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Past Supporters of Elizabeth Warren are Going Against Her Wishes

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has had several tweets in which she criticizes Donald J. Trump. I recall having received an email which she wrote in which she says that she is working her heart out to prevent the election of Trump, which means that voters would have to choose the Democratic candidate, instead.

Congress stops medical marijuana research in its tracks

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"
~ Upton Sinclair

Congress stops medical marijuana research in its tracks

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!!!

It ain’t over ’til it’s over:[quote]

Clinton facing 10 years in prison

May 18, 2016

Source: Horn News

At a time when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton should be focusing on beating billionaire Donald Trump, she may spend the next few months just trying to beat the rap.

DNC's Brilliant Strategy for Victory in November

"The Domocratic Party is our private club, we don't have to let the voters in if we don't want to."

Time To Dump Wasserman Schultz

Need we count the reasons why? Debate schedule. Refusing Sanders campaign access to Dems list. Scolding Sanders for behavior of his supporters in New Mexico.

Bill Moyers is a pretty damn good judge of power mongers and she fits the bill. She's the Katherine Harris of the Democratic Party.

Clinton Scandals: Is The Family’s Charitable Foundation A Fraud?

After reading information from the below link it looks like "YES". The Clinton family's charitable foundation is a Fraud.

Corruption: With each new revelation, the murky world of the Clinton family finances only seems to get murkier — and dirtier. And a new report suggests it’s no accident.

Trump Campaign Causes More Violence

Look-more violence associated with the Trump campaign. Whoops-these were Democrats.

From Bernie Sanders Supporters, Death Threats Over Delegates

Union Ignores Law In Campaign

Union flouts law with endorsement letter

Parents, voters and taxpayers in Santa Ana might be surprised to learn they are indirectly furthering political campaigns benefiting the Santa Ana Educators’ Association – the local chapter of the California Teachers Association – in the unions’ quest to unseat Orange County Board of Education Trustees Robert Hammond and Kenneth Williams.

Why Are Prescription Drugs So Expensive?

Maybe because drug companies are willing to spend $100 million to defeat a California proposition that would lower drug prices. Can't wait for the non-stop barrage of misleading ads.

What Rift Between FOX NEWS and Donald Trump?

As I write this I am watching Megyn Kelly on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert so that she can promote her upcoming special in which she says she "cleared the air" with Donald Trump. The supposed rift between Donald Trump and FOX NEWS is pure theater in my opinion and this upcoming kissy face is, I'm convinced, only a farce meant to clean up Trump's reputation for being disrespectful to women. Donald Trump is FOX NEWS incarnate and so what has actually happened is just that FOX caught a glimpse of itself in the

Alabama Speaker Mike Hubbard to go on Trial; Gov. Dr. Robert Bentley Has Sex and Other Scandals

In October of 2014, Alabama's Speaker of the House was indicted on 23 felony charges. Hubbard is the owner of a broadcast media company, the Auburn Network, which has lucrative sports contracts with Auburn University. He also is connected with a printing company, Craftmaster Printing, which was used to print campaign literature for state political candidates with Republican Party money. Hubbard is going on trial this month, a delay being denied by the judge.


Consequences of a Trump Victory / Consequences of a Clinton Victory - Please Help Add to This

Not very good options with either outcome. However, we should start gaming this out.

CLINTON VICTORY: Mainly, the Republican party -- after having flirted with a candidate who made a campaign of openly mocking the GOP's effort to eliminate and restrict entitlements as well as its efforts at driving down wages through free trade deals and open border policies -- will revert back to a hard right party forever trying to enact the Ryan Plan.

Chris Hayes Interview with Texas Lt. Governor re Transgender Students

See an interview with the Texas Lt Governor @ All In with Chris Hayes

Texas insists it will forego federal education funds rather than comply with the Obama Administration mandate to treat trans students equally according to Title IX. Chris Hayes did an interview with the Texas Lt Governor regarding that topic and you can see it at the link above.

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