/04/barney-frank-hampered-brilliance/ is Gary Will's review of Frank's book/memoir. There are excerpts throughout, the one below is something Thom has reflected on before. A long game takes a different strategy, recognizing a win, no matter how small, and positing the alternative vs cost be it future cost or present price, or value of a possible foundation for future maneuvers are part of the game theory Frank understood and utilized.

14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would be a REALLY REALLY BAD President article....

I stumbled on this article and thought there might be a few people here that wouldn't want to miss it so here is the link.

Hillary's "Apology"

I was trying to find out whether or not Hillary ever apologized to the Iraqi People for her vote in favor of the war. I searched Google and found a ton of stories with "Hillary apologizes" in the headline, but when I clicked on them, although I found the word, "mistake", I could not find the words, "I'm sorry", anywhere in any of these stories. Can anyone here help me out? Did she ever actually apologize for this vote?

Another leftie myth shattered--Govt agencies are always efficient

Time to modify this agency?

Social Security overpaid nearly half receiving disability benefits in past decade.

Pursuit of happiness covers why seeking happiness can fail. Before Reagan selfishness became the American norm people were friendly and reciprocity not a cottage industry like the mafia counted on. Monkee happiness is a fact, monkees share food or whatever monkees have to share and they smile, do not keep books for favors rendered or debts incurred to be repaid or cashed in. They do not refuse help like all good GOP members, if only to brag about who they screwed and by how much.

Republicans are Optimistic U.S. House WILL PASS FAST-TRACK in June

Ryan said he was slowly winning over the remaining undecided Republicans. "Here's what I'm telling our members: Free trade is fundamental to who we are as conservatives. This is about a stronger economy and a stronger national security. The world is watching, that is very clear. They want to know whether America can still lead or whether we in retreat or decline, as some would say."

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Fifty years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the bill that created Medicare and ensured that senior citizens would never again have to go without life-saving medical care.

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