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LNG Exports...It's GOING to RAISE OUR PRICES! Russia & Ukraine play into this also!

I have been against LNG EXPORTS (Liquefied Natural Gas) for a couple of years now because of several reason. First of all, if you think they are fracking in too many areas now, JUST WAIT until they get the permits to build and export LNG to the open markets. They will be fracking in YOUR front and backyard!


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The Text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Held In Secrecy

An example of how dishonest business people do things. They withhold information and then try to rush you through the negotiation process before you have had time to actually read the contract text and see the flaws in the agreement. Barack Obama is now acting like a very dishonest business person in his lobbying for multi-national companies with TPP.

Extremism defined by an extremist.

one-party-has-become-more-extreme-and-one-hasnt. Facts and stats show the GOP has slip the pendulum or taken the party to the cliff's edge, but NY Times Peter Behnert says the Dems are extremists while the GOP are still vanilla. political_polarization_2014. has the graphs. Cognitive dissonance may apply, but it could be what I call Catch -24*.

Clown Car

Bernie Sanders for President!!!!

If you are a Bernie Sanders fan like I am, you're going to want to donate to his campaign but that's not what I am posting a link for.

You are also going to want to check out this site to get official "Bernie Sanders for President 2016" tee-shirts, hats, pins, bumper stickers, lawn signs, key chains and maybe some other assorted things I might have missed.

SCOTUS Gets Another Shot At Illegal Immigrants

"Supreme Court could deal California 'a one-two punch' on redistricting

In recent years, California voters have backed a series of changes to the state's elections system to reshape its political landscape. Now, potential upheaval is brewing again, this time from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Stumbled into a HORNETS NEST! Enemy territory!

Now and then I like to spy on the enemy to see what their spin is but this time I felt like I stumbled into a hornets nest! After reading an article that was posted on a website that I will link for you, I thought I would read the comment section. I was stunned especially when I read what one guy wanted to do to Bernie Sanders!

These people are out of their minds!!!!! PLEASE READ THE COMMENTS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ARTICLE!

Futility In Iraq

In a rare moment of truth telling, Defense Secretary Carter stated that the Iraqi army has no will to fight. Once again they turned tail and handed over territory to ISIS.

How the Lobbyists Promote the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal

People like U.S. trade representative Michael Froman who favors the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal are now acting as lobbyists for multi-national companies so that the companies can outsource production overseas where they can get cheap labor through the overvalued U.S. dollar compared to undervalued foreign currencies, for example in China and Vietnam. Also so they can avoid U.S. Taxes. Very small taxes on U.S. imports with much higher overall taxes on U.S. manufactured goods and their productive workers does NOT follow the original U.S.

Why is it......???

Why is it that we have Federal Laws that actually makes it HARDER for a state to impose restrictions that would make oil trains safer?

Local environmental groups oppose the transport of tar sands crude, which is extremely difficult to clean up, and which they say poses a risk to the Hudson River, Lake Champlain and other areas where railroad tracks run along the shoreline.

The 13 Democrats that Helped to rush Fast-Track through the Senate

Yes, I KNOW it passed. I am SO ANGRY that is passed. I wrote to MY SENATOR who's name is on this list!

Thought you might want to see who caved in!!

Are We Creating A Warrior Class?

The one thing I thought I could count on if the conspiracy buffs are right and the govt turns authoritarian, was that American soldiers wouldn't fire on US citizens. Now I am not so sure. Here are excerpts from the article.

The pedophile at the Family Research Council

I wasn't sure if I was even going to post this, because I do not give any credence to reality TV show stars. However, I think this needs to be said, whether the person involved is a reality show contestant, President or man walking down the street. Unless you are living under a rock, you know the story about Josh Duggar, policymaker at the Family Research Council, who resigned this past week because he molested 4 of his younger siblings and another underage woman as a teenager. I won't go into the blatant hypocrisy, because I think we a

A Progressive for Secession

Tom Woods interview Kirkpatrick Sale of the Middlebury Institute.

Interview link here.

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