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KKK recruitment offers

/kkk-gives-out-goodie-bags-to-recruit-new-knights Summer clearance! Buy our summer hoods by July 24th get the robes half off! Tell your friends and our new KKK advantage credit card is available with no annual fee, and double points for those holiday purchases of our Crosses presoaked in kerosene using our patented petrol injection method Keronject proven more effective than creosote and an improvement over our old Kerosoak..

Time Warner

Rupert Murdoch is trying to by Time Warner for 80 Billion dollars. Says he will sell CNN. Do we need more media under his control?

SCOTUS Recognition Of Corporate Personhood A Violation Of 14th AND 10 Amendments?

This is still half thought out.. but I figured I toss the topic out for input.

Corporate personhood seems to have its roots in what appears to be a blatant bastardization of the 14th Amendment...

What exactly are the conservative and/or libertarian arguments against welfare?

My problem with conservatives and libertarians that complain about welfare, is they conveniently don’t acknowledge that unemploment falls under that category, whether they agree with it, or not, in order to inflate their misguided “concerns”.

My problem with conservatives that complain about Foodstamps in particular, is they think reducing the amount legitimate recipients can receive, is somehow only going to hurt people that obtain it illegally. The only thing left to conclude is they don’t care about legitimate recipients.

Veterans Receiving Dubious Disability Benefits?

Note several points from the article.

"As Malvin Espinosa prepared to retire from the Army in 2011, a Veterans Affairs counselor urged him to apply for disability pay.

List all your medical problems, the counselor said.

"Too Big To Jail": Why Eric Holder MUST Be Replaced

Ever wonder why DOJ was dragging its feet when it came to prosecuting Wall Street criminals responsible for the crash of 08? Yes Obama and those Wall Street insiders he chose to surround himself are certainly responsible... but Eric Holder back in '99 wrote a memo discouraging the prosecution of big corporations... suggesting come corporations were essentially "Too Big To Jail"


"President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform is simultaneously raising the cost of insurance and cutting the work week for college graduates, thereby making it more difficult for college students and recent grads to acquire affordable healthcare and earn a living, studies show.

A Billionaire

If you are 40 and have amassed 1 billion USA dollars and you lived to 90. You would have to spend $54,757.01 per day to go broke on your death date. We have virtually no inheritance tax. There is approximately 492 Billionaires in the USA. Bill Gates with 76 Billion at the top.

Should the Pope excommunicate Catholic all politicians? by Thomas DiLorenzo

“If . . . taxation is compulsory, and is therefore indistinguishable from theft it follows that the State, which subsists on taxation, is a vast criminal organization far more formidable and successful than any ‘private’ Mafia in history.”

–Murray Rothbard, “The Nature of the State”

“There is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.”

Peace and Prosperity from Democratic Administrations?

Thom, much as i enjoy your salutary liberal voice on the airwaves, one of your offhand remarks on Fridays program set my teeth on edge. FDR did NOT bring a generation of "peace & prosperity" for this country -- prosperity, yes (mainly due to military Keynesianism & hefty corporate subsidies, as well as the regulations you mentioned) but PEACE? Hardly so for the third world, which suffered enormous violence under the Pax Americana. But even for the Americans themselves, how can you gloss over Korea & Vietnam so cavalierly?

"polyversity"--against the hegemonic privatization of the University

The ideological formation of the University as Corporation is a mirror of the rightist Wall-Street frustration with failed austerity and invulnerability to a progressive critique. The study of the Humanities-and Philosophy in particular--is stigmatized today by the investors and ideolo

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GOP Blocks Equal Pay...again.

Just in time for election season, Senate Republicans blocked legislation aimed at closing the gender pay gap. For the third time since 2012, Republicans refused to allow debate on the Paycheck Fairness Act, and reminded women that the GOP doesn't believe in equal pay for equal work.

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