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The Modern GOP Playbook

1) When the GOP is in power: start wars, enact policies that weaken the country/damage public health, create massive debt, hurt the middle class, and enrich the 1%.

Last of a dying breed [hopefully]

The case-for-more-babies

the author of the book in review Jonathan Last, bemoans the birth dearth and asserts it will be the decline of civilization. The reasons for said decline of population (US 209 million in 1970 to 310 million in 2010 in spite of the fertility rate was below his magic imperative replacement number of 2.1 [except 2006 and 07 what happened then?])

Reasons are [quote]

New Career Choice?

The ongoing debates for this election have moderators. Moderators moderate, to moderate is to even out, calm, prevent extremes. Jerry Springer type discussions or Fox Ruse segments don't do moderation. The theme is like WWE pro wrestlers hype. The debates among the gop/tea party/fox crowd need an alternative to moderators. Stimulators have another association [fluffers are in that realm I've read], but Agitators could be trained, even licensed. Don Rickes school is for the apprentices, or associates degree of annoyance.

We Need An Ebola Travel Ban Now

We all remember SARS, right? It was barely contained in China and N America. Then it again escaped from a bio-containment lab.

I find Ebola more insidious... especially in a nation like ours that has a fragmented health care system, doesn't mandate employers to offer sick days, and doesn't have universal health care or one that can pivot on a dime.

We were the nation that would stop Ebola in its tracks. All we've seen is utter incompetence in TX and from the CDC.

GOP Criticism of Obama's Response to Ebola Hypocritical Beyond Belief

Never missing an opportunity to bash the President, the GOP is criticizing his response to the ebola outbreak but let's look at how Republican demigod Ronald Reagan handled the greatest health crisis of his presidency:


Scientific & Government

Community & Society
Response & Events



Voting Fraud

All I hear from Republicans is fear of Ebola (we should tell the it's at the voting booths!), and outrage about the voting fraud.

Does anyone know where substantiated statistics about Voting Fraud (or lack there of) can be found? Thanks.

Chevron Takes Over A Small Town

How Chevron swamps a small city with campaign money and bogus news

Hillary's Advice To Liberals

"My fellow Americans, if I could offer you only one tip to help my 2016 Presidential run, it's this: do not donate to Counterpunch!" - Hillary Clinton.

Evidently, donating to a liberal/progressive website is a no no.

Retired Monk - "Ideology is a disease"

Market Crash

Is this market crash just before the 2014 elections a Republican Conspiracy?

Reaganism = Ebola. A toxic model, accepted and curated by both political parties.

It's pretty clear that both of the major parties in this country have concluded somehow that Reagan got it right and that there is no need to depart in any significant way from the course he set us on back in the early 1980's. When Reagan dramatically lowered taxes on the top earners and further inflated the national debt with massive military spending, the idea was to place a downward pressure on New Deal government programs that benefitted the health and well-being of the poor and middle class. As predicted, those gr

The Church of Football

Sayreville NJ Highschool team hazing with sexual assault, a coach with steroids and hypodermics, and parents upset that the game shall not go on. Learning to cheat early must be the key to success. Immunity from those lame civil behavioral standards that common folk adopt is also key, as long as you win.

The Slow Erosion Of Abortion Rights

For abortion foes, a national strategy built at the state level

Doctor goes to great lengths to keep abortion accessible

The Perversion Of The CA Initiative Process

Here's a current example of how special interests have corrupted the CA initiative process for the past 20 years. It is just a fantasy to have a public discussion on the actual merits of a proposition.

"The 5 rules on how to kill a consumer-friendly initiative

California's initiative process can shine a bright light on how money and influence work their magic in American politics.

How To Campaign In Arkansas

Arkansas annually battles Mississippi for the number one spot in the race to be the poorest state in the union. It also has a very high stupidity quotient approaching that of Mississippi as well. So if you're Tom Cotton, GOP Koch lapdog candidate for the senate, you blast Obama incessantly in your speeches and debates. It's the path to victory amongst the racist ignorant electorate.

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