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Would Dems Be For "Immigration Reform" If Latinos Were Going To Vote GOP And Not Join Unions?

Dems and Libs seem to concentrate on what they claim are some moral arguments for immigration reform. I suspect this narrative is a figleaf designed to sell a policy that has more cynical political goals... that is the hope that most Latinos will vote Democratic. No doubt the labor unions like the SEIU think such reforms might also bolster their numbers. Are both counting on a Latino backlash against the GOP?

So would Dems and Libs be for the proposed comprehensive "Immigration Reform" if they knew Latinos were going to vote GOP or were anti-union?

If You Were Redesigning Our Holiday System From Scratch... What would YOUR Choices Be?

The current federal holidays are

Martin Luther King Birthday
Washington’s Birthday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

And I don't think they make much sense... largely because they leave so many other important themes unrecognized.

The Dregs...

Wbo would have thought, when TH forums began a few years ago, that one day bigots, chauvinists and xenophobes would be regulars.

Two More Bricks in the Wall; Marriage Equality Bans Fall in Arkansas and Mississippi

Federal judges strike down marriage equality bans in Arkansas and Mississippi

U.S. district judges struck down same-sex marriage bans as unconstitutional in Arkansas and Mississippi on Tuesday, overturning measures voters had overwhelmingly approved in both socially conservative Southern states.

The solution to racism in our justice system and law enforcement.

Unfortunately, what I am about to suggest will never be a reality as long as republicans control Congress.

To begin dealing with racism, and every other unjust behavior, in law enforcement we need Sarbanes-Oxley-esque legislation. Sarbanes-Oxley was established to restore public trust in the financial system. The same needs to be done to restore trust in our justice system.

Study Shows Illegal Immigrants Feel Entitled

Note the article says that females and children come here to stay. They are the biggest users of social services. Whereas people who come here to work want to migrate back and forth. But you can see the latino activist agenda is much more than a migrant worker program.

Musical chairs...

A translation of a la Jornada essay:


Shuffle in the Pentagon

Were officials in MO counting on rioting?

My conspiracy theory about yesterday's Grand Jury announcement is this. Many things about it were planned. Every official involved said they didn't know what the final decision would be. I call BS on that. I think they know or at least full well suspected what the decision would be.
Why would they declare a state of emergency or elevated alert days ago. I think they knew there would be civil unrest, riots whatever you want to call it.

How Is Fox Reporting GOP House Report There Was No Benghazi Coverup?

Last August Fox barely mentioned an interim report by a GOP-led House Intelligence committee that there was no Benghazi coverup... and when they finally did, it was the they'd have to wait for the final report.

So now the final report is out and the GOP still can't find their alleged Benghazi coverup.

Gulianni's Latest Hit

The former mayor of NY, Rudy 9/11 Gullianni was on MTP, but this quote was on fox, because only fox fans know the truth:

“Because there is virtually no homicide in the white community.”
I did not know that. So all those armed to teeth 2nd amendment gun nuts are defending against blacks, and blacks alone. Oh, and shoplifters or garagers, or trespessers, because you are allowed to kill unarmed folks fleeing in MO, TX, and FL, and probably other states with the 48 chromosome pseudo-sapiens.

If you have not read A Peoples History of the US by Zinn, you should

Nothing will kick start your status quo sensibilities more than reading Zinn's, A Peoples History of the US.

Fox is Beaten

Quit beating a dead Fox he says of course he's Rich. [quote]

Are We FINALLY Seeing Obama's Revenge?

In just over a week after the election where GOP obstructionists leveraged some lies, half truths, and Big Money to "win" an election Dems failed to show up for... has Obama FINALLY decided he really can't try to compromise any more? At least in the past 6 years any bill crossing his desk had some Democratic input... now with the GOP in control of both houses of Congress... will there be any such input?

First was his finally coming out for Net Neutrality, then with the modifications of immigration law enforcement. Two sticks in the eye of the GOP.

Hunger Games holds a metaphor for contemporary politics

The confluence between President Snow a character in the Hunger Games and Obama is strangely creepy! In fact, Snow is a contemporary signifier for everyone holding public office in our system of rot currently. The rot extends into every segment of cultural identity to include the medical, social, corporate, psychological, religious, media, and the only truth one can ascertain any longer is found only from marginal sources like Chris Hedges and his ilk.

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The Middle Class Needs More Than Talking Points

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have been talking a lot about the middle class. But, that talk is cheap as long as their in bed with Wall Street.

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