October 2010

The Rocket Man

How Howard Hoow-dee! Dr. Lawhon, Katherine's grandfather on her mother's side was married to Aunt EP's sister Pearl Hemphill, so my great grandmothers are Minnie and Pearl, the Grand Ole Opry. My Voice Teacher's name was Flora Dane and Walt Disney's mother was Flora Call which makes me a Calledanian. Dania, in Broward County, which rhymes with Howard County (Kokomo) is the oldest settlement in Broward.

Caution - religion is dangerous to your health.

This is the 2nd part in a series showing how dangerous and ignorant the religious right wing fringe really is to our way of life.

People on Bridges -- fun and effective way to help your candidate!

I waved a sign today for John Kitzhaber over the I-5 freeway at the Corbett Street overpass for about an hour and a half before I went in to work. Cheap way to reach a lot of people!

Think about this as one way to volunteer for your candidate.

While some people gave a down thumb sign, many, many, many more waved and gave a thumb up sign!. Good for them!

Adam Smith Challenge taken

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The Republican Collective

Trekies would probably understand this best: The collective nature of the GOP can best be compared to the Borg (from Star Trek). They all vote the same, speak the same memes, they're creating monopolies by force of capital and assimilation of similar business', their propaganda stretches through the assimilated media to slowly assimilate people into their collective by influence of willful ignorance.

Inspection- Running and Rocketing Towards Totalitarianism

"The Eagle has landed!"

"A few 'small' exceptions for mankind, a huge step towards totalitarianism."

Night of the Long Knives

I wrote this after the RNC Convention here in '08. Considering that the 'RNC 8' just plead a plea deal and had their sentences handed down a couple DAYS ago, it is fitting to put it out again now, and a warning to us of what may come.... this song actually scares me more now than it did then, I thought it would, hoped, prayed it would be outdated by now.....

Night of the Long Knives P.Canfield 8/2008

De Solution

Charis, or Grace, is Slick, like liquid mud. Leslie Charteris, LC gave us the SAINT, Templar, and the Missouri X Charter. Lewis Carroll, LC gave us Alice, a pack of cards, and in his expanded works, a set of word and number puzzles with which to while away the hours. The Music Man gave us the Think System because we should not be scared and because we should "Not be made for nothin'," our heads all full of stuffin'," or brainwashed, our hearts "all full of pain."

Rupert Murdoch hired Roger Ailes knowing that Ailes was unfair and unbalanced.

As Murdoch hired Roger Ailes to start Fox "News", he knew what he was getting. Ailes was Nixon's answer to a fourth news outlet, to put out a neocon-ish agenda with all sorts of propeganda. http://www.sltrib.com/csp/cms/sites/sltrib/pages/printerfriendly.csp?id=.... The agenda inches the U.S. closer and closer to fascism, with corporate power getting stronger by the year. And several FOX viewers will vote for the corporate-over-citizen agenda, believing it is actually in their own interests. Fooled!

Good Dog - Smart Dog an Analogy

Mans best friend, like people, have many different personalities. Take the good dog for one. When its master takes the time to play fetch the ball. The good dog, all excited at the sight of the ball nervously paces, tail waging, waiting for the ball to be thrown. When its master makes a throwing motion the good dog is at full speed looking for the ball it thought was thrown. Unable to spot the ball, the good dog looks back at its master and realizes its master is still holding the ball.

Latest Headlines

Tsipras beings ‘race to reform' following Greek confidence vote

The first set of 48 reforms which include tax hikes and pension cuts needs to be turned into law by October 15

Refugee Kickstarter Nearing 5,000 Beds

A Kickstarter campaign was formally launched Monday, and by Thursday morning the initial goal of $735,000 had been met

ISIS Training Russian-Born Fighters In Afghanistan: Report

Some of the trainers include U.S. and U.K. citizens, the diplomat said

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Why the Media isn’t Covering Citizens United

Americans have always been skeptical of corporate power. In fact, this country was founded by a revolt against the biggest corporation of its day - the British East India Company.

You know how conservatives are always going on about how the Boston Tea Party was an example of America’s anti-government roots?