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A Billionaire

If you are 40 and have amassed 1 billion USA dollars and you lived to 90. You would have to spend $54,757.01 per day to go broke on your death date. We have virtually no inheritance tax. There is approximately 492 Billionaires in the USA. Bill Gates with 76 Billion at the top.

Should the Pope excommunicate Catholic all politicians? by Thomas DiLorenzo

“If . . . taxation is compulsory, and is therefore indistinguishable from theft it follows that the State, which subsists on taxation, is a vast criminal organization far more formidable and successful than any ‘private’ Mafia in history.”

–Murray Rothbard, “The Nature of the State”

“There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.”

Peace and Prosperity from Democratic Administrations?

Thom, much as i enjoy your salutary liberal voice on the airwaves, one of your offhand remarks on Fridays program set my teeth on edge. FDR did NOT bring a generation of "peace & prosperity" for this country -- prosperity, yes (mainly due to military Keynesianism & hefty corporate subsidies, as well as the regulations you mentioned) but PEACE? Hardly so for the third world, which suffered enormous violence under the Pax Americana. But even for the Americans themselves, how can you gloss over Korea & Vietnam so cavalierly?

"polyversity"--against the hegemonic privatization of the University

The ideological formation of the University as Corporation is a mirror of the rightist Wall-Street frustration with failed austerity and invulnerability to a progressive critique. The study of the Humanities-and Philosophy in particular--is stigmatized today by the investors and ideolo

What Is The MARKET Value Of Those Benefits and Immunities We Give Corporations?

This is one of those questions that seems so obvious... and yet I've never heard it asked... and I feel foolish for it finally dawning on me.

Thom once said companies like Microsoft were welfare queens because government grants them intellectual property monopolies called patents and copyrights. Who knows what the market value of these protections are.

But it doesn't end there.

In another thread about Social Security there was a go around about what various forms of private disability and survivors insurance might cost in the market. It was an interesting exercise.

Apartheid Solution

Apartheid is the solution to America's border influx of refugees from countries it had destroyed and imposed the Washington Consensus on. TX has done this in Paris,TX with great success. The maimed children denied asylum could be deported to friendly Costa Rica that has a naval base and could construct a gated internent camp system (with the child refugee labor) to alleviate the stressors to Americans and their prison complex costs, their military complex costs, their lobby reciprication costs and more....

Correct my right wing friend on his huge misconceptions please

I got an old friend from High School that I recently reconnected with last year and have been following on Facebook. He claims he is Libertarian, but most of his posts always seem to reflect what is being said in right wing echo chambers across the internet. For instance, he's anti-evolution, and a climate change denier. He loves to make many posts about the climate debate, and keeps using fringe sources like they are oracles of wisdom. He's super smart. Very well read.

Message Board Hijacked?

It looks like the message board has been overrun-can a moderator please block the spam?

Amnesty International on the child border crisis

Amnesty international has an online action telling President Obama to protect the rights of the children detained at the U.S. border at :

GOP theft

economy-bush-taxcuts cost 48k per taxpayer or per taxpayer household. 6.6 trillion was stolen, 4 trillion spent on mic and halliburton war profiteering, but paid for a lot of congressmen, lobbyists, and judicial appointments. America is the #1 banana republic in the world, don't it make you proud?

Class action potential?

/dollar-shave-club-upscale-9-moisturizer anti-aging for men promises 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Men that are aging might only be 95% satisfied or even less. A settlement ought to include an option to verify it's anti-aging qualities by a digital photo that could be kept in a closet to compare the degrees of gray experienced vs digital records offered to be kept in the cloud by Dorian Inc. to protect from hackers and unsavoury photo shoppers.

How the Republican Hold on the South Could Collapse

I think it will happen sooner rather than later.


How the Republican Hold on the South Could Collapse

By Pema Levy / July 8, 2014 11:41 AM EDT

OMG... I'm A Moderate? What Would A Moderate's Manifesto Look Like?

I'm not sure what Thom means by the radical middle... but what would a radical moderate manifesto look like?

Lee Fang writes in The Nation magazine: The Real Reason Pot Is Still Illegal

The Real Reason Pot Is Still Illegal

Opponents of marijuana-law reform insist that legalization is dangerous—but the biggest threat is to their own bottom line. Lee Fang

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It’s Time for Bill O’Reilly to Get Real about White Privilege

It’s time for white America to get real about white privilege. Last night, Bill O’Reilly came from back vacation early to host a special edition of “The Factor”, one that he said would “tell the truth” about what’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri.

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