November 2010


Thom I've never heard a show where you are so wrong about so many must be rusty...

1. YOU GET MORE RADIATION FLYING THAN FROM THE SCANNER...Just getting on a transcontinental flight exposes one to roughly 1,000 times more radiation than undergoing a TSA body scan.

Please, stop spreading the Official 911 Lie

Thom, its is 12:40pm on 11/18/10. I'm listening to your show live. Again I here you say that Ben Laden flew planes into the WTC towers and he has won his objectives. Why do you keep asserting that Ben Laden flew or had others to fly planes into the towers? What proof do you have? I believe you are the smartest talk show host on radio. I don't understand how you believe the 911 officail lie. Why don't you have Richard Gage of on your show? Has your life been threatened?


Thom et al-

Suggest passengers simply disrobe completely to speed up the line through TSA. This has gotta help, whether you're being cooked or groped. I mean, why stop with just shoes? If you can't beat the theatre, join in!

"TSA Body Scans and Pat Downs!' (the new) 'What Now' Cartoon"

Groping as a prerequisite for boarding an airplane, really?!! We've sunk this low?!! Really?!!

Inspection- Until the Spell is Broken

Are we no more than a collection of habits: personal, political, theological and social?

Beaver River Station; 3:40am. I woke up because I needed to do a bathroom run, which I suppose might annoy some… but it’s better than adding an “s” to the word “run.” I notice it’s 3:40 and realize; with some relief because I’m still very tired, I probably won’t have a problem with getting back to sleep.

A Not So Nu Car

I have been behind the 8 Ball since Katherine died in 1972, living on the fringe of society with access to essentially nothing and always paying extra for being late and poor. Berry Street has not ordered one flower pot, fountain, or stick of garden furniture from my catalog. As Fort Wayne, Indiana thieving lawyer scum they do not appreciate how impossible it is to make a living as a professional botanist in South Florida.

Dear Tax-haters: It's Not Really Your Money

I’m sorry to have to be the one to burst the bubble of the all the people who are so worked-up over taxes in America, but one of their favorite arguments is extremely shallow. I’ve heard it for years now, and this argument of theirs really does deserve a lot more scorn, ridicule and organized push-back from the left that it gets. You can and will hear this argument in any tavern in America, in any type of public forum. “It’s my money,” they say, over and over, and with a finality that shows that they think it’s a “trump card” that ends the debate. “It’s my mone

Leo XIII, Rerum Novarum And Social Justice

Leo's 1891 letter "On Capital and Labor" is worth mentioning half-way through this crazy week when a dinner at the White House is snubbed, when a Non-Republican-Republican is elected senator from Alaska and Sarah Palin has a reality show debut (I wonder if she will quit half way through the filming). The folks who elected the new House members were not voting against Obama, they were voting their fears. And being fearful is not a great place to make decisions that will impact this country.

The Economic End Game

November 17

A Capital Idea Part 41: The Economic End Game

What I am about to write, comes with a heavy heart for the sake of humanity, and I do not take it lightly.

Ozzie Osbourne's Crazy Train Cover

Since we're on a crazy train for at least 2 more years, I thought this song was appropriate

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