December 2010

Book Recommendation: Winner-Take-All Politics

If Thom could interview either or both the authors of a best-selling book, Winner-Take-All Politics: How the Washington Made the Rich Richer and Turned Its Back on the Middle Class, listeners would be both entertained and informed. I heard both interviewed on the San Francisco Pacifica Radio station two Sundays ago for a whole hour. Listen to it here:

Federal Reserve Bank forced to reveal who got 2+ trillion...McDonalds Corp. Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Corp.

shocking..but what about the other 5 trillion ? foreign banks bailed out while Americans lose their homes and jobs. can you say

corporate fascism ?

Shock Doctrin-ing the US economy


I think it is high time to get Naomi Klein on your program to talk about how corporate America is shock-doctrin-ing the US economy. What we are now seeing is Phase 2. Phase 1 was to spend like drunken sailors to "starve the beast." Phase 2 is now to implement austerity measures, exactly like the proposals we are now seeing re entitlements and extending tax cuts for the rich, and so many other measures.

Keep up the great work. Progressives need to stop bringing a knife to a gunfight.


Hey Thom,

It was Andres Serrano, not Mapplethorpe. "Piss Christ." I believe was the title.


GOP holds congress hostage until Bu$h tax breaks for rich are extended

There you have it, good people. The GOP working hard to reward their rich and powerful members at the expense of hungry, jobless and struggling Americans !

Meet A "Truther"...Scott Noble...filmaker of: Psywar and Human Resources

The content of these two films by Scott Noble are along subject lines talked about, exposed, considered and contemplated by those who are part of Hartmann Nation. In fact, Thom covers some of this information in his writings. PROBLEM: Scott Noble is one of those "Tin Foil Hat wearing "Conspiracy Theorists" and demented "Truthers" who see the events on 9.11.2001 differently than what the US Governement has presented and what the coprorate media has failed to investigate. Damn Truthers...pains in the ass.

A Christian Chaplin In Our House of Congress- Why Is This O.K.?

As is the normal habit within The People's House of Congress, a Christian Chaplin recites a prayer at the beginning of each session.

Our Representatives either pray along, or at least quietly respect this Religious ceremony. We The People need to question&explore this.

What Happened to The Seperation Of Our Many Churches..... and The People's State/ Congress/Senate/ Presidential Administration?

As Thom has mentioned many times and ways, The United States of America, was not founded on One Supreme Religion.

Nov 30 interview with Catholic League

Really enjoyed your conversation with the Catholic League fellow. Your rebuttal to his "party line" remarks were brilliant. For those of us who respect the religious views of others but, personally, insist on freedom from religion, you are one of our heroes.


Washington State

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