The Methane Ticking Time Bomb has Struck Again.....

Our planet has experienced five major extinctions over the past billion or so years -- do we really want to launch an irreversible 6th?

Will Republican Treason Take Down Obama?

Barack Obama has the chance to make a once-in-a-generation deal with Iran. But he needs to watch his back - because Republicans are ready to strike.

What Would Jesus Do with the Banksters?

Jesus would also probably prosecute the banksters. I know there's that whole thing about forgiveness - but this is the guy that overturned the money changers...

Rev. Billy & The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir perform Black Thursday!

Rev. Billy Talen and The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, join Thom. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for family and friends. But in recent years - with the ...

Full Show 11/27/13: How Walmart Can Easily Pay A Living Wage

Thom talks with Demos' Catherine Ruetschlin about a new study that reveals how easily Walmart could pay their workers a living wage without killing their multi-billion dollar bottom line. Tonight's...

Full Show 11/26/13: Will GOP Sabotage Obama's Diplomacy with Iran?

Tonight's "Politics Panel" discusses whether the release of methane will cause another mass extinction, Hobby Lobby's case against Obamacare's birth control mandate and Governor Scott Walker's...

Meet America's Biggest Welfare Queens

If Republicans really wanted to stop welfare fraud - they'd start rolling back the billions of dollars we give in tax breaks to big oil companies every year.

Everything U Know is Wrong - How to grow food in the winter

Bob Rimol, Owner/Founder-Rimol Greenhouses, joins Thom Hartmann. Bob talks about feeding you and feeding the soil.

Why do we give corporations a license to kill?

Horace Cooper, Conservative commentator & Senior Fellow-National Center for Public Policy Research, joins Thom Hartmann. Why do companies have a right to murder?

A Basic Income is Not a Crazy Idea

Enno Schmidt, a founder of Generation Basic Income, joins Thom Hartmann. It's a Republican's nightmare -- a basic income for all citizens - whether you're ri...

Maximum pay for the rich?

Dr. Richard Wolff, Economist, joins Thom Hartmann. The Swiss have realized that CEO pay is out-of-control and are taking steps to limit it. So when will poli...

Is This the End of NeoCons?

Jamal Abdi, Policy Director - National Iranian American Council, joins Thom Hartmann. News of an Iranian nuclear deal tore through the news cycle like a wildfire this weekend. But what's the...

Full Show 11/25/13: Corporations: America's Biggest Welfare Queens

Thom discusses the Iran nuclear deal with National Iranian American Council's Jamal Abdi, capping executive pay with Economist Richard Wolff and debates corporate responsibility with Conservative...

Conversations with Great Minds

Thom talks with Journalist and Author Alan Weisman and with psychotherapist Sari Solden and Dr. Ellen Littman, clinical psychologist, in tonight's "Conversations with Great Minds" doubleheader.

Full Show 11/21/13: Harry Reid Goes Nuclear

Guest host Sam Sacks is in for Thom Hartmann tonight and talks the NSA's week in court with ACLU's Brett Max Kaufman and Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation's John Isaacs, and talks...

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