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Bloomberg had the wrong target yesterday...

It was a tumultuous day for Occupy Wall Street yesterday.  First came the violent eviction in the early morning hours – then the court ruling allowing the patriots to re-enter Zuccotti Park – then another court ruling forbidding them from bringing any tents, tarps, or camping gear into the park.  But in the end – the patriots have resumed their occupation.  Without gear – hundreds of Occupy Wall Streets demonstrators s

You Cannot Evict an Idea...

There was a massive police crackdown in New York City last night.  Shortly after midnight – hundreds of riot-clad NYPD officers surrounded Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan – and passed out flyers warning the occupying patriots to leave the park immediately or face arrest.  Five hours later – the park was completely cleared – and as many as 200 people were arrested – and for the first time in nearly two months Zuccotti Park

Daily Topics - Tuesday November 15th, 2011

Hour One: Occupy Wall Street...NYPD raids Zuccotti Park, media black out - Anna Lekas Miller, Alternet / Wisconsin Gov. Walker...let the recall begin!  John Nichols, The Nation Magazine

Hour Two: Zuccotti Park aftermath...what's next for OWS?  Sarah Jaffe, Associate Editor-Alternet

From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy the Living Room...

As thousands of patriots around the nation get forced out of their occupations – they’re setting up camp on the lawns of homes on the verge of foreclosure, to save the families from getting kicked out too.  The coalition of activists spearheading this movement known as “Occupy Homes” have been successful in many cases.  In California – Fannie Mae was forced to hold off on an eviction when patriots held a vigil outside the h

Daily Topics - Monday November 14th, 2011

Hour One: Latest on "Occupy"...Occupy Cal to strike Tuesday - Ronald Cruz, BAMN / Plus, evicted?  Jordan LeDoux, Occupy Portland

Hour Two: Keystone XL Pipeline...environment or jobs?!  Dan Gainor, Business and Media Institute / Plus, Who's Behind the Mayhem at the Occupy Oakland Protests?  Joshua Holland, Alternet

Banksters Took Down Jefferson County, Alabama

Yesterday – Jefferson County, Alabama filed bankruptcy – and became the latest victim of the high crimes on Wall Street.  The decision made by Jefferson county to file bankruptcy represents the largest-ever municipal bankruptcy in American history.  In a twisted scheme of corruption and financial manipulation – mega banks JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs allegedly paid off elected officials to invest in junk bonds to help

Want more evidence conservatives are TRYING to crash the economy?

Want more evidence conservatives are TRYING to crash the economy – consider this.  The Republican-controlled House of Representative will once again vote on – and likely pass - a so-called "balanced budget amendment" in the next week.  The BBA as they call it – will immediately cut trillions of dollars out of the budget – and then make it nearly impossible to ever raise taxes again.  And – it will crash our economy.&nb

Occupy New York & Occupy DC Marching Together...

Occupy Wall Street and Occupy DC might soon be combing forces. 

A group of patriots who’ve been camped out in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park will depart the Big Apple today and begin the 240-mile march to the nation’s capital – hoping to arrive in Washington, DC by November 23rd – the deadline for the Gang of 12 Supercommittee. 

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