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The nuclear disaster in Nebraska just got worse

You need to know this. The impending nuclear disaster in Nebraska just got worse. Over the weekend – a floodwall protecting the nuclear plant from the overflowing Missouri River gave way – inundating the facility in floodwater. The plant is less than 20 miles away from Omaha – Nebraska’s largest city – and is now cooling its reactors and spent fuel pools with back-up diesel powered generators.

Is it only a matter of time before Republican Governors get a rude awakening at the polls?

You need to know this. The New Jersey State House passed a harsh anti-union bill yesterday – that shreds public employee benefits – cuts off cost-of-living increases for their pensions – and kills their collective bargaining rights. The bill includes the deepest cuts to public employee benefits in the state’s history – and will affect more than 750,000 public workers like teachers, firefighters, and police officers.

Are the Republicans driven by putting one man out of work - President Obama?

I’ve been saying for a long time that Republicans have one strategy – to crash the economy so that President Obama loses in 2012. Now – finally – it looks like Democrats have figured that out. In a press conference on Capitol Hill yesterday – top Democrats called out Republicans for stopping anything that will help the economy.

Are we on the verge of seeing a mass extinction in Earth’s oceans?

Are we on the verge of seeing a mass extinction in Earth’s oceans? That’s what a group of top ocean scientists warn in a new report released this week by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean. Because of pollution and global warming – the oceans are losing oxygen and becoming more acidic – threatening to trigger a mass extinction not seen in over 50 million years – when half of all the life in the oceans wa

He had no other option to receive medical care – except for prison

A North Carolina man – James Richard Verone – was sent to jail earlier this month after he tried to rob one dollar from a bank. Verone’s motive for the petty crime was simple – he wanted to go to prison so that he could get healthcare. After he was laid off as a delivery driver for Coca Cola – Verone found himself without health insurance and in constant pain due to arthritis. He was repeatedly denied health insuranc

Who’s screwed? People who eat...

Who’s screwed? People who eat. Last week – House Republicans passed the Agriculture Appropriations bill that cuts $87 million from the FDA and $35 million from the USDA food inspection program. Republicans Congressman Jack Kingston defended the legislation saying, “Do we believe that McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken…aren’t concerned about food safety?

The IMF announced today that the global economic recovery is in danger...

The IMF announced today that the global economic recovery is in danger. Citing mounting opposition across Europe to austerity measures – and the failure of the US government to find a way to raise the debt ceiling – the IMF cautioned in three newly released reports that the entire world could slip back into financial instability.

The US Conference of Mayors is jumping into the anti-war effort

The US Conference of Mayors is jumping into the anti-war effort. Tomorrow – the conference will introduce a resolution to call for a quicker end to US foreign wars around the world. If it passes – it will be the first anti-war resolution passed by the Conference of Mayors since Vietnam.

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