August 2010

Inspection- Rude

Have you had trouble in social situations: family, so called “friends:” people being outright rude and nasty when it comes to differences we have? Well, this week’s Inspection may be a personal note… to whom I’d rather not say, other than “a relative.” But I’m guessing you might want to read it anyway. I suspect, no matter what your opinions, you may have been in a similar situation.

Target "Ground Zero" for the Ground Zero Mosque...

So, what is the goal...or better yet, what or WHO is the target of the latest FABRICATED FLAP over the emotional roller coaster ride that corporate media has taken us on for the last few weeks surrounding the dust-up at the Ground Zero Muslim Mosque?


We have freedom of religion in the USA but our government laws supercede that of religious laws so true Islam cannot be practised here. Certainly our freedom allows the muslims to build their Mosque near ground-zero. Thom's quote " the second largest shareholder, the parent company of Fox News, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal in News Corp, has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to projects by Feisal Abdul Rauf,

Dr. Samuel Johnson

Hi. I enjoy the program very much but I just wanted to set you straight about something that was said during the Fri. Aug 27 program. Yes, the famous quotation is from English lexicographer Dr. Samuel Johnson, but (according to Wilipedia) it was directed towards an English rival. Dr. Johnson was actually very much opposed to the American Revolution as referenced by remarks such as "If they want to vote, let them come here and purchase an estate" etc.You folks do a great job, you can't bat 1.000 all the time! Tim R.

Some Fascinating Facts!! (Re: Glenn Beck's Motives, Mormon History & Practice & more)

This was originally a comment/post/email to MM as well as some others, including Thom. I'm sorry I couldn't post it sooner...mainly because the "usual", (health), but also because my main computer has been hijacked, literally, by some scareware. ((One that seems to be almost impossible to kill-one more day of trying & I MAY have to cave in to losing all my valuable stuff on my system I'd JUST re-downloaded in anticipation of switching to a new back-up, Carbonite. <sigh>) sorry, got off-track, just a bit stressed over it.

"Cry Of The Loon!"

I am so appalled that anyone would disrespect an important day in our history with this return to racism. I drew this cartoon about Beck a while ago, it seems appropriate to bring it out again.

Extension of Tax Cuts for Top 3% or BAILOUTS FOR TOP 3%

We just need to start framing issues as the GOP do. So ..... let's get to work on the media, the White House and Congress.

Listening to Bernie - DEATH TAX or BAILOUT for rich brats.

stop calling it the "Ground Zero Mosque"

The title kind of says it all. But progressives have got to stop calling the community center in New York "The Ground Zero Mosque."

It's not at "ground zero."

It's not a mosque.

Re-WEDGING a Wedge Issue...the future gay vote is up for grabs...

The first and most powerful credential supporting my somewhat sobering message here is that its now very clear the the Republicans are executing a well conceived plan to attract future gay votes...and have been doing so for quite some time now.

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