When GOP talks bad economy - they're bragging

It looks like the Republican's effort to crash the economy is finally paying off - and boy are they bragging about it. Is there any chance they'll show a little remorse for their actions?

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Conversations w/Great Minds Tim Noah - The Great Divergence P1

Conversations with Great Minds - Tim Noah, Journalist & Senior Editor-The New Republic / Author of the new book "The Great Divergence" / Contributing editor to The Washington Monthly and a frequent commentator on CBS News' Sunday Morning. America has become a nation of the haves - and the have nots - with a higher income inequality than the likes of Venezuela, Kenya and even Yemen. So what's brought us to this defining moment in American history - and how do we close the gap between the wealthy elite and everyone else?

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Full Show 5/31/12: Bye-Bye DOMA

Thom talks about today's ruling calling the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. Also discussed: Mayor Bloomberg's call to ban serving large sugary beverages in New York, the increase in the use of domestic drones and the massive student/austerity protests going on across Canada. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom introduces you to the man who's singlehandedly destroying democracy in Michigan.

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There's something rotten in Michigan - Jeff Timmer

There's something rotten in Michigan - and it all centers on a guy named Jeff Timmer. We'll get to who Jeff Timmer is in just a minute - but first - follow me as I explain what's going on in the fight to keep democracy alive in Michigan. First - there's Governor Rick Snyder - who moved into the Governors Mansion last year - and immediately passed one of the most controversial laws this nation has ever seen. It was called Public Act 4 - which gave Snyder the power to appoint what he calls a "financial manager" - or what I call a "little dictator" - to seize control of a city in Michigan - fire all the local elected officials - break union contracts - slash spending on social services - and sell off huge chunks of the commons at a fire-sale price to corporate buddies. So far - cities like Benton Harbor - Flint - Ecorse - and Pontiac have met this fate - and citizens of those cities no longer have control of their local democracy. This is literally - at least at the local level - the death of democracy. But Michiganders don't give up - especially on democracy. So after rallies, marches, and a massive petition drive - the group "Stand Up for Democracy" collected 226000 signatures to immediately put Snyder's little dictators law on hold - and place it on the ballot in November - so that Michiganders can have a vote to repeal it for good. So even though Snyder killed off local democracy - he wasn't able to kill off state-wide democracy: he couldn't stop people organizing ...

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Geeky Science - Renaming High Fructose Corn Syrup to Corn Sugar?

Many people are asking why Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban sugary drinks - and what is so unhealthy about them. Just how dangerous is High Fructose Corn Syrup - the form of sugar found in most sodas and sweetened drinks?

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Should sugar be regulated?

David Selig, Conservative Commentator vs. Thom Hartmann. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to ban sugary drinks from being sold in that city - as part of his fight against obesity in New York. But should the government have the ability to tell you and me what we can and cannot buy?

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The Battle over Drone Warfare

Jeff Morley, Salon joins Thom Hartmann. With the use of drones domestically on the rise - the drone industry could soon be the place for American workers to find jobs. So what are the consequences of this sudden boom in drone usage and development?

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DOMA ruled unconstitutional

Chris Geidner, Metro Weekly & Jimmy LaSalvia, GOProud joins Thom Hartmann. This morning - the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act - which denies same-sex couples federal benefits - is unconstitutional. What does this ruling mean for the future of marriage equality in the United States?

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Pastor Knapp - get your bedroom & virginity police organized

Kansas Pastor Curtis Knapp of the Hope Baptist Church says that gays should be put to death because that's what the Bible says. And, in fact, in Leviticus, writting between 3and 5 thousand years ago, it does say that, Leviticus 20:13 "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. So, if we're going to organize society around Bronze-age legal standards, let's go the whole way. The Bible also says, Leviticus 20:9 "If anyone curses his father and mother, he must be put to death." And that one is so important, it's even repeated in the bible way over in the book of Exodus, Exodus 21:17 "Whoever treats his father or his mother disgracefully must surely be put to death." So, if your kids talk back - get out the stones! Or, to update things, keep your guns loaded. In fact, to help Pastor Knapp, here's a quick list of people who have insulted their parents, so he can lead the crusade for their death: -Drew Barrymore has dissed her parents -As has Macaulay Mulkin -And Angelina Jolie -And Michelle Williams

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Anti-Obama ad...written & produced by Fox "GOP TV" News?

We all know Fox News is the official mouthpiece of the Republican Party - but this time - they've really outdone themselves. What's that latest propaganda coming out of the network - and when will the American people wise up to GOP TV's real agenda?

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Full Show 5/30/12: Rep. Tim Bishop on Outsourcing

Thom talks with Rep. Tim Bishop about legislation he's sponsored aimed at bringing "call center" jobs back to the US Tonight's "Lone Liberal Rumble" panel discusses the new Obama attack ad produced and released by "Fox & Friends," a surprising Republican shift on Obamacare and whether Governor Rick Scott has already rigged Florida for Romney. In tonight's "Daily Take" Thom looks at why Republicans are pushing for a Greece like economic disaster in the US

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Lone Liberal Rumble: change of heart - Obamacare?

Adam Bitely, NetRightDaily.com & Michael Warren, The Weekly Standard join Thom Hartmann. Have Republicans had a change of heart over Obamacare - and are they really trying to steal the election in Florida again? All that and more in tonight's Lone Liberal Rumble

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How the Koch's make millions if Republicans crash the Gov?

Can billionaires like the Koch Brothers profit from a government shutdown that would destroy the full faith - credit and economy of the United States? Yes - they can

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America is in the midst of a student loan crisis

Mike Papantonio, Attorney/Host-Ring of Fire Radio joins Thom Hartmann. Mitt Romney released his so-called plan for educating students in America last week - and to noone's surprise - the plan does very little to help students in America afford a higher education. Rather than promote policies that reduce the costs of college and help the student loan debt crisis - Romney has chosen to protect for-profit colleges and big business. In fact - Romney pledges to undo two essential reforms implemented by President Obama and his administration: Student Loan Reform and Holding For-Profit Colleges accountable for waste, abuse and fraud. Right now - student loan debt in America is over $870 billion dollars - and apparently - if Mitt Romney becomes President - he's comfortable letting this debt grow larger. Whether Romney wants to admit it or not - America is in the midst of a student loan crisis - and something needs to be done about it

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