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Is Bernie Blowing It?

I think Bernie has a messaging problem. He has to know that his self description as a democratic socialist would give many pause... and yet I still don't see him providing skeptics a decent explanation that would assuage their concerns or fears. He talks of what some foreign nations are doing for their people when he should be using the principles behind US programs... like Social Security, Medicare, etc.

Please get this to Bernie, hey?

1. Bernie isn't being very clear for the benefit of Democrats that aren't so well educated.

"The Revolution" really must be changed to motivating our voters to "Vote Out the Republicans". Getting the vote out, ok?

Nominating Bernie is political suicide.

So many are being so fooled by all the Bernie hype. Yes, he is drawing big crowds of young people, and liberal activicts. So did George McGovern in 1972. I'll never forget how excited we all were. It is not that Bernie isn't right on most of the issues, it's that it won't sell in middle America.

Half of the people polled say they will NOT vote for a "Socialist." I know that Bernie is a "Democratic Socialist." Do you really think we will be able to explain this to the average voter?

will some women accuse Donald J. Trump of having committed sex crimes against them

like the ways a few women accused Arnold Schwarzenegger of having committed sex crimes against them?

question about bernie's policies

How exactly will bernie sanders policies help the middle class?

Will they lower their taxes?

Will they cause price of products to fall?

Will their wages go up? If so how will he force employers to pay more?

What is his stance on illegal immigration? Will he deport them or move them to the front of the line for government hand outs?

Will he secure the boarder so we can get a handle on the illegal immigration problem? If so how?

If social security taxes go up will he increase the amount you get back to correspond with the amount you pay in?

Koch Interview

Fox is advertising a Charle Koch inerview at 9:30 EST. Very biased I am sure but worth watching.

Could we see the corporate lame stream media push for more Democratic debates?

The first Democratic primary debate pulled in 15 million viewers, which doubled optimistic predictions.

This debate pulled in 5 million more viewers then the final Obama, Clinton primary debate in the middle of a heated primary in April that could potenially put the first women or african american in office

The reason for this record breaking viewership is all of the Bernie sanders supporter tuning in to feel the Bern.

Dissent Allowed?

"Dissent will be allowed as long as it's ineffective" - Prof. Wolin, Princeton Univ.

Interview, Jill Stein, Presidential Candidate, Green Party:

JAY: Well, you didn't get into the debates last time. In fact, instead of getting into the debates, you got into jail. You might as well quickly tell us what happened

.STEIN: Into a dark site, actually.

Why Build the Green Party?

Jill Stein:

When I ran for governor in Massachusetts in 2002 and I got into this debate where the instant online viewer poll had me coming out ahead, they brought out all the living Clintons and Kennedys to go around the state and tell people that a vote for me was a vote for Romney and to scare people. So they played scare politics and fear politics a lot.

Ask the banks to play nice, Really?

The hedge fund known as Hillary Clinton for President LLC is Wall Street's hedge bet for POTUS. America's #1 issue is the influence of money in politics and Hillary Clinton is the Democrat poster child promoting the problem. As a matter of fact, her husband as the former leader of the Democratic party, created the problem by cozying with big business and moving the party to the right. The word Corporate-Democrat was born of the Clinton presidency.

The debate

#1 CNN described Bernie as a "self proclaimed socialist".

Watch Debate Here...

Don't have cable or CNN... try this link

Don't fall for the ad that your flash player is out of date. I just updated today and still got it.

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