How Ayn Rand Became a Hero to Right Wing Nerds

Michael Lind, New America Foundation joins Thom Hartmann. Ask any Republican Congressman who their favorite philosopher is - and they're more often than not ...

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Stop & Frisk - Wall Street or Main Street?

Scottie Nell Hughes, Tea Party News Network, joins Thom Hartmann. Yesterday - a federal judge shot down the NYPD's highly controversial Stop and Frisk progra...

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Rumble - Finally, "War on Drugs is a Failure"

Jessie Jane Duff, U.S. Marine Corps (ret) & Ben Cohen, The Daily Banter & Hughey Newsome, Project 21 all join Thom Hartmann.

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Big Picture Rumble - Souls to the Polls...Banned!

Jessie Jane Duff, U.S. Marine Corps (ret) & Ben Cohen, The Daily Banter & Hughey Newsome, Project 21 all join Thom Hartmann.

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Full Show 8/13/13: North Carolina is #1...in Suppressing the Vote!

Tonight's "Big Picture Politics Panel" discusses the signing of North Carolina's sweeping voter suppression law, Attorney General Eric Holder's plan to refor...

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If Sports Had No Rules...

Major league baseball doesn't let the richest teams bribe umpires to widen the strike zone - and Congress shouldn't let big banks bribe elected representativ...

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The Good - The Bad and the Very Very Kyphoticly Ugly

The Good! Dmitry Agarkov! The 42 year-old Russian citizen has found a way to give big banks a taste of their own medicine --------- The Bad! ABC'S THIS WEEK!...

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Crazy Alert! Dirty Dating Sites...

Thom Hartmann's crazy alert.

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Politically Corrected - WSJ's Stephen Moore - Sequester is "underappreciated success"

In an August 11th op-ed - Moore called the Republican-driven sequester budget cuts an "underappreciated success" because they had resulted in "amazing progre...

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Medical Marijuana for Pets?

Dr. Doug Kramer, Vet Guru, joins Thom Hartmann. Pot for Dogs?

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How bad will Keystone XL be for the climate?

Elijah Zarlin, Credo Action, joins Thom Hartmann. How Keystone XL is linked to fossil fuels.

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NSA may expand its invasive snooping powers?

Amie Stepanovich, Electronic Privacy Information Center (E.P.I.C.), joins Thom Hartmann. Despite months of controversy and public outcry - the NSA's biggest ...

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What If the NYPD patted down briefcase-holding whites at gunpoint?

Robert Stephens II, Orchestrated Pulse, joins Thom Hartmann. A federal judge has found New York's controversial stop-and-frisk program unconstitutional. Mayo...

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Full Show 8/12/13: "Stop-And-Frisk" Is Unconstitutional-And-Racist

Thom discusses the ruling in New York calling "stop-and-frisk" unconstitutional, Attorney General Eric Holder's plan to reform drug sentencing in America and...

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Conversations with Great Minds - Dr. Reza Aslan - Who was Jesus really...

Joining Thom for tonight's Conversation With Great Minds is Dr. Reza Aslan. Dr. Aslan is a critically acclaimed writer and religious scholar and currently se...

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