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Daily Topics - Friday September 28th, 2012

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"Anything Goes on Townhall Friday"

Hour One: "Brunch With Bernie" - Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) takes your calls

Daily Topics - Thursday September 27th, 2012

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Hour One: Why isn't Anderson Cooper an enemy of the state also? / Plus, does Romney want to "harvest" the middle class for profits?

Hour Two: The GOP's "big lie" about our social safety net - Nick Gillespie, Reason Magazine / Plus, Geeky Science Rocks - can you smell the psychopath in the room???

Today Could Be a Big Day For Voters in Pennsylvania

Commonwealth court judge Robert Simpson will hear arguments on the state’s controversial Voter Suppression ID law – and there’s a solid chance he could issue an injunction and prevent the law from taking effect before November’s election. On Tuesday – Judge Simpson suggested that he will likely put the law on hold since state officials have yet to prove that the law will not harm eligible voters.

Daily Topics - Wednesday September 26th, 2012

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Hour One: How can you plan a revolution when Big Brother is watching? / Plus, critical campaigns that need your help - Stephanie Schriock, Emily's List

All Hell is Breaking Loose in Europe

The streets of Madrid resembled a war zone on Tuesday, as thousands of demonstrators surrounded the Spanish Parliament demanding the government resign. There were several arrests and injuries as riot police clashed with the demonstrators.

Daily Topics - Tuesday September 25th, 2012

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Hour One: Is the Religious Right Mitt Romney's secret weapon?

Hour Two: Pawlenty says "banks should regulate themselves..." Mark Williams, MarkTalk

Hour Three: NFL scab referees and the return of TV bloopers - Dave Zirin, The Nation Magazine

Can Organized People Defeat Organized Money?

For those who still don’t think Citizens United is having a profound effect on our democracy – consider this: 78% of the $465 million in outside spending so far this election was only made possible by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

Daily Topics - Monday September 24th, 2012

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Hour One: Romney & Obama's big ideas... / Plus, Taking Our Country Back - Col. Wayne Powell running against House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

Hour Two: Voter the GOP wins elections - Judson Phillips, & Tea Party Nation

Churches Ignore Separation of Church And State

More than 1,000 religious leaders across the nation have decided to take a wrecking ball to the wall separating church and state. The Conservative group “Alliance Defending Freedom” has scheduled what they are calling “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” for October 7th, when church leaders across America will devote their sermons to the election and campaign on behalf of a political candidate.

The American Dream Hinges on Organized Labor

That’s the conclusion of a new study by the Center for American Progress looking at data from the Pew Research Center. The study looked at unionization rates within states and found that states with the highest percentage of unionized workers also have the highest rates of economic mobility – as in, the chances that someone born into the middle class can work their way into the upper class.

Daily Topics - Thursday September 20th, 2012

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Hour One: Progressives fight for Social Security - Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) / Plus, Police join OWS & stand up for free speech! Detective Brian Austin, Madison Professional Police Officers Association (MPPOA)

Darrell Issa's Political Sideshow..

Now is about the time for Republican Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Darrell Issa, to offer an apology to Attorney General Eric Holder. Back in June, House Republicans voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt after Congressman Darrell Issa held a series of witch hunt hearings trying to implicate Holder in the non-existent Fast and Furious conspiracy.

Daily Topics - Wednesday September 19th, 2012

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Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day...

Hour One: Romneyhood...steal from the poor & give to the rich - Mark Williams / Plus, pirates, global warming and the Flying Spaghetti Monster...oh my!

Hour Two: Impeach Scalia!

Romney Writes Off His Own Electorate...

The Mitt Romney campaign is still in crisis after a leaked video showed Romney deriding 47% of Americans who he claims are victims who don’t pay taxes, and who are dependent upon government for everything. Romney argued that he doesn’t need to worry about these people – and they represent the President’s base.

Daily Topics - Tuesday September 18th, 2012

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Hour One: GOP...misery for all but the top 1% / Plus, "Taking Our Country Back"... Thom talks with congressional candidate Jim Graves (D-MN) challenging Michelle Bachman

Hour Two: Why trickle down economics only creates a nation of peons - Peter Ferrara, The Carleson Center for Public Policy

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