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Exclusive: Congressman Justin Amash, Why The GOP is So Afraid Of Him

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By: | 27 March 2014

The Silencing of the Left...Liberals are the Biggest Wimps in America

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What do you Think would Happen if George Soros bought Fox News and 2,000 Radio Stations…and then Fired Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Rush Limbaugh?? There would be Riots in the Streets…and an Uproar that Would Not Quit…

        So what do You think Happened when Comcast bought MSNBC and then Immediately Fired Keith Olbermann, the Number One TV Liberal News Commentator, to ‘Neutralize him’ just One year before the Last Election??

Bible Porn

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The "Noah" movie is causing a ruckus on the right.

Democrats running in 2014: Promise that you will work for a Public Option. Force your GOP opponent to say no to that.

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Do you really think Heritage thought up Obamneycare to make government look & work better? Ha Ha!

We've been had folks.  If we liberals believe we can prove that the government can do good things via Obamacare --yet another conservative policy set up to DISCREDIT GOVERNMENT & drain the treasury into private health industry coffers (a la Medicare pt.D)-- we're headed for a rude awakening in 2014.

California State Sen. Leland Yee Indicted on Weapons Charges, Was Gun Control Crusader

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"A California state senator busted on arms trafficking and corruption charges in an FBI sweep has a legislative record of fighting for stronger gun control laws.

How bout we just find our own set or of Anti-Koch Brothers??!

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Surely we can use the convincing logic of REALITY to inspire a few enlightened billionaires to make their own liberal mark on history not just for ideological reasons, but because it's better for business.  the Kochs are trying to buy the roaring twenties, merely for the immediate quarter's profits' sake. Lets get to work & find a super rich person or 5 who want to buy the 60's & 70's economy?!

Koch math

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Americans for Prosperity (Koch propaganda unit) representative on Chris Hayes was explaining why medicaid expansion is a bad idea. She said 133% of poverty line is $94,000.00 a year and thus not deserving of medicaid. I bet she was home schooled. Maybe those gop governors rejecting medicaid are using the same math.

After the 1300 a month for family of 1 for 133% poverty line, each family member ups it 450 a month. 94000/12 - 1200 = 7833.

"Labor board: Northwestern University football players can unionize"

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"(CNN) -- The National Labor Relations Board in Chicago has ruled that football players at Northwestern University are employees and can unionize, the board said Wednesday.

Bad Medicine


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