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They are going to Ram TPP up our A**. They passed fast track, Write to your Senators and Congressmen and the White House.

SA v. SS: Paul v. Cruz

Extremism is extremism. The rivalry between two components of the Nazi Party and government is instructive. The SA was the Nazi's first paramilitary wing. They were known as Brownshirts, or stormtroopers, or in German, the Sturmabteilung. The SS started as part of the SA. Eventually Heinrich Himmler rose through the ranks to become head of the SS, or Schutzstaffel.

Indianapolis Mayor Vetoes Homeless Bill of Rights but City Passes New Engagement Center

Indianapolis would have become the first city in the country to have a Homeless Bill of Rights, joining the states of Rhode Island and Illinois, with Proposal 291, which was passed by the Democratic majority City-County Council, but vetoed by outgoing Republican Mayor Greg Ballard. Ballard said that while the city is concerned about homeless people, he claimed that the Homeless Bill of Rights would accomplish nothing and that in good conscious he could not sign it. Proposal 291 was one of three recent proposals before the council pertaining to homelessness. For a complete

Which Woman on the $20?

The 9 year old that wrote to Obama and he referenced, and Sen Jeanne Shahean acted on had an impressive list of suggestions. She will be invited to the WH and Treasury when the change is authorized by Lew. The WH.Gov site should do a polling, and set the time frame. Congress can't tie their shoes (though velcro is popular with them). Her school must be proud. I haven't picked one yet but will. Any additions?

Ivan's Childhood: A Film about the Dead Losses of War

Ivan’s Childhood (1962) film 95 minutes (subtitled)

Capitalism Ended Child Labor In US????

In another thread LysanderSpooner made the claim that

Capitalism also end child labor.

What is Government? by (the late) Harry Browne

What Is Government?

To understand how government went wrong, we must understand what it is. Government dominates our lives; it is at the center of most news and most public discussion. And yet not one person in a hundred can explain what we mean by “government,” and no school or textbook bothers to provide a precise definition.

What is government? What makes it different from IBM or the Boy Scoutsor a local security company? What is there about government that enables it to do what other organizations can’t?

US cover up: Saudis behind 9/11

"The panel’s report also doesn’t explain why visitor security logs for the gated Sarasota community and photos of license tags matched vehicles driven by the hijackers, including 9/11 ringleader Mohamed Atta."

Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid

Let the great progressive cave-in begin.

Fun watching Hartmann backpedal.

Thanks Monica Lewinski's ex-boyfriends wife, the republicans phiolosophy now cannot lose.

Troubling ATF Tactics

Too busy to go after banksters, but get minorities on fake drug charges?

Is This The Core Libertarian Delusion?

Speaking of amusing libertarian cognitive dissonance... we're told that in a libertarian society with no government to hijack so its power can be abused, the sociopathic and self-serving rich will somehow learn to play nice because market pressures WILL provide the counterweight to their ambitions. If nasty company X sells unsafe food, products, or drugs, consumers can choose not to purchase from nasty company X. If nasty company Y abuses it workers and makes them woke in unsafe conditions, workers can choose not to work for nasty company Y. Problem solved...

Is Wisconsin Purging Public Libraries of Books?

Now, feel free to dismiss this as speculation, but I've made a recent discovery. I make book purchases online from time to time. I have recently bought $0.01 books from Amazon. A lot of these books come out of public libraries, a number of them come out of Wisconsin (small sample size). In a relatively short period of time, two 1 cent books from two different Wisconsin libraries: Howard Zinn's Declaration of Independence and Kim Phillips-Fein's Invisible Hand (both considered dissident).

Fascism come to America by Ralph Raico

Fascism come to America by Ralph Raico


Roosevelt Seizes the Country's Gold; the NRA and Fascism

America is Effed Up

/adopted-at-3-in-us--now-facing-deportation- He's now 40 years old with kids and a wife who is a permanent resident almost citizen. 37.5 years in the US yet will be deported. The more deportations the more money ICS gets.

Cops Mistake White Man For Black

10 cops beating on an unarmed captured white suspect-they must have thought he was black.

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How much did "fast track" cost the corporate elite?

It cost corporations less than $18,000 bucks per vote to get “fast track” passed in the United States Senate.

According to a recent analysis by The Guardian Newspaper, corporate members of the US Business Coalition for TPP donated more than $1.1 million dollars to Senate campaigns in the first quarter of 2015. The average Democrat received about $9,700 dollars and the average Republican raked in almost $20,000.

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