Thursday 17 March '11 show notes

Thursday 17 March '11 show notes

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All our nation exports these days is jobs...
Who's screwed? Anyone's whose not a CEO of a company on the S & P 500. While many have lost their jobs and many more have seen their hours cut at work and their paychecks not going as far as they used to go, transnational corporations are poised to see the biggest profit gains in 18 years. Some of the nation’s biggest corporations are expected to see a 9% profit gain this year – the biggest since 1993. And unlike in 1993 – when high profits spurred a hiring spree – don’t expect the same things to happen today. That’s because – thanks to insane free trade policies – these huge transnational corporations have gotten into a very lucrative business – shipping US jobs overseas. In fact – that’s about all our nation exports these days – jobs.
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Tonight on The Big Picture on RT TV at 9pm and 11pm... Scientists Project Path of Radiation Plume (check your local listings for stations or stream at RT, and catch past shows on Youtube)
Need to Know: Scientists Project Path of Radiation Plume and U.S. radiation experts try to decipher reports from Japan With Cindy Folkers, Specialist in Radiation & Health - Beyond Nuclear, and Paul Gunter, Director of Reactor Oversight - Beyond Nuclear.
Will radiation hit the US West Coast and how bad will it be? With Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel, Climate Scientist.
Screwed: Fighting to save America's working class REPORT: In 12 States, GOP Plans To Slash Corporate Taxes While Increasing Burden on Working Families.
Tax Plan Aims for 25% Cap With David Selig, Federal Tax Practitioner and Advocate.
Oregon House endorses bill requiring computer techs to report suspected child porn With David Seltzer, Criminal Defense Attorney & former Cyber Crimes Prosecutor.
Crazy Alert: Lifestyles of the rich and famous…dogs?!
Daily Take: Confidence in America at all time low
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Unequal Protection
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The Daily Stack Daily Stack
Quote: "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." -- Martin Luther King, Jr..
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Hour One: Latest on the fight for democracy with John Nichols of The Nation Magazine...
Article: Chapter One: The Deciding Moment? from "Unequal Protection"
Article: "Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media" by Nick Fielding and Ian Cobain.
Article: "5,000 rally at Michigan Capitol" by Kathleen Gray AND Chris Christoff.
Dems fight back...DC rally against Wisconsin Repubs Alva Goldbook, Video Producer (for Thom Hartmann Program).
Article: "China suspends approval of nuclear plants" by Leslie Hook in Beijing.
Article: "Low radioactivity seen heading towards N.America" by Reuters - headed "'PLUME' TO HIT US FRIDAY 'NOT NORMAL, NOT DANGEROUS'" by Drudge.
Book: Theory of Moral Sentiments, Adam Smith, 1759.
Book: "Das Kapital" by Karl Marx.
Book: "The Communist Manifesto" by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Hour Two: Japan bracing for potential radiation catastrophe Paul Gunter, Beyond Nuclear
Book: "Radiation and Human Health" by John W. Gofman.
Book: "We Almost Lost Detroit" by John G. Fuller.
Article: "Foreign bankers flee Tokyo as nuclear crisis deepens" by Nachum Kaplan and Denny Thomas.
Geeky Science Rocks - Meet the Fockers?! How inlaws transformed early human society.
Article: "Emergency Financial Manager to Help Hamtramck Balance the Books" by David Bardallis, Mackinac Center for Public Policy, March 9, 2001.
Talk Radio News Segment: Victoria Jones, White House Correspondent.
Article: "Notes From Today's White House Briefing" by Victoria Jones.
Article: "Japan earthquake: Japan warned over nuclear plants, WikiLeaks cables show" by Steven Swinford and Christopher Hope.
Article: "Leaked Cable on Bribes for Nuclear Deal Sets Off Furor in India" by Jim Yardley and Lydia Polgreen.
Article: "House Votes To Defund NPR" by Justin Duckham.

Hour Three: Japan's pending radiation disaster... Cindy Folkers, Beyond Nuclear.
Article: "Scientists Project Path of Radiation Plume" by William J. Broad.
Should computer techs be playing detective with your personal info? with Mark Mason & Dave Anderson of the Mark and Dave Show.
Article: "4th Amendment".
The bad: "Trump A Birther?" by TRNS.
Article: "Power Plants and asbestos" by
Article: "Defiant Gaddafi vows 'decisive battle' " by Al Jazeera.
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Taxing millionaires & billionaires? with Rep Jan Schakowsky
Taxing millionaires & billionaires? with Rep Jan Schakowsky

Would a draft end all wars?
Would a draft end all wars?

Why a meltdown would be worse here
Why a meltdown would be worse here

Or watch the whole show...

Full Show - 3/16/11. Could the Nuclear Plant crisis in Japan pose a global economic threat?
Full Show - 3/16/11. Could the Nuclear Plant crisis in Japan pose a global economic threat?

Thom sits down with Nuclear Specialist, Linda Gunter fate of US nuclear plants and discusses the economic back lash with author, Eamonn Fingleton. Later in the show, Thom debates about a right wing conservative group who plans to lobby for a "Pro-Bullying" measure in American schools

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