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Wall Street should love Obama

Is it disingenuous for corporate America to be so critical of Obama being 'antibusiness' given the following facts?

How come nobody talks about the 'Obama bull market'?

"t was widely noticed two weeks ago that the Standard & Poor's 500 index, the most important stock market indicator, hit a milestone by crossing 2,000 for the first time.

White People relationships with black people

Tom I really enjoy the show I do have a question though

13 days ago on Aug, 27, you said that 75 % of white people have no relationship with any black people. I think this is complete inaccuarte. Can you clarify?

Also, if a white person is born in area where there are very few or no black people, does this make them at fault for not knowing any black people?

I think these comments tend to push people apart. We need to have people come together and not focus so on differences.

Fox wife beaters

Steve Douchebaggey remarks on Ray Rice's knock out punch to his fiance is "Remember there are cameras in elevaters" so do your wife beating at home, or in the stairwell. The other douchebag did say "Take the stairs, ha ha" they are so witty.


GOPAC is a money raising entity. It stands for Grand Old Party of Anguine Creatures.

Business Trumps Social Agenda In Silicon Valley

"Republicans gaining traction in push to turn Silicon Valley red

When overworked Silicon Valley innovators retreated to the Nevada desert a week ago for the annual Burning Man festival, some met an unexpected reveler.

There, among the drug-infused performance art, stood a buttoned-down policy wonk from Washington preaching small government to the Bay Area creative class.


Naivete of Swedish Elections

6 days hence, The Greens, The Left [aka The Reds], Social Democrats, Christian Democrats, Sweden Democrats, The Moderates are on the ballot.

Moderates are = DLC

Sweden Democrats = Nazis, Fascists, and Tea Party

Social Democrats = The old McGovern wing of democrats

Christian Democrats = GOP

The Greens = Ralph Naderites

The Reds or Left Party = Old Swedish Social Order

Cobb v. Bopp! Watch MOVE TO AMEND debate CITIZENS UNITED, INC., Monday Sept. 8, 7 p.m. (ET)

“Citizens Divided: Corporate Money, Speech, and Politics” - Public Debate featuring David Cobb & James Bopp

Is Big Brother Sanitizing The News?

"Ex-Tribune reporter said to have 'collaborative' relationship with CIA"

Police States-r-Us

h/doj-to-probe-ferguson-police-department- Saggy pants? Citation, court date, fine + court costs. Shoes untied? Citation, court date, fine+ court costs, no children allowed in court, late? Can't enter courtroom -bench warrant issued, arrest and jail for saggy pants or affray- [You lookin' at me? is affray].

Tell Senate Democrats that SJR 19 is NOT Good Enough!!

To the Co-Sponsors of Senate Joint Resolution 19:

Thank you for standing up against big money and special interests in co-sponsoring SJR 19, but it doesn't go far enough.

For the past four years the Movement to Amend the Constitution has been clear: We must both abolish corporate constitutional rights AND get big money out of politics.

Don't advocate for an amendment that only goes part way!

Used Tool for $1.8 million at auction

/used-tool-purchased-1-8-million? This tool was sort of a master tool, and had Bob Mcdonnell used one instead of his DIY job, he wouldn't be in court. It takes a committed apprenticeship to become a professional ATM.

Empathy, for or against?

paul-bloom-against-empathy [quote]Some degree of emotional empathy is bred in the bone. The sight and sound of another’s suffering is unpleasant for babies and, as soon as they are mobile enough, they try to help, patting and soothing others in distress.

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Should public radio program in the public interest?

NPR is supposed to be our national public radio, but they're barely covering climate issues that are in the public's interest.

Only one month ago, a national New York Times/CBS News poll found that half of all Americans think that global warming is already having a serious impact. Sixty percent of those surveyed even said that protecting our environment should be a priority “even at the risk of curbing economic growth.”

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