Tuesday 24 April '12 show notes

Tuesday 24 April '12 show notes

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The blowback against Austerity rages throughout Europe
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The continental rejection of austerity continues in Europe. In the Netherlands – the Dutch government coalition collapsed on Monday – after lawmakers failed to agree upon a series of austerity measures. And in Ireland – the nation’s largest trade unions are pressuring the government to vote against more austerity measures being pushed by Germany.
These latest protests – coupled with the early electoral defeat of French President Nicholas Sarkozy, demonstrations against austerity in the Czech Republic, and growing unrest in places like Greece, Italy, and Spain, where austerity is in full-effect – show that Europe is fed up with forced budget cuts.
Stay tuned – the backlash against austerity could be severe.
(Where do you think it will lead? Tell us here.)

The Big Picture (small)
Tonight on The Big Picture on RT TV at 9pm and 11pm... ALEC...taxpayer subsidized lobbying (check your local listings for stations or stream at RT, and catch past shows on Youtube)
Need to Know: ALEC...taxpayer subsidized lobbying
- Megan Carpentier, The Raw Story Twitter Twitter
Screwed: Can you spare a trillion for student loans?
- Pam Brown, OWS Occupy Student Debt Campaign Twitter
Protect human rights...legalize pot?
- Ethan Nadelman, Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) Twitter
The Best of the Rest of the News...
A House divided...who will win?
- Richard Fowler, Democratic Strategist Twitter
- Vince Coglianese, Daily Caller Twitter Twitter
Daily Take: The Banksters Plan to Remake Europe
stamps.com Free Speech TV
Tuesday on The Thom Hartmann Program, 3-6pm
Hour One: Transgender Breakthrough EEOC ruling, and Mitt Romney and his new gay spokesman
- Chris Geidner, Metro Weekly Twitter Twitter
Free Lab Chimpanzees, Free Taxpayer Dollars
- Elizabeth Kucinich, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Twitter Twitter
Hour Two: ALEC's alienating political agenda
- Ari Melber, The Nation Magazine / Politico Twitter Twitter Twitter
Mitt Romney and his new book "Showdown"
- David Corn, Mother Jones Twitter Twitter
Hour Three: "Democrats, Dump ALEC!" campaign
- State Senator Eric Griego (D-NM, 14th district) Twitter
What goes on in "The Republican Brain"
- Chris Mooney, author of "The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science and Reality" Twitter Twitter
And, the best of the rest of the news and your calls right here on...
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Monday's Daily Stack Daily Stack
Quote: "Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there." -- Virginia Burden.
Syndicated columnist & Democratic strategist Karl Frisch in for Thom today...
Hour One: Media bias and the GOP
- Eric Burns, Bullfight Strategies / past president of Media Matters for America Twitter Twitter
Article: "The GOP primaries in NY, CT, DE, PA and RI" by Harry J Enten.
Article: "Media Research Center" by Wikipedia.
CISPA and child labor
- Lee Fang, RepublicReport.org Twitter Twitter
Article: "Obama Signs JOBS Act to Boost Startups" by Chloe Albanesius.

Hour Two: Upward mobility...not for the middle class anymore
- Tina Dupuy, Crooks & Liars Twitter Twitter
Article: "The Paradox of Mobility in America" by Tina Dupuy.
Arizona immigration law heads to SCOTUS and some great news for Obamacare!
- Doug Kendall, Constitutional Accountability Center Twitter
Article: "CMS projects $200 billion in Medicare savings" by Jessica Zigmond.

Hour Three: Missouri Advances ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill
- Sarah Warbelow, Human Rights Campaign Twitter
Book: "Them: Adventures with Extremists" by Jon Ronson.
Talk Radio News Segment:
- Victoria Jones, White House Correspondent Twitter
Article: "Economists upping their forecasts for 2012" by Tim Mullaney and Barbara Hansen.
Article: "French signal vote against austerity" by Steven Erlanger.
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