Friday 11 March '11 show notes

Friday 11 March '11 show notes

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It's a FAKE threat while there is a REAL threat to America...
Danger signChairman of the Homeland Security Committee Peter King’s hearing into American Muslim communities was a circus yesterday - with some of the most sensational and baseless accusations being hurled at Muslims. Republicans on the Committee and Muslim-haters who were called to testify tried to say that the hearings were no different than the numerous investigations into Nazi war crimes...huh?! They also argued that our nation’s constitution has been “surrendered to jihadists.”
An LA county Sheriff testified saying that most Muslims, “don’t even know what the Koran is all about.” Another witness argued that it would be “impossible” for the US to ally with a Muslim nation. And Republican Jeff Duncan said he was “outraged” that President Obama has not singled out Muslims as an enemy to America. Yes - this is the kind of insanity taking place within our nation’s government thanks to Peter King and the other hysterical lawmakers within the Republican Party.
Ultimately - it’s nothing more than a distraction to keep the America people petrified of a FAKE threat while the REAL threat to America - the selling off of our democracy to transnational corporations - is ignored.
(What's your feeling about the hearings? Tell us here.)
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The Big Picture (small)
Tonight on The Big Picture on RT TV at 9pm and 11pm... Free Trade Doesn't Work (check your local listings for stations or stream at RT, and catch past shows on Youtube)
"Conversations With Great Minds." Tonight's very special guest is Ian Fletcher, Senior Economist-Coalition for a Prosperous America / Author of "Free Trade Doesn't Work".
The Big Picture Weekly Rumble panel: With:
- Jimmy LaSalvia, Executive Director-GOProud (conservative)
- Jamie Weinstein -- Deputy Editor, (Conservative)
- Bill Press, Host - The Bill Press Show/author of numerous books, most recently: "Toxic Talk: How the Radical Right Has Poisoned America's Airwaves" (progressive).
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The Daily Stack Daily Stack
Quote: "The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all." -- Thomas Jefferson.
Hour One: If it's Friday, it's "Brunch With Bernie"... the honorable Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) joins Thom with all the news from our nation's capitol and as always he'll be spending the hour taking your calls and answering your questions too...
Article: "Japan earthquake, tsunami kill hundreds, cause crippling damage" by Barbara Demick, David Pierson and Kenji Hall.
Article: "GOP spending cuts include tsunami preparedness and relief" by Jed Lewison for Daily Kos.
Article: "American Presidents Made in China " by Senator Bernie Sanders.
Speech: "Madison Square Garden Speech", President Franklin D. Roosevelt, October 31, 1936.

Hour Two: Latest from the trenches...Wisconsin's war on Labor with John Nichols, Washington Correspondent - The Nation Magazine; Associate Editor-Capital Times; author/co-author of several books, latest (with Robert McChesney) "The Death and Life of American Journalism".
Saturday's Farm Labor "Tractorcade" & rally in Madison, WI. With Scott Schultz, Executive Director-Wisconsin Farmers Union.
Full Monty alert: "Dwarf act 'not suitable' for college ball" by Debbie Waite.
Book: "Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became "People" - And How You Can Fight Back" by Thom Hartmann - new updated version out now!
Article: "Buyer's Remorse Hits Wall Street Democrats" by Daniel Indiviglio.
Article: "Walker: Budget Battle Is 'Not a Rights Issue'" by Lindsey Boerma.
Article: "CAIR comes under fire during Peter King hearings on radical Islam" by Felicia Sonmez and Michelle Boorstein.

Hour Three: Anything goes Friday!
Article: "Cuts will stifle, SEC chief warns" by Bloomberg.
Latest from the trenches...war on Labor/democracy With Doug Cunningham, Reporter/Producer-Worker's Independent News, based in Madison, WI.
Article: "Labor Report: March 11, 2011" by WIN.
The bad: "Rand Paul is pro-choice for toilets" by Mary Elizabeth Williams.
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Hour One: We'll have he latest from the trenches on the war on Labor...and democracy...
Hour Two: why aren't we jailing the banksters who collapsed our economy like other countries are doing? Thom has a rumble with Peter Ferrara of the American Civil Rights Union...
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Welcome to Democracyville, USA
Welcome to Democracyville, USA

Are Koch Brothers sock puppets rewriting Wikipedia?
Are Koch Brothers sock puppets rewriting Wikipedia?

Welcome to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World
Welcome to Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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Full Show - 3/10/11. Death of Democracy in America
Full Show - 3/10/11. Death of Democracy in America

In Wisconsin, State Senate Republicans used what they claim is a loophole in the law to officially cut from state employees nearly all collective bargaining rights. Thom explains how this latest move is part of a larger plan to destroy Democracy in America. Then the Koch brothers have employed a PR company to act as a 'sock puppet' for them on websites, including Wikipedia. Plus, Thom talks with consumer advocate and author, Erin Brockovich about the lack of clean drinking water in this country.

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