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Daily Topics - Thursday September 16th, 2010

Quote of the Day: Bad administration, to be sure, can destroy good policy; but good administration can never save bad policy. — Adlai Stevenson

Please welcome KUDO's Shannyn Moore in for Thom today!

Hour One: Elizabeth Warren gets the job...will she have the power? Christopher Hayes, DC Editor of The Nation will be here

The Tea Party Win - The Leading Cry of the Rich?

Continuing the “GOP nightmare,” Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell (DE), who doesn't believe in evolution and says masturbation is the same as adultery, beat longtime Republican congressman Mike Castle in Delaware’s Republican Senate primary. In response to his unexpected loss, Castle chose to call the Democratic candidate Chris Coons over O’Donnell last night, and confirmed that he “will not be endorsing” O'Donnell in the general election.

The Future of Mankind on Sale for a Few Oil Industry Bucks....

When the Senate Appropriations Committee votes Thursday on the EPA budget, Sens. Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Byron Dorgan (D-ND) say they may try to block U.S. EPA climate rules, and it's possible that Sens. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Mark Pryor (D-AR), and Tim Johnson (D-SD) likely to join them.

Daily Topics - Tuesday September 14th, 2010

Quote of the Day: The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and will to carry on. — Walter Lippmann, American journalist, author and public philosopher (1889-1974)

Daily Topics - Monday September 13th, 2010

Quote of the Day: I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him. ~Booker T. Washington

Hour One: Why don't we handle Muslim extremists the same way we handled Christian extremists...the KKK? Thom confronts Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association

Hour Two: "The Backlash: Right-Wing Radicals, High-Def Hucksters, and Paranoid Politics in the Age of Obama" - Media Matters Senior Fellow Will Bunch talks to Thom about his new book

A Texas skateboarder and the KKK

In Amarillo, Texas, David Grisham, director of Repent Amarillo - which aims to deter promiscuity and homosexuality - planned on burning a Qur'an at a 9/11 event, but before he could set the book afire, 23 year old Jacob Isom, a Texas skateboarder swooped in and grabbed the Qur'an. Jacob told News Channel 10 that “he heard something about burning the Qur’an.

Our Infotainment-Based Media and a Mentally ill Cult Leader

In August, the FBI put out an intelligence bulletin warning of Islamic retaliation to Saturday’s planned Quran-burning event.

Daily Topics - Thursday September 9th, 2010

Quote of the Day: "The object of government is the welfare of the people." Teddy Roosevelt

Hour One: Why did George Bush let 9/11 happen and then let it divide us instead of using it to unite us? Thom has a rumble with Dan Gainor of the Business and Media Institute

Hour Two: Liberaltarianism...are we seeing a fundamental shift in the political landscape in America? Thom talks with conservative David Frum, editor of the Frum Forum

These So-Called Extra Benefits?

California regulators are seeking $9.9 billion in fines from health insurer PacifiCare for allegedly mismanaging medical claims, such as losing thousands of patient documents, failing to pay doctors what they were owed, and ignoring calls to fix the problems. The Department of Insurance says PacifiCare violated state law nearly 1 million times from 2006 to 2008 after it was bought by UnitedHealth Group.

Will Obama's $50 billion Plan Work?

President Obama is proposing a huge massive rebuilding program that costs around $50 billion. Obama, hoping to stimulate the economy, will call for 150,000 miles of roads, 4,000 miles of railways, and 150 miles of runways to be constructed or rebuilt. Meanwhile, in a give-a-way to business, Obama will also propose that companies be allowed to more quickly write off 100% of their new investment in plants and equipment through 2011.

Daily Topics - Tuesday September 7th, 2010

Quote of the Day: A liberal education is, like justice, religion, liberty, fresh air, the natural birthright of every child. ~ Charlotte Mason

Hour One: Will the Republicans succeed in killing Obama's proposed $50 billion infrastructure stimulus?

Will Peak Oil Threaten the Survival of Democracy?

Der Spiegel is reporting that a secret Germany military report that was leaked online claims peak oil has happened or will happen this year, and this could threaten the continued survival of democratic governments. The report from a German Military think-tank cautions that disappearing global oil supplies will endanger the world's economic foundations and possibly lead to mass-scale upheaval over the next 15 to 30 years.

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GOP Blocks Equal Pay...again.

Just in time for election season, Senate Republicans blocked legislation aimed at closing the gender pay gap. For the third time since 2012, Republicans refused to allow debate on the Paycheck Fairness Act, and reminded women that the GOP doesn't believe in equal pay for equal work.

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