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Was Right-to-Work-Less Just a Distraction?

We all now know about Right-to-Work-for-less laws in Michigan, thanks to Republican Governor Rick Snyder and the corporate oligarchs. But, believe it or not, Right-to-Work-for-less may not even be the most radical, anti-democratic law that passed in Michigan this week.

Daily Topics - Thursday December 13th, 2012

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If you aid and abet terrorists...

You’ll end up dead in a drone strike or indefinitely detained in Gitmo. But, if you’re a big Wall Street bank and you finance terrorist activities, then guess what? You get a slap on the wrist fine and then…well…that’s it.

Daily Topics - Wednesday December 12th, 2012

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Now that Governor Rick Snyder signed Right-to-Work-for-less...

Into law in Michigan, the focus shifts to how working people can overturn the legislation. Unfortunately, Republicans purposefully designed the law to make this task more difficult. By attaching Right-to-Work-for-less to a budget appropriations bill, Republicans made it harder for Michigan voters to repeal the law down the road. According to the Michigan Constitution, voter referendums do not apply to budget appropriations bill.

Daily Topics - Tuesday December 11th, 2012

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Massive labor protests are expected in Michigan today...

As Republicans lawmakers and Republican Governor Rick Snyder give their final approval to the state’s new right to work for less law. Michigan will join 23 other states in the nation that have gone right to work for less – but it is by far the most unionized state to suffer this fate, which should be very troubling to the organized labor community.

Daily Topics - Monday December 10th, 2012

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Republicans just tipped their hand...

They’re going to use the debt ceiling to hold senior citizens on Medicare hostage. In an interview with Fox News on Sunday, prominent Senate Republican Bob Corker said Republicans plan to use the upcoming debt ceiling debate as leverage to force cuts to insurance programs like Medicare.

Ground zero in the labor battle has moved to the Wolverine State

In a sudden move on Thursday, Michigan’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder called on his allies in the state legislature to immediately introduce and pass a Right-to-Work FOR LESS law in the state. These laws have been passed in a number of states around the nation allowing union members to opt out of paying union dues, which cripples organized labor and turns workers against each other.

Daily Topics - Friday December 7th, 2012

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Daily Topics - Thursday December 6th, 2012

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If at first you don't succeed, bribe, bribe again...

The Republicans’ top oligarch, foreign casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, is already plotting how he can buy the next election and protect himself from criminal prosecution. Adelson spent $150 million on Republicans in the 2012 election, more than anyone in any American election in history.

Daily Topics - Wednesday December 5th, 2012

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Paranoid delusions swept across the floor of the United States Senate...

On Tuesday as a group of Republican Senators blocked ratification of a UN treaty to help disabled people around the planet. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities requires signatory nations to provide for disabled populations in the same way the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act does. The treaty would require absolutely no changes to current U.S. law. It was originally signed by President George W.

Can We Trust Gorsuch On Women's Rights?

Yesterday Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer signaled that Senate Democrats would try to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

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