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Please watch & share our new video! CARBON
- narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio

Hour One
Brunch with Bernie (special edition!)
- Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) takes your calls

Hour Two
Tom Tancredo: "Impeach Obama If He Grants Executive ‘Amnesty’" - Former Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO, 6th district) / PLUS, Time for Bill O'Reilly to get real about white privilege

Talk Radio News
- Victoria Jones

Hour Three
How the UK police stop someone with a knife
- America's Lawyer, Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio

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Will the events in Ferguson lead to the demilitarization of police?

YES! We now know how out of control our police forces are.
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Please watch & share our new video! CARBON - narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio

How the U.K. police stop someone with a knife

- America's Lawyer Mike Papantonio, Ring of Fire Radio

Time for Bill O'Reilly to get real about white privilege...

Robert Kennedy Jr,
Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak

. . . LIVE from D.C. starting at 7pm eastern

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YouTube Video09:02

World Premiere: CARBON - Narrated By Leonardo DiCaprio

Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, CARBON tells stories of communities fighting climate change. The film can be seen at, where viewers can also take action with resources to contact elected officials and spread the word. "This film is meant to be an asset for the climate movement and to generate momentum for the global reduction of carbon emissions," said Leila Conners, director of the film, which was produced by George DiCaprio, Mathew Schmid, Roee Sharon and Earl Katz, and presented by Thom Hartmann.


Thom's Blog

Keystone would be way worse than we thought!

We already know that the Keystone XL pipeline is a disaster waiting to happen. But, it turns out that the impact of that tar sands pipeline could be even worse than we thought. According to a new study by the Stockholm Environmental Institute, Keystone could add four times more carbon pollution to our atmosphere than the State Department originally estimated.

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