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Why do I distrust Biden?

If I am not mistaken Obama and Shillary both voted the same way.

Biden, representing the credit card company capitol of the world voted in the Senate to make it much easier for corporations to file for bankruptcy while making it much more difficult for PEOPLE

Don't Pick a VP Who Opposes Diplomacy

Credo Action has a petition up at: (I think it's up at Daily Kos as well) asking the announced Democratic Presidential Candidates to pledge to not choose a running-mate who opposes the Iran Deal.

Republicans are NOT against socialism...

Recently I posted on my facebook page the following big "aha" I had: "Republicans and conservatives are not against socialism for THEM. They are against socialism for YOU and for We The People. American taxpayer dollars subsidize their companies while they reap the rewards but if/when things go wrong they stick the American taxpayer with the bill. That's how "the system" is rigged.

Trump's Premature Climax Problem

Let me preface my remarks by saying that, despite Donald Trump's objectionable views and nature (not to mention his abhorrent taste), I am really enjoying the Trump candidacy. I think his views are repugnantly racist, his policy prescriptions lacking in substance and absurd and his knowledge of even the fundamentals surrounding relevant issues lacking but still I am enamoured of his candidacy -- not him, just the spectacle he's making of himself. Obviously the media is as well. How could it not when he's doing

The Tragedy of WDBJ7 TV News Reporter Killings: Did he snap over nothing? Nobody needs to know.

Gunman Vester Lee Flanagan, aka Bryce Williams, former employee at WDBJ7 News, claimed “he was suffering from racial discrimination and sexual harassment at work, as a homosexual African-American.”

'The Real History of Drugs' Educates Millions

By Tony Newman / Drug Policy Alliance August 24, 2015

A new series of videos explains the motivations behind our 'War on Drugs'

The United States’ longest, unwinnable war is the "war on drugs." Despite decades of arrests and locking up millions of Americans, politicians and PSA’s urging us to “Just Say No,” illegal drugs are still as available as ever.

Common Core

Teaching to the test was NCLB not common core. Teaching to the tests is ignorant (NCLB is from TX). Kasich, gov of OH, blamed teacher's lounges, "Because that's where teachers talk to each other about their students". Now they want local standards, so creationism instead of biology, and prayer healing instead of germs and infection, will ease the parent's concerns.

I took Ohio survey tests from about the 4th grade on, every two years. This evaluated counties within the state by percentiles and each student within the state by percentiles.

Would a Biden candidacy boost Sanders?

It seems to me that Biden in the race would hurt Hillary much more than Sanders as the establishment vote would be split. If Biden, as seems to be the case, is supported by the President that should peel off a significant chunk of Hillary voters.

Triangle Marijuana Growers and the Rise of Solar Power

By Martin A. Lee / Project CBD August 12, 2015

A nascent solar power industry made it possible for 1970s Northern California pot farmers to do their thing. And vice versa.

When solar energy pioneer John Schaeffer sold the first photovoltaic panel to a U.S. retail customer in Mendocino County in 1978, he didn’t realize that he had struck a decisive blow against the war on drugs.

Coverage of Bernie Sanders in the New York Times

Ralph Nader on Left-Right Alliance Against Corporatism

Some on this board are more worried about Party and Label than they are about Truth and Justice. Here, from is part of an interview with Ralph Nader in which he talks about why Left and Right have to band together in order to stop War a

Amelia Weaver’s Miraculous Recovery on Medical Marijuana

Amelia Weaver.jpg

When 18-month-old Amelia Weaver caught the flu, her mother took her to see the doctor. Amelia had her first seizure in the pediatrician’s office.

“Watching my baby have a seizure was the scariest experience of my life,” mother Angie recalls. At first, it seemed a one-time episode. A year passed. Three-year-old Amelia was walking, talking, learning her letters, and counting up to 20.

Bernie Sanders Announces Support For Iran Nuclear Deal

Unlike the nation of Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Bernie Sanders does support Diplomacy with Iran and opposes war with Iran. In previous posts here we had someone saying that he opposed Bernie Sanders because of his ties with being Jewish. Yet Bernie Sanders in actual practical application does not agree with Benjamin Netanyahu. Bernie is for U.S. diplomacy with Iran, while Netanyahu is not for diplomacy.

Judicial Branch Again Engaging in a Power Grab from Congress

Conservatives are always screaming about "judicial activism" or "legislating from the bench" but, in most instances, that resentment is purely projection. They engage in the dirty tactic so often that, whenever a ruling goes soome way they don't care for, they assume that liberals are engaging in judicial activism as well but in truth it is they who most often are guilty of employing this anti-democratic tactic.

Bobby Jindal To Screen Child Pornography Videos On His Lawn

Bobby Jindal To Screen Child Pornography Videos On His Lawn

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Tsipras beings ‘race to reform' following Greek confidence vote

The first set of 48 reforms which include tax hikes and pension cuts needs to be turned into law by October 15

Refugee Kickstarter Nearing 5,000 Beds

A Kickstarter campaign was formally launched Monday, and by Thursday morning the initial goal of $735,000 had been met

ISIS Training Russian-Born Fighters In Afghanistan: Report

Some of the trainers include U.S. and U.K. citizens, the diplomat said

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Why the Media isn’t Covering Citizens United

Americans have always been skeptical of corporate power. In fact, this country was founded by a revolt against the biggest corporation of its day - the British East India Company.

You know how conservatives are always going on about how the Boston Tea Party was an example of America’s anti-government roots?

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