Thursday 17 November '11 show notes

Thursday 17 November '11 show notes

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Blue Dog Democrats support killing 15 million jobs
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On Capitol Hill – Blue Dog Democrats have signaled a willingness to join Republicans in support of a Balanced Budget Amendment. According to a report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities – the Balanced Budget Amendment will kill 15 million jobs – double the unemployment rate – and shrink the economy by 17%. But instead of hanging this devastating economic policy solely around the necks of Republicans – Blue Dog Dems want to spread some of the blame around to themselves.
I guess they never listened to the advice of Harry Truman when he said – if voters have a choice between a Republican and a Democratic who acts like a Republican – they’ll choose the Republican every time. Truman was right – in the 2010 election – half of the entire Blue Dog caucus of Conservative Democrats was kicked out of office. And by supporting the Balanced Budget Amendment – it could happen again.
(Is your representative one of them? Are you having them replaced next election? Tell us here.)
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The Big Picture (small)
Tonight on The Big Picture on RT TV at 9pm and 11pm... Occupy Wall Street occupies... everywhere! - with Sam Sacks in for Thom Hartmann (check your local listings for stations or stream at RT, and catch past shows on Youtube)
Need to Know: Occupy Wall Street occupies...everywhere!
- Anna Lekas Miller, Alternet Twitter Twitter
- Joshua Holland, AlterNet Twitter Twitter
- Lucy Kafanov, RT Twitter Twitter
Screwed: How Online Learning Companies Bought America's Schools
- Lee Fang, Think Progress Twitter
Wisconsin Recall-GOP's dirtiest tricks yet...
- Tanya Somanader, Think Progress Twitter Twitter
- Graeme Zielinski, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Twitter Twitter
Daily Take: Sexual Predators and Serial Rapists Run Wild At Wal-Mart Supplier in Jordan Free Speech TV
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The Daily Stack Daily Stack
Quote: "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." -- Samuel Adams.
David Sirota of AM 760 Colorado's Progressive Talk is in for Thom.
Hour One: Latest on Occupy Wall Street
Article: "America’s meritocratic, watchdog news media" by Glenn Greenwald.
Transcript: "Is Chelsea Clinton in the 1% or the 99%?" by Rush Limbaugh.
Article: "The Smokers’ Surcharge" by Reed Abelson.
OWS day of action Mary Kay Henry, SEIU Twitter Twitter

Hour Two: First Ketchup, now pizza is a vegetable?!
- Marion Nestle, Food Politics Twitter
Article: "Ketchup is a vegetable? Again? " by Marion Nestle.
Article: "It’s official! Pizza is a vegetable!" by Marion Nestle.
Article: "Selling Junk to Kids Department" by Mark Bittman.
Talk Radio News Segment:
- Victoria Jones, White House Correspondent Twitter

Hour Three: Federal Prosecution of Banksters at 20 year low
- Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone Magazine Twitter Twitter
Article: "House OKs right-to-carry gun measure" by Emily Holden.
Article: "Perry Pitches Part-Time Congress" by Geoff Holtzman.
Coming up Friday on The Thom Hartmann Program
Standing in for Thom, Karl Frisch of Bullfight Strategies Twitter
Hour One: Occupy Wall Street
- Tina Dupuy, investigative journalist & syndicated columnist Twitter
Hour Two: Gridlock Grover campaign
- Doug Kendall, Constitutional Accountability Center Twitter
Plus, Patriotic Millionaires
- Erica Payne, The Agenda Project Twitter Twitter
Hour Three: Penn State sex abuse's all about the money
- Cliff Schecter, Libertas, LLC Twitter
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Full Show - 11/16/11 - Occupiers Occupy Karl Rove!
Full Show - 11/16/11 - Occupiers Occupy Karl Rove!

Sam Sacks fills in for Thom Hartmann and gets the latest developments on Occupy Wall Street in New York City and discusses the public reaction of Karl Rove's alarming comments toward the protesters.

Thom Hartmann on the News - November 17, 2011
Thom Hartmann on the News - November 17, 2011

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