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Used Tool for $1.8 million at auction

/used-tool-purchased-1-8-million? This tool was sort of a master tool, and had Bob Mcdonnell used one instead of his DIY job, he wouldn't be in court. It takes a committed apprenticeship to become a professional ATM.

Empathy, for or against?

paul-bloom-against-empathy [quote]Some degree of emotional empathy is bred in the bone. The sight and sound of another’s suffering is unpleasant for babies and, as soon as they are mobile enough, they try to help, patting and soothing others in distress.

Patents: To Promote Progress or to Protect Profits?

The Constitution is clear as to the purpose of the patent system. Like the Second Amendment, it's one of the few areas of the Constitution that states a specific purpose. It's to:

To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;

Corporate Invasions Of Privacy: Diminishing Returns and Higher Overhead

The systematic invasions of personal privacy by corporations is probably more intensive and invasive than anything the government does. Our buying, surfing, habits are tracked, and along with other data streams from public sources and mobile devices are combined into Big Data databases that are up for sale to the highest bidder. Yes there's a big market for this data because companies think it can be used to better manipulate us.

Fox War Drums

Fox is pounding the War Drums again. War sells. They have pulled the video clip of the terrorists training on monkey bars out of the file. They show the Terrorist pictures shooting their guns in the air. They give plenty of time to the Republicans to talk big war talk and pound their chests. Also, to say that Obama does not know what he is doing. They get Hawkish Democrats to pound the drums and split the party. Diane Feinstein and Hillary have that need to sound tough. How many Congressmen and Senators have children in the military? Damn any coalition.

Now it is Obama's Tan Suit

Now it is Obama's Tan Suit that has the Republicans upset. I wish he had been in a Tee Shirt and Levi's.

Move To Amend has ALWAYS needed a Plan B... is this it?

I've frequently debated Steve.I.Am from MTA that the likelihood of that amendment ever becoming law is about 5%... and then it might take 10-20 years.

MTA has always needed a Plan B. One I suggested in the past was going after corporate tax breaks if corporations interfere in politics. This isn't as radical as it sounds since we do this with religious organizations.

Pay Ransom or Not?

With the recent execution of US journalist Foley and ransom sought to avert his executuion a morality play arises. Should you kill the fat man? or The Trolley Problem are both similar to the ransom- pay it or not problem. Paying it causes money to be offered for more killing and also more kidnapping and more ransoms. Not paying it dooms an innocent player in the drama. Saving more lives by sacrificing some is a harder question for some than it is for others.

Now it's Burger King That Plans to Screw US Taxpayers by Moving its Headquarters out of the Country

It's not enough that Burger King is intent on letting taxpayers pick up the slack in supporting those necessities of life that its low wages just don't cover (food stamps, section 8 housing, medicaid) now it wants to become a low-life corporate tax dodger as well. So if they don't want to support the country that supports them then so be it; spread the word that eating at Burger King is unAmerican!

Thom Hartmann Glenn Beck follower

Only about five years too late Thom, but it is clear you have been listening to, and come to the realization that Beck is 100% on the Saudi connection. You may be turning into moderate conservative on this topic after all.

Doing an Ed Schultz on us?

Deja Vu All Over Again: Will Fear-Mongering Hawks Talk Us Into Yet Another War?

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