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The Right's Fear of Democracy

The right often warns of democratic, majority rule....fearing the majority may vote themselves a large largesse. It's brought up over and over on this Forum by those on the right. I can see where that may be so....adequate incomes, adequate housing, adequate food, adequate and affordable health care. Since the U.S. only generates $200,000 annually for every family of 4, there is a limit. I doubt, however, that fulfilling basic needs would ever come close to gobbling up the national income.

Chicago to Get 7 More ATF Agents

After meeting with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, U.S.

"White House Hid Huge Spike Of Families Crossing Border"

"New data shows the White House has painted a false picture of the Central American migration by hiding a huge spike in “family units” who are illegally crossing the Texas border.

John Boehners Lawsuit

Legal folks - has anyone thought that the reasoning for Bohners lawsuit is to get it up to the SCOTUS so that they can get rid of the ACA that way? all he has to do it is steer it in the general direction and the SCOTUS can take it up (like citizens united) and rule it unconstitutional that way. I imagine that Roberts would love to please the people that are no doubt giving him hell for upholding it to begin with. I am sure that they can find standing (seemingly the tough part) in some court and then it can make it's way to them.

Has The GOP Metastasized Into A Pathological Suicide Cult?

First... it really doesn't matter what people say. They'll always claim noble motives for whatever atrocity or outrage they've convinced themselves they are not perpetrating.

That being said... should we worry that a radical fringe of the GOP has so carefully crafted a narrative that many True Believers on the Right have found reasonable and noble... but is actually destroying this nation?

Boehner's Lawyer Penned a Great Argument Against His Lawsuit

One of the most convincing conservative arguments for why John Boehner's lawsuit is a huge waste of time and money happens to have been written by the person House Republicans have tapped to argue their case.

KKK recruitment offers

/kkk-gives-out-goodie-bags-to-recruit-new-knights Summer clearance! Buy our summer hoods by July 24th get the robes half off! Tell your friends and our new KKK advantage credit card is available with no annual fee, and double points for those holiday purchases of our Crosses presoaked in kerosene using our patented petrol injection method Keronject proven more effective than creosote and an improvement over our old Kerosoak..

Time Warner

Rupert Murdoch is trying to by Time Warner for 80 Billion dollars. Says he will sell CNN. Do we need more media under his control?

SCOTUS Recognition Of Corporate Personhood A Violation Of 14th AND 10 Amendments?

This is still half thought out.. but I figured I toss the topic out for input.

Corporate personhood seems to have its roots in what appears to be a blatant bastardization of the 14th Amendment...

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The Real Carbon “Monster” Revealed

Another day, another stupid assault on the truth by the fossil fuel industry and its paid lackeys. In a recent op-ed for the New York Post, Tom Harris, the executive director of the so-called International Climate Science Coalition -- an organization that’s funded, in part, by the fossil fuel industry -- blasted Leonardo DiCaprio for his work on “Carbon,” a new documentary on climate change that I helped write and present.

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