Wednesday 11 January '12 show notes

Wednesday 11 January '12 show notes

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Are Republicans redistributing massive amounts of money to the top 1%?
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Between all the debates, the interviews, and the campaign ads – doesn’t it seem like the Republicans candidates only care about helping rich people? That’s because that IS all they care about. According to a report by the Citizens for Tax Justice – which examined all the tax cut plans proposed by the candidates – the average tax cut for the 1% is 270 times greater than the tax cuts being proposed for the middle class. Not only that – by redistributing massive amounts of money to the very top – Republicans will add enormous amounts of money to our national debt – ranging between $6.6 trillion and $18 trillion over the next decade. In other words – the Republicans are proposing an economic plan that will bankrupt this nation just so millionaires and billionaires can get even wealthier.
(Do you think they will get away with it? Tell us here.)
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Tonight on The Big Picture on RT TV at 9pm and 11pm... Republicans propose HUGE tax cuts for 1% (check your local listings for stations or stream at RT, and catch past shows on Youtube)
Need to Know: Republicans propose HUGE tax cuts for 1%
- Brian Darling, Human Events Twitter Twitter
Screwed: RNC seeks ok to fund campaigns with corporate cash...
- Ian Millhiser, Center for American Progress Twitter Twitter Twitter
The Best of the Rest of the News... Zuccotti Park
- Sarah Jaffe, AlterNet Twitter Twitter
- Kristen Gwynne, Alternet Twitter Twitter
Disturbing news...why are we closer to doomsday?
- Professor Robert Socolow Twitter
Daily Take: "Democracyville for Dummies Free Speech TV
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Quote: "It's time for greatness -- not for greed. It's a time for idealism -- not ideology. It is a time not just for compassionate words, but compassionate action." -- Marian Wright Edelman.
Hour One: Thom Hartmann checks in from Sweden What can we learn from Iceland's economic recovery? Twitter
Article: "Cameron out of step on top rate of tax" by Chris Giles and George Parker.
New Hampshire results, no surprises...what's next?
- John Nichols, The Nation Magazine Twitter
Latest on Occupy the Courts
- Steve Justino, "Occupy the Courts", Colorado Move to Amend Twitter

Hour Two: New Hampshire results and her latest column: The GOP’s Long Sad March to the Inevitable Nominee
- Tina Dupuy, Crooks & Liars Twitter
Article: "Warm S.C. welcome for Perry" by Alexander Burns.
Quote: "Many people did not care for Pat Buchanan's speech; it probably sounded better in the original German." -- Molly Ivins, on the 1992 Republican Convention.
Plus: GOP homophobia / could Santorum be VP nominee?
- Fred Sainz, Human Rights Campaign Twitter
Talk Radio News Segment:
- Ellen Ratner, Bureau Chief Twitter

Hour Three: Why the New Hampshire Primary Is an Elaborate Reality Show Designed for National Media
- Adele Stan, Alternet Twitter Twitter
SOPA...end of the internet as we know it?
- Aaron Swartz, Demand Progress Twitter Twitter
Article: "Doomsday Clock Moves 1 minute closer to midnight" by The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.
Coming up Thursday on The Thom Hartmann Program
Thom Hartmann live from Stockholm, Sweden
Hour Two: politics
- Rick Falkvinge, founder of Pirate Party movement Twitter
Hour Three: Swedish/American politics
- Lasse Lundeberg, Journalist & expert commentator Twitter
Plus we'll have the best of the rest of the news and your calls right here on...
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Full Show 1/10/12 Why the New Hampshire Primary is an elaborate reality show...
Full Show 1/10/12 Why the New Hampshire Primary is an elaborate reality show...

Sam Sacks fills in for tonight's episode and discusses why the Republican Presidential New Hampshire Primary is becoming more like a reality television show instead of a legitimate political race.

Thom Hartmann on the News - January 11, 2012
Thom Hartmann on the News - January 11, 2012

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