April 2010

Sarah Palin Sex Scandal

April 22, 2010

Gardena CA.-Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was spotted last night leaving the Dare-U-Inn Motel in Gardena CA with an unidentified black male who was dressed in jeans, tennis shoes and a black Obama 2012 T-Shirt! It has been reported that Sarah Palin has been having an affair with the unknown man for approximately 6 months.

When questioned about the incident at the National Republican/Tea Bag gathering of the week, Sarah Palin refused to comment.

My Plan for Immigration Reform

I am interested in some feedback regarding the following plan to reform immigration in the US. It may seem a bit simplistic and we all know the devil is in the details but I don't see how we will ever address this problem without the following elements:

Combat "Democ-RAT"

I think it would be effective to refer to the GOP, as the ir-republican party. When spoken it is barely noticeable, but perks up the ears on listeners. It also stresses how they are not for our republic.

Full monty Alert! (well sort of) the "Boobquake"

This is lifted form the Facebook page:

Main street is screwed by the Wall streets take on the word "Free"

i agree with you Thom -

the word "free" as in "Free market" is taken by the average working person to be equivalent with "Freedom" and our fathers fought to keep America free and all that language -

All the while Multinational Corporations see the word "Free" to mean free to kill the competition for the sake of the bottom line -

here is my offering - relplace the word "Free" for the word FAIR -

how about the "North American FAIR trade agreement"?

the "home of the brave and the land of the FAIR"

Who Really Won the Civil War?

Any history book will tell you that the North won the Civil War. But who really won the war? If the North won the war, then why are there people in the south celebrating Confederate History Month? And is it any coincidence that Confederate History Month follows Black History Month by only 31 short days? It's almost as if someone were saying to Black America, "Hey Buddy, we know you got yer very own month and all, but we still got our eye on y'all."

Abolish All Wall Street Actions Worldwide

Too too many retirements and lifes have been lost through dishonest investment schemes. A few W.S. workers get overly rich. The 99% plus who don't are scavengers of the empty wallets. The elite wealthy .001% have sucked the life out of world economic recovery. End the suicidal stock,bond,derivative, etcetera rape of peoples dreams.

Supreme Court and the Text Message

It seems fairly mundane to most people under 50, BUT for the Supreme Court, the difference between a text message and a pager was lost. While not recounting all the details, (go to HuffPost), I am a little afraid of the age and income gap of the people who are supposed to represent us - and decide on issues of national importance. Is there anything more out of touch? Maybe it's just the growing technology gap - what's the interwebs? twitter? Does anyone really care?

Tea (Bag) Party Tax Day Protest/Rally Memories

“Don’t white folks get stranger, every day?” I muttered to a gentleman of color, while on the sidewalk, across from the Statehouse grounds, where the Tea (Bag) Partiers were gearing up for their Tax Day “rally”/protest, last week. After he stopped laughing, he said, “Yeah that they do!”

gross out

When you are young and male you tend to love to gross out your friends.

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One Iowa Caucus Delegate Comes Down To Coin Toss

The Iowa caucus convener flipped a coin. Bernie Sanders supporters called "heads" and it landed on tails.

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Sanders was at 61 percent support in the University of Massachusetts Lowell/7News poll, followed by Mrs. Clinton, at 30 percent

Martin O'Malley suspends presidential campaign after Iowa caucuses

The announcement came after O'Malley barely registered in Iowa against his better-known rivals Clinton and Sanders, failing to meet already low expectations

Comparing 2016 America to 1972 America Doesn't Work

Bernie Sanders' big win in New Hampshire has given his campaign a big boost, but even Bernie knows that there's still a long primary season ahead.

One of the biggest criticisms about Bernie Sanders, one that I hear frequently from pro-Clinton callers, is that Bernie Sanders could be the next George McGovern.

And it's a serious criticism that's being thrown at Bernie.