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Browser Extension Reveals Campaign Contributions

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"The  browser extension Greenhouse, available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, has been designed to make things easier for users of the browser

taxes and private property; not a long post but not a super short one either :)

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Lots of good posts on the message board lately. Just wanted to do my part by posting a stimulating and engaging bit of info. and ideas.

Is the third branch of government out of control?

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The other day I was checking out some of the other posts on this board when I came across one about the Supreme Court's decision to invalidate Obama's recess appointments. That particular ruling did not bother me overly much, since its something you could argue one way or another.

Is It Possible To Give Up Some Rights... And Gain More?

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Is it possible to give up some rights and gain more? Isn't this the core assumption behind the Constitution? And isn't this the core disagreement between libertarians and liberal2leftists?

In this regard, libertarians seem to see rights as a zero sum game... rights can only be lost, never created. And so starvation, and the refusal of individuals to donate food, are seen as possibly regrettable, but essential aspects of liberty... while a government safety net to prevent starvation is seen as tyranny since it's funded with involuntary taxation. 

Rumblings of Theocratic Violence

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Rumblings of Theocratic Violence

Working Families Party

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Could this take off?

Already some successes. Nothing much that I can find in Middle America. Any members here?


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This case remains one of the most troubling chapters in this nation’s crackdown after 9-11. Despite the jury verdict and the agreement reached to allow Dr. Al-Arian to leave the country, the Justice Department continued to fight for his incarceration and for a trial in this case. It will remain one of the most disturbing cases of my career in terms of the actions taken by our government. -- Jonathan Turley, attorney for Dr. Al-Arian

Did Bonhoeffer die for good Nazis or bad Nazis?

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Perhaps this off-year election’s October surprise is being telegraphed to happen in September as the release date of Rick Santorum’s new movie “One Generation Away”. The trailer is beyond belief.

House Moves To Rein In NSA

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 Video By: The Big Picture RT&nb

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