Wednesday 30 March '11 show notes

Wednesday 30 March '11 show notes

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One-party Republican rule in America
Yesterday – a District Court Judge in Wisconsin blocked implementation of Scott Walker’s union busting bill while arguments are heard that the bill violated the state’s Open Meeting laws. Since Republicans passed the bill with less than a one-hour notice – in the dead of night – they essentially broke a state law that requires at least a 24-hour notice. But with Wisconsin’s anti-labor bill tied up in the courts – Republicans in *Ohio* are one step closer to busting up unions in their state.
The state House passed legislation yesterday that strips collective bargaining rights from public workers – similar to the Wisconsin law. Democratic State Representative Dan Ramos argued the bill would leave “hundreds of thousands of Ohio’s families with less job security, lower wages and, in many cases, no job at all.”
But that’s exactly the name of the game for Republican Governors around the country – take out the middle class – wreck the economy – and sabotage President Obama’s re-election efforts next year – all so they bring about one-party Republican rule in America and pass their agenda of, by, and for millionaires and billionaires without any of those pesky working people standing in the way.
(Are they going to get away with it? Tell us here.)
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The Big Picture (small)
Tonight on The Big Picture on RT TV at 9pm and 11pm... Libya...what are we doing? (check your local listings for stations or stream at RT, and catch past shows on Youtube)
Need to Know: Libya...what are we doing? With blogger/activist David Swanson, his latest "War is a Lie".
Screwed: Women vs. Walmart With
- Erica Payne, Founder and President-The Agenda Project (pro)
- Sabrina Schaffer, Senior Fellow-Independent Women's Forum (con).
Latest on Japan nuclear disaster With Linda Gunter, Founder/International Specialist-Beyond Nuclear.
The Best of the Rest of the News...
Wisconsin Recall Campaign With Stephanie Taylor, Co-Founder-Progressive Change Campaign Committee w/Bold Progressives.
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Unequal Protection
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The Daily Stack Daily Stack
Quote: "Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the general prey of the rich on the poor" -- Thomas Jefferson.
Hour One: ADHD is not a disorder or caused by food coloring
Article: "ADHD: Disorder or Difference?" by Thom Hartmann & Vaudree Lavallee.
Book: "ADD: A Different Perception" by Thom Hartmann.
Article: "Hunters and Farmers Five Years Later" by Thom Hartmann.
Article: "Edison Gene: ADHD: Gifted & Creative" by Thom Hartmann.
Book: "Why Your Child Is Hyperactive" by M.D. Ben F. Feingold.
Article: "Mice Prefer Non GM" by Institute of Science in Society.
Video: "Are the Koch Bros a threat to Democracy?" Lee Fang and Robert Greenwald join Thom.
Article: "Libya: rebels retreat from Ajdabiya in see-saw battle" by Ben Farmer, Ajdabiya.
Latest on the war on democracy with John Nichols of The Nation Magazine...
Article: "Wisconsin GOP to ignore judicial restraining order, again" by Chris Bowers for Daily Kos.

Hour Two: Government shut down is looming...and the conservatives are blaming women and sick people?! How about those tax cuts for billionaires?! Thom has a rumble with Dan Gainor,Vice President & T. Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow at the Business and Media Institute.
Site: "Thomas Frank".
Talk Radio News Segment: Ellen Ratner, Bureau Chief.
Article: "South Sudan Referendum" by BBC.
Article: "Obama Unveils "Blueprint" For Energy Reform" by Justin Duckham.
Article: "Obama rolls out plan to cut oil imports" by Alan Silverleib, CNN.
Article: "Rubio May Vote Against Raising Debt Limit" by Geoff Holtzman.
Article: "Why I Won't Vote to Raise the Debt Limit" by Marco Rubio.

Hour Three: Campaign to expose the Koch's Robert Greenwald, "Koch Brothers Exposed".
Article: "The battle to define Charles and David Koch" by Kenneth P. Vogel.
Site: Rethink Afghanistan on Facebook.
The bad: "GOP Rep: I'm 'Struggling' On My $174K Salary (VIDEO)" by Evan McMorris-Santoro.
Crazy alert: "Fake candidate Karlos Marks wins MSA seats" by Claire Goscicki.
Article: "Supreme Court Weighs King-Sized Discrimination Suits" by Jay Goodman Tamboli.
Coming up Thursday on The Thom Hartmann Program 
Hour One: a special Thursday edition of "Brunch With Bernie". Senator Bernie Sanders, (I-VT) spends the hour with Thom discussing the issues and answering listener questions.
And, the best of the rest of the news and your calls right here on...
The Thom Hartmann Program... your media support group for we the people.
Edison Factor
Watch & Listen to Thom

Thom Hartmann & Senator Bernie Sanders: Back off Social Security!
Thom Hartmann & Senator Bernie Sanders: Back off Social Security!

Are the Koch Bros. shutting down the US Government?
Are the Koch Bros. shutting down the US Government?

Democracyville USA for Dummies
Democracyville USA for Dummies

Are the Koch Bros a threat to Democracy?
Are the Koch Bros a threat to Democracy?

If we put BP in the chair and flip the switch - corporations will listen
If we put BP in the chair and flip the switch - corporations will listen

or watch yesterday's full show...
Full Show - 3/29/11. The GOP plans a government shutdown
Full Show - 3/29/11. The GOP plans a government shutdown

Thom examines the effects of the economy if the Republicans continue to stall with budget negotiations. He also talks with Senator Bernie Sanders about his program to preserve social security benefits. Later in the show, Thom gives a detailed model of the backlash Michigan residents will experience due to the decreased amount of unemployment benefits.

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