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Thanks to Republicans – this winter – 20% of Americans will have to make a choice – stay warm at home – or put food on the table

This winter – the poor are screwed.  According to forecasts by the U.S.

Daily Topics - Thursday December 1st, 2011

Hour One: Why do Republicans think a sexual affair is worse than a sexual assault?

Hour Two: Thom speaks with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) - disturbing encounter with Blackwater's Erik Prince / Plus, Geeky Science Rocks - scientists discover pigeons more like helicopters?!

Hour Three: What happened to America's "Leisure Society?" / Plus, "I Think We're All Bozos on This Bus" - Firesign Theatre

Here’s a compromise to extend the payroll tax cut...

Average working Americans could get screwed.  Republicans may agree to extend the payroll tax cut for middle class Americans after all…just as long millionaires and billionaires don’t have to cough up a dime.  Yesterday – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Republicans are on board with extending the payroll tax cut – but are opposed to the Democrats plan, which pays for it with a 3% surtax on people who make more t

Daily Topics - Wednesday November 30th, 2011

Hour One: Police raid Occupy L.A. & Philly; protesters tasered by police in Olympia, WA - Mark Taylor-Canfield, Occupy Seattle / Plus, Occupy Student Loans-jubilee for all students?  / And, what you need to know now about lung cancer - Arielle Densen, Leaders of the Lung Cancer Free World

Hour Two: Why do Republicans think that a sexual affair is worse then a sexual assault?

Daily Topics - Tuesday November 29th, 2011

Hour One: Incident at Occupy L.A....what the MSM isn't telling you - Eric Byler, CoffeePartyUSA

Courts have Ruled about little Green Pieces of Fabric - Money & Tents

Now more than 24 hours past their eviction deadline – Occupy L.A. is still camped outside of City Hall – and patriots are turning to the courts to keep it that way.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Occupy L.A. filed a court complaint yesterday arguing that the city’s looming crackdown represents an “unconstitutional deprivation of access to [the] traditional public forum…for first amendment activity.”  Occupy L.A.

Daily Topics - Monday November 28th, 2011

Hour One: Occupy Seattle's 84 year old activist speaks about being pepper sprayed - Dorli Rainey

Hour Two: Big news from WI Walker recall - John Nichols, The Nation Magazine

Is this really the nation we want to be?

Our culture is screwed.  Fueled by Black Friday – total spending over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend hit a record of $52.4 billion.  But the real question is – at what cost to our society?  This year’s Black Friday featured its usual flare of violence, desperation, and death.  At a Wal Mart in Little Rock, Arkansas dozens of shoppers rioted over $2 waffle makers.  At a Wal Mart in Arizona – trampling injur

45% of ALL Americans live without economic security...

Nearly half of all Americans are screwed.  According to a new study by the organization Wider Opportunities for Women – 45% of ALL Americans live without economic security – meaning they can’t afford all the basics of life – like food, clothing, transportation, and medical care.  Again – that’s nearly half of the population in economic insecurity.  And MORE than half – 55% of all children - live in economic insecurity.

Daily Topics - Wednesday November 23rd, 2011

Hour One: "Brunch With Bernie" - Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) takes your calls

Hour Two: Who are the 1%?  Latest on Brave New Foundation's important campaign - Robert Greenwald, / Plus, Geeky Science Rocks - the upside of the baby blues

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