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BERNIE OR BUST and What is the Democratic Party not getting?

Hillary will NEVER have my vote because of who SHE is and what her record has shown about her true character and how she has conducted herself throughout this campaign.

Bernie should use Panama Papers to GO FOR THE KNOCK OUT!

Its time for Bernie to take the gloves off! He needs to hit Hillary HARD on her personal financial involvement in "the Panama Papers." He should ask her point blank, what off-shore tax haven does she has her "missing" $50 million stashed in!!!

War is a Total Lie!

Bernie Sanders Predicted Panama Papers Scandal back in 2011

Bernie Sanders Predicted Panama Papers Scandal back in 2011

I would guess the H Bush Panama invasion had to do with money, drugs and drug laundering money!

How Television Sold the Panama Invasion

How Our 1989 Invasion of Panama Explains the Current US Foreign Policy Mess

MA Bernie Volunteers report Sabotage

Massachusetts Volunteers for Bernie Sanders Report Internal State Level Campaign Sabotage

[BBvideo 425,350][/BBvideo]

All my internet investigation confirms what's in the video. This reddit post if very thorough.

LSD could make you smarter, happier and healthier. Should we all try it?

In 1970, Congress dropped psychedelics into the war on drugs. After a decade of Timothy Leary, "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" and news reports of gruesome murders, the federal government declared that the drugs had no medical use -- and high potential for abuse. The chairman of New Jersey's Narcotic Drug Study Commission called LSD "the greatest threat facing the country today ... more dangerous than the Vietnam War."

LSD could make you smarter, happier and healthier.
Should we all try it?

Ironic: Clinton Uses Citizens United to Buy State Democratic Parties!

CounterPunch has a great article up showing how Hillary Clinton has "earned" the loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties by setting up a fund to funnel large sums of donations their way: .

Trump is finally having his hot air baloon punctured by the press...

I predict that the mainstream press can and will take Donald Trump down in the coming weeks. The press could of course have done this at any time, but instead, they shamefully toyed with him, giving him an easy ride and 24/7 coverage.

Tomorrow April 2nd, DC Smoke Out the White House

Marijuana Advocates To Smoke Pot at White House
CN: By Aaron C. Davis March 31, 2016 Washington Post

Attention senior class-trip chaperones, cherry blossom lovers, and anyone else who may wander by the White House on Saturday: Brace yourself for a cloud of marijuana smoke — and, possibly, mass arrests.

Hillary Clinton OUTRAGED When Asked About Contributions From Fossil Fuel Industry

Hillary Clinton OUTRAGED When Asked About Contributions From Fossil Fuel Industry (Hillary needs a nurse before she Nukes!)

A Bernie Under Every Bed

Notice how, whenever Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton get confronted by a protestor, they blame it on the Bernie Sanders campaign?


Please join me in signing this petition that calls on Hillary Clinton to release the transcripts of her paid speeches to the big banks on Wall Street. Let's "push" her to do the right thing and live up to her claims of transparency.

The Miscarriage of Justice Department

The difference between a policy and a crusade is that a policy is judged by its results, while a crusade is judged by how good it makes its crusaders feel.
-- Thomas Sowell

US Seeks Maximum—If Paltry—
Sentence for 'Cold-Blooded' Coal CEO

U.S. government on Monday requested the maximum sentence of one year in prison for the man once described as the "poster boy for malevolent big business."

The Trump-Sanders Populist Constituency

Excellent piece about what is really driving the campaigns of these two mavericks. The main reason in my view why both are so despised/feared by their respective party establishments is because they are both NATIONALISTS(not to be confused with IMPERIALISTS) and the new world order crowd despises nationalism for the main reason is that it empowers and uplifts populations by and large.

Hillary Clinton looks to be conceding Wisconsin; troubles loom for New York

Hillary Clinton looks to be conceding Wisconsin; troubles loom for New York

It looks as though Hillary Clinton is giving up on Wisconsin, conceding it to rival Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders, as she hunkers down in New York to prepare for a battle there.

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Who rejected United States-North Korea peace talks?

There were conflicting reports on Sunday regarding a recent proposal for United States-North Korea peace talks which was allegedly made before North Korea"s recent nuclear test

U.K. Pound Falls As Markets Get Brexit Jitters

Bloomberg said on Monday the pound had sustained its biggest fall against the dollar in 11 months

Clinton: I'll defend Israel but push for 'two-state solution

Hillary Clinton believes both Republican candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz "missed the mark" with their approach to the Israel-Palestinian Arab conflict

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We Don't Need Another Cable Giant.

Thanks to the FCC, two-thirds of our nation's high-speed internet subscribers may soon be under the control of just two companies.

According to a recent article over at, that agency has approved Charter Communication's $90 billion dollar takeover of two other cable providers: Time Warner and Bright House Networks.

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