October 2010

Drifting Towards ???

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Raising taxes on wealthy sends world a good message

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If we raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, we send a good message to the rest of the world ... that being, that America is NOT led by heartless Oligarchs. No, in reality, we are World egalitarians, and we and our leaders consider the well--being of all to be a good thing!  This would engender confidence in American, in the markets and the marketplace, world-wide!  Bon Jour'. jmw.

Alaska state law

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The state of Alaska has passed a law that requires disclosure of those who pay for public aids for or against candidates.

Pelosi's do nothing House

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Republicans have done their best to vilify Nancy Pelosi.  Their sexist overtones with Pelosi (as with their racist overtones with Obama) simply cannot be ignored by people of good conscience.  The fact is that the House of Representitives under Nancy Pelosi has been one of the most active and effective House sessions in our country's history.  There are literally hundreds of important bills that have been passed by the House.  The problem is that these bills are sitting at the feet of the Senate where they are beling blocked by Republican filibuster.  The horific pa

Obama hasn’t done anything

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There are those who believe that the Obama administration has not accomplished anything in the last two  years.   You would think that the passage of health care reform and financial reform would be seen as significant accomplishments, especially given the extreme opposition being presented in the senate.  But, since that doesn’t seem to


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ASPCA Files Federal Suit Against Illegal Wild Horse Roundup
ASPCA Press Release:

Clues 00

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This year the Great Pumpkin rises over Sleepy Hollow. 00 Little Orphaint Annie. B00 GHosts. WH00 owls. H00siers. H00ver. Is it  $10 or 100,000 lire? The Wind in Willows, the Headless Horseman and Salin Bank - the botanical name for willow is Salix babylonica. Sails sales and Peter Sellers. Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, Jack Pumpkin Head and so forth. Don't keep your Candler under the haystack when you can put it in a Jack-0-Lantern.

On a Dream....

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Below is a link to Bill Miller's  "On A Dream..." short video       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_S2uj-Ir04Y

He is Rev. William Miller of Washington state,  a passionale, progressive, Chaplain at a hospital, hospice volunteeer, musician and has his degree in Art.  He and his wife have hiked through India, met the Dali Lama, always has a call to action and is in love with life.

His talents have been used to help educate, inspire and bring peace to many.  He can be reached at www.journeysofheart.com


Re: What Happened to Change We Can Believe In?

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Re: (Frank Rich’s) What Happened to Change We Can Believe In?

Aside from midterm talking points/apologetic slants which obscure warranted levels of intense criticism (leading to actual “change”):

“President Obama, the Rodney Dangerfield of 2010, gets no respect for” . . . telling us to “look forward, not backward” – after instilling the “forward” as what would be on election day, instead of the opposite.

Foreclosure Fraud? Obama Looks Forward

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FDIC Called On to Put Bank of America Into Receivership: KEY: “The banks that are foreclosing on fraudulently originated mortgages frequently cannot produce legitimate documents. . . .   Now, only fraud will let them take the homes.  Many of the required documents do not exist, and those that do exist would provide proof of the fraud that was involved in loan origination, securitization, and marketing.”